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  1. Great show! Been off work on the sic and this BBC show has turned into my highlight of the day!
  2. People would be more likely to invest in the club if it was worth their while! There's no reason why a football club can't function in business successfully. The problem we have just now is that the only people that are investing for advertisement and/or hospitality are fans of the club or people connected to RRFC. There is no reason why people would want to invest that have no connection with the club. The club have never adapted the business side of things in years! There is one marketing guy banging his head against the same brick wall John Drysdale was banging his head against! One of the clubs main source of income outside a match day is the Rovers Lotto. I haven't seen many new sponsor boards around the ground and i know for a fact that the hospitality sales are totally down this year. We can only move forward as a team, as a business and as a club is if we have someone willing to invest a fair share of cash into Raith as a business and not as a football team. But with this current situation we can only rely on what we are bringing in right now, and we all know that isn't much and i think Dave Somerville stepping down is a sign that maybe things are going to get very tough!
  3. It worries me that this could be the start of some very tricky times off the pitch. We as fans don't know just what has been going on behind the scenes. Dave was a realistic guy when it came to keeping the clubs feet on the ground. Maybe he was off with the budgeting figures but his only motives were to get RRFC back on a level playing field and keep us floating. It appears that the club has struggled this season to bring business in, low hospitality figures, poor sponsor revenue etc. People everywhere are cutting back and its beginning to take its toll on football clubs around the country. The problem that we have as a club is that how long are directors willing to put their hands in their pockets to cover losses and how much are they going to have available. Its one thing blaming DS for poor budgets and blaming poor attendances, the main problem lies at the business side of the club. Why is Raith Rovers FC worth investing in?? Why pay hospitality for a poor service when there are plenty better options close by? What benefit will my company gain from advertising at Starks Park? If the club can't make the money that way, its an up hill battle from day one of the season. If this decision from DS to step down and a new chairman was to be put in place, my first question to the board and new chairman would be how can you make this club worth investment?
  4. Agreed, I had a feeling at the start of the season something will happen behind the scenes this year. It can't be easy being a chairman at any of the first division clubs but i think he's done a lot for the club and for little reward. There's only so long someone has the patience to do what he was doing and i hope he enjoys his new role but this is now a time to test the boards strength. Lets hope the right choice is made quickly and with as little fuss as possible.
  5. I think the problem is that Tade was such a different type of player to Graham in the sense that when Tade picked the ball up outside the box he could beat a player or 2 with his pace and his "skill", then could find Baird waiting in the box for a shot or a rebound. Graham isn't as fast and struggles to beat a player with skill or speed which leaves Baird to do the hard work outside the box and deliver to Graham. The only problem there is so far is that he hasn't taken his chances and just doesn't look too sharp in front of the goal. However i have full confidence in Mcglyns signings and i am sure he will develop into a good striker for us. It just might take a bit longer.
  6. Graham and Baird have scored 26 goals between them at this level but not as a partnership. I personally think that their style of play does not suit the partnership. Baird works his arse off, makes good runs and challenges for balls he has no right to get, he plays great passes and gets into good areas to get his goals. Problem is Graham isn't the finisher of Bairds hard work. How many times already have we missed chances in a game but dominated and passed the other team off the park? On sat we had a 15 min spell where we could have killed off Falkirk but missed chances. Luckily it did not come back to haunt us but later on in the season we might not be so lucky...
  7. Well the argument would be that maybe we do need another striker but this is because the one that we have possibly isn't good enough. Graham is unproven which is fair enough but the fact is that if he doesn't start scoring soon it could be a long season. Baird and Graham are similar players in the fact that they can create chances for and need another player who can execute the chances, neither of them have done that for each other so far. Baird is a work horse and we need Graham to be a poacher, so far he hasn't looked clinical enough for this role. I hope he can improve because id love to see a good strike partnership this year.
  8. It's all very well having a player to knock down for the goal or have someone who can hold the ball up and make a good pass to a player to score but there isnt that other player. Graham is a work in progress and needs time but we need another striker who can get into the positions for Graham to play him in. How many times did Baird put the ball in the box, and it was only Graham waiting in the box! And once again it's in the match report and in the papers that we had good spells of pressure but could not score and it's cost us.
  9. I could think of at least 5 players that played better on sat. Graham didn't do much wrong but for me he wasn't fast enough, wasn't clinical enough and was distinctly average. I personally feel that Graham doesn't look like an out and out goal scorer. I hope i am proved wrong this season but i feel the only reason that he gets a game is because there's no one better to take his place.
  10. Baird had a stormer on sat, unlucky not to get a goal, but I feel Graham has a lot of work to do if he is going to be a good striker for us! He lacks sting and he just isn't clinical enough. He's a tall target man that could have potential if he could do something with the ball. However on sat I noticed there were a couple of occasions when he made a poor attempt to win headers where it counts and then he had 2 chances in the early stages of the second half and blew them. He's better than Reynolds but unless he gets sharper upfront we will struggle to get a good goal count this year.
  11. Ye I agree but everyone has their own goals for weight loss. Some people want a "beach body" for the summer holls, others want muscle to get stronger but some might just want to fit into the trousers they had 10 years ago. Personally I'm in the gym up to 5 times a week just now but I like to follow different work outs. Like you said VT, it allows me to do a variation of activities.
  12. I would disagree, they say that a brisk walk is just as effective as a normal jog. Obviously if you were to bring fartlek training or increasing the intensity of your jog this won't be the case. But a dog owner would lose the same amount of weight as someone who jogs 2 miles round a park at the same pace, by following a good diet and walking his dogs 2-3 times a day using a "brisk" pace. This is only for people who would want to lose a couple of stone comfortably over a period of time without having to push themselves too hard.
  13. Small weight loss only needs combinations of good diets, some excersise and stopping the lazy attitude. Instead of beer, vodka and diet coke. You can drink something radiculous like over 100 cans of diet coke before you reach the calorie content of a can of normal coke!! If your seerious about shifting weight I would recommend Scottish Slimmers recipes. Great food and you can still have good portions. And yes physical exercise is good and keeps your body in shape. But instead of forking out for a gym membership, where you might only use the treadmill and bike machine, just go for a walk or a jog. Even walking or cycling to work when you normally get a lift or take the bus can make a big difference.
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