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  1. Join the 'killed by bullets' club. Third time this weekend I've run kings into them, and the second time I very nearly threw it away (should've trusted my gut...)
  2. I had a feeling they'd try and sneak this shit in again when clubs were at their most vulnerable for a while, and more likely to be tempted with the blood money. As with every other attempt, it can jog right off into the fucking sea.
  3. Needs this in the background IMO:
  4. I watched the Slattery documentary yesterday. It's a tough watch, to put it mildly.
  5. Charlie Brooker belting it out of the park on BBC2 right now. More laughs in half and hour than the last three months.
  6. Started playing a bit again thanks to lockdown - used to do it for a (reasonably successful) living about 10-12 years ago after redundancy and before current job. Nowadays just micro stakes on Poker Stars for far less serious dough, and pressure! Somehow made a Micro Millions FT with 13000+ entries last week so haven't forgotten too much by the looks of it (that said, I still have a habit of firing off with nine-high aswell...)
  7. I dread to think how much horse-trading is going on right now that we are unaware of. If Thistle, with an actual lawyer high up in their ranks reckons litigation isn't worth it, then legal action is a bogey now IMO. My utopia at this point would be 18 premiership,18 championship, then split the pyramid into WOS/EOS/Highland. (existing SOS slotting further down the WOS structure.) This country is too small for more than two 'pro' leagues, and given the economic wind most lower league clubs are likely to be pissing into, the regionalisation is probably more helpful than harmful at this point. Tell Sky to f**k their 4 bigotfests, we managed happily for four years without any, and two less games against 'the house' gives other clubs a slightly, slightly better chance of doing a Leicester and keeping them out over 34 games. It won't happen, but it's a nice thought........
  8. In the same way that a broken clock is right twice a day, the Cockwomble has probably got this about as right as possible in the event we can't play out the season. If he's using it as leverage to get the Glasgow Colts in though, he can feck right off. From a selfish point of view - Thistle down, Cove up, and Falkirk having to do the seaside again? Yes please. (I suspect there will be a lot of legal teams not agreeing, mind you)
  9. Running friend in this neck of town is now doing their daily 5k round Victoria Park at 5.30am just before sunrise. Fairly sound strategy IMO. Wonder how many idiots will try and do unofficial parkruns now?
  10. Scorge


    Des Jacklin's BDO resignation heads gone-magnum opus is worth a read: https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/17/des-jacklins-epic-explosive-resignation-letter-bdo-chairman-12413286/
  11. Had a few days to scribble some thoughts. It's almost impossible to make fully informed assessment of how Scottish football is going to come out of this yet. The entire notion of global capitalism is under the cosh right now, never mind the often-bizarre financial paradigm of football, and the various micro-climates that are within it. Until UEFA/FIFA come up with some kind of edict regarding financial safeguards we're all blindly guessing like a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-Doncaster with three blindfolds on and our eyes gouged out underneath. However, the SFA/SPFL opening gambit of 'nae money in the till' is very telling, and screams of a position where clubs and their fans here are likely to have to do the spadework unless there's a bailout from on high. In cases like Brechin (who have already had to rattle the tins for a January SOS player fund), Peterhead (functioning despite high operating losses), and Rangers v2.0 (basketcase waiting to happen, again), I'd be very worried. None of the 42 clubs can sleep comfortably: some of the more profitable ones with a history of prudence over recklessness, or directors prepared to shit instead of get off the pot when it comes to the crunch have a decent chance of getting through with minor scars if the lockdown is only until May. For the others, it's damage limitation. Merch sales and the like will plug small gaps only. Share issues would be the go to mechanism (and if MFC sanctioned it I'm in the happy position of having a little spare dough), but who's really investing in a climate where we're going to be fighting over fucking macaroni tins within a week or two? Bizarrely enough, I fancy lower league clubs might have a better chance short term as they are used to operating within their means and extracting/exploiting a living from fairly small crumbs off the SPFL plate, and those with stronger community connections may have some goodwill to call upon. The bigger Prem/Champ clubs, with high wages and a reliance on a TV deal and prize money that may not survive in tact, will be heading for administration quick sharp - either to protect themselves from creditors or to get fixed costs off the book ASAP. Anyway, just guessing. I'm off to fire up the A1200 and get Championship Manager 1993 on, with fingers in the ear going la-la-la, oblivious to the impending hunger games.
  12. Tonight's episode to feature CGT on his own doing 'Isolation' by Joy Division on karaoke, folllwed by 57 minutes of the testcard with Mark Yardley's face photoshopped over the clown IMO
  13. Falkirk and Raith to automatically concede all remaining fixtures 0-3 and enjoy another season playing with their buckets and spades while the Mo dance their way to the title IMO
  14. As for the game, can't add much not already said. Scrappy, sclaffy for large spells, but I thought we just had the better of it. Vital three points, especially with EF winning.
  15. Here's your action plan for the evening: 1) Read this: https://www.lexico.com/definition/segregation 2) Naff off 3) Come back 4) Naff off again
  16. c***s just being c***s. Seggo confirmed by the club, happily.
  17. Key game in terms of setting up our run-in, this one. Defeat wouldn't be catastrophic, but puts extra pressure on the midweek games in hand. Hoping this is segregated after the nonsense from last time. 1-1 draw, I reckon.
  18. The Level 3 'Handling Hamish Away' e-learning course is mandatory before stepping aboard the supporters club bus.
  19. You've misread my post (and allegiances). I'm not saying the referee was any good, I thought he got a fair bit wrong yesterday. What I am saying is that at the point where we get a penalty and Falkirk go to 10, we should have found a way to win the game, and didn't. For whoever asked about our penalty takers, that used to be a Martin Rennie speciality until the window. Agree McLean shouldn't have been anywhere near it.
  20. That's exactly the type of 1-0 win that championships come from. Our best chance to land a glove on the 'big two' after McManus got ordered off, swing and a miss ultimately. Better game than I expected in the conditions - thought Falkirk nosed the first half (some horrible playacting by that number 7 though, an utter shitebag), but once we abandoned the hit on the counter formation the last 20 minutes was one way traffic. Only ourselves to blame, poor ref or not. Hope that hasn't taken too much out of the team ahead of Tuesday.
  21. Tricky part of the season coming IMO with five games in a fortnight soon, suspect there will be some deck-shuffling either tomorrow or next week. If we're still hanging around with the top 4 at month's end I'd be delighted. Will be safely indoors tomorrow, fair play to anyone who braves going to this. I forsee an ugly 0-0 or 1-0 shitfest.....
  22. I do fear for Brechin if they go down. The geographical nature of the four Angus clubs means the current central belt policy would be a much harder sell in the crowded and increasingly competitive LL, and the cream of the part time Aberdeen-area players are going to flock to Locos/Formratine/Cove while they still have the taps on financially. That was my concern in 2014/15, and the dregs of the Dundee player pool would probably be the only option going forward. I don't think they're doomed this season yet (certainly not in the state of omnishambles that Berwexit got themselves into) , but a team which is unfit, struggling for motivation, and at the mercy of an inexperienced manager (echoes of us in 14/15 again) are going to be vulnerable. The Hegarty/Holt lightning bolt won't strike twice here. Against Brora, I'd back this side (just), but an on-song Kelty would cut through them. Would be a real shame to lose the hedge if it happened.
  23. He is technically, but that's where most of our goals have been coming from this season. Skyline - I wasn't aware it was a league rule, cheers. Point stands that their unavailability works in Thistle's favour should that arise.
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