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  1. Benburb fc

    Many congratulations to the Ben's on their promotion. Well done to the players and management. I seen them win against a good Arthurlie team at start of the season and thought they would do well. It has been a long journey back to the top league for Benburb. In 2003 their survival was in doubt and they tumbled down the league's. Good decision making by the committee then enabled them to survive. They deserve enormous credit for sticking with it and are now reaping some success. Many congratulations of course to Rutherglen Glencairn.
  2. Kilsyth Rangers 2018/19

    Hope file can be seen. There are still a few of us around that remember the Kilsyth Rangers v Benburb game. I was not there but my family who supported the Bens talked about it a fair bit for several years afterwards. The teams at the top of their respective league's played off in a final. Two smashing teams with big supports and a crowd of 15,000 at Shawfield. An extract from my book 'A time in Govan' which I hope comes out.
  3. Benburb football club

    I made one of my not too frequent trips to Scotland and took in a match by my favourite team Benburb last week. They played Arthurlie who looked a well organised and capable side. The first half was open and both teams had chances. However the Bens left winger scored with a long shot which will probably be voted 'goal of the season' by the club. In the second half the lead was increased with an unfortunate own goal from a Lie defender. The Bens held on fairly comfortably for their first points of the season. All in all I was very pleased and proud of the way the team played. They were well organised and played some smashing stuff against a team who will I imagine be near the top. It has of course been a long way back for Benburb from the dark days of 15 years ago and their small committee, management and helpers deserve a lot of credit. The playing side looked good and definitely a very enthusiastic bench. On the performance they could well surprise a few more teams this season; so good luck to the 'chookie hens'.
  4. Pyramid

    The lower down the pyramid the more local the games. If a team is promoted up a few league's then they are likely to do more travelling. However the laws of gravity kick in (usually money) and they play reasonably local. If the club has a decent fan base like say Clydebank then they may want to play among the better teams in higher divisions and that may involve a bit more travelling. However for the vast bulk of the teams they will be playing in leagues probably not too different from what they are in now. The more ambitious clubs are likely to want a better quality of football. The less ambitious will probably stay where they are. The Pyramid is a good way forward although not perfect. The alternative vision from the SJFA has never been provided to offer any comparison.
  5. Various club name issues

    Benburb football Club Named after a town in Northern Ireland.
  6. Junior football, what is the future?

    I would just like to say well done to Burnie man and many others for their perseverance on providing what I believe will be a better future for the football clubs that have moved over. It will not be perfect and there will be challenges to overcome. However at least the clubs will be able to find their level and improve standards. It is a great pity the club that I have followed all my life Benburb are not moving over with them. I sincerely hope they will review their position and move over next season.
  7. Junior football, what is the future?

    It may be 20 years too late but at least there are moves in a positive direction in my opinion. However a separate organisation which is not aligned to the SFA set up will not solve the problem. The thinking should always be that you are dealing with football clubs and should not give them labels (Senior or Junior). The good well run clubs like Auchinleck, Cumnock, Pollok, Clydebank etc should be allowed to compete on equal terms with other non league sides in the country. This would benefit the Scottish game as a whole I believe.
  8. Lost Junior Grounds

    By co-incidence I was at Tinto park on Saturday for the Govan derby. Well the New Tinto Park which again by co-incidence was the old Tinto Park before they moved into the new Tinto Park that you see in the picture. Hope that makes sense !!. I remember them putting that cover up as a kid in the mid 1950's. Looking at the picture the match was played in the last decade and my guess is Johnstone Burgh could be the opponents. I agree with the comment about not keeping grounds up to scratch and that is no reflection on the people involved with the clubs. The problem is; like the Bens, the committee's are too small for one reason or another and the work load for the people involved is considerable. Saturday was the first time I had been to New Tinto Park and was impressed. However it will need keeping up and hopefully the Bens will be able to get some folk on board to help their very small hard working crew. The Ants won 4-1 and I thought they deserved it. Bens were good in parts. Hopefully both Govan junior teams will go on to having a good season The big problem IMHO with the ground aspect of Junior 'fitba is that they do not set a minimum standard for grounds.
  9. Junior football, what is the future?

    I rate the Dreghorn post as excellent and agree entirely with Burnieman. A shake up is long overdue.
  10. Junior football, what is the future?

    I provided a programme for Benburb FC. My son provided them with a website from around 2003. the reason we got involved was because the club was in dire straights and to their credit the then committee set about a 'Mission Impossible' plan to save the club. To their enormous credit they succeeded. Producing a programme does take effort and the financial return at the gate is never going to offset the cost of producing them. However I have always believed that it is important to provide people coming to watch your club with a good match day experience and a programme can be a good part of that. . One of the first programmes we produced was against Clydebank soon after they reformed and sold over 100 at the game. Indirectly programmes can benefit. We asked Sir Alex Ferguson for help in saving the club and he responded big time in helping save the club he supported in his boyhood. He provided the odd article for the programme and even visited the club.one evening to meet the officials. There were a number of exile fans who also supported the club and efforts to save it. I got involved on a few occasions in selling the programmes at the gate when I was fortunate enough to see a match and calculated that 2 out of 3 supporters purchased. Going back to the Scone experience I would say Scone are probably typical of many Junior Clubs. Having watched Junior football in the 1950's and comparing it to now it is difficult to see any great progress except that the relative playing standards have gone backwards. So perhaps the thread title should be 'Back to the Future' !!.
  11. Junior football, what is the future?

    I accept that the Scone guys work hard and do their best under often difficult circumstances. I had heard about the famous pies so forewent my lunch. Unfortunately when I went for the pie at half time they had sold out. Just my luck !!.
  12. Junior football, what is the future?

    Good stuff guys, thanks for your viewpoints. As they say 'Lets make sure no Scone is unturned' in the pursuit of improving Scottish Junior fitba' !!.
  13. Junior football, what is the future?

    IMHO Scottish Junior football will never progress until they raise the standards of the 'offer' on match days. For example I watched Scone Thistle v Benburb in a Scottish Junior Cup match a couple of seasons back and the game was played effectively on a public park adjacent to a school. There was cover whatsoever and no match day programme on the day. They did however provide a complete set of officials and the club folk were friendly. The standard of play in the match was I thought very poor and the result was 1-1. Now guys in the 21st century is this acceptable ?. To progress all the clubs need to view what they are charging an admission for and a minimum standard must be set. Money from the top of the Pyramid must come downwards and help fund improvements at the lower levels including the Juniors. A relatively small amount of money targeted for ground improvements would go a long way. You need people who run the organisation who will have vision on how they can improve things. This means identifying shortcomings and putting a big effort into lobbying the SFA and Business's to sell the product. I acknowledge there are many wonderful people in Junior football who put a great effort in on behalf of their clubs.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    I am old enough to remember the games in the 1950's. Many are featured in my book from a few years back called 'A time in Govan'. The Junior clubs generally had big crowds at many of their matches. My club Benburb had 20,000 for the visit of Bo'ness United in 1953. Tinto Park often had four figure crowds and they took good support to the away matches. Each of the three shipyards provided a coachload of supporters. The biggest crowd I seen at Tinto Park was when Ardeer Thistle came in 1960. I seemed like half of Ayrshire were at the match which the Bens won 2-0. St.Anthony's also had decent support and took a trainload of supporters to a match in Ayrshire; leaving from Ibrox Station !. When John Quigley played they packed out Moore Park in a great run to the SJC quarter final where from memory they lost to Kilsyth Rangers. It is true there were a few matches where there were little or no crowd with some clubs. Poor old Strathclyde had one match with Blantyre Celtic where the crowd was zero. The weather was appalling and although a couple from Blantyre arrived late they were let in free to Springfield Park. Going back to the question posed. Yes I travel up to watch matches out of nostalgia. However I still have the same passion for the club that I had all those years ago. For Scottish football and not just junior football to succeed IMHO it must evolve with time and be more ambitious. Over the years I feel that 'Junior fitba' is caught in a time warp. Lets hope that things eventually sort themselves out.
  15. Junior football, what is the future?

    Scottish Junior Football was great in its day. However it does need to change and merge within a Pyramid system. From my observation from afar it has barely moved forward in the last 20 years and seems to be bouncing along the bottom. The clubs as well as the association officials are as much to blame as each other. The only way change will come is from the SFA coming up with a blueprint which means all clubs are given equal opportunities to advance at their respective levels. Until such time it will remain a mickey mouse operation. That said I look forward to taking in a few games in a few weeks time especially the Govan derby between the Bens and the Ants.