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  1. Div A - el_scorgio loses to Dearyme (resigned), el_scorgio beats Purplekangaroo89 (resigned). Is there a couple of rounds of fixtures missing or just me?
  2. In tournament terms, the first big game we haven't bottled, at last. Nicely done, especially going 3/3 with a test scalp in the pocket. Still things to work on that will be exploited by the really good teams, but the extra money and five games are huge. Probably in the better group of the two, as well. Pleasing.
  3. NRR might give us room to play with but if we can't chase a reverse Ted Rogers to win, then we don't deserve a crack at the big guns. Watching this through the fingers.
  4. https://allscottishparkruns.wordpress.com/ - this may be of use if you're tempted to do a few others, it's pretty accurate based on the ones I've done. Drumchapel is probably the trickiest, though I haven't been in Glasgow since Queens started.
  5. My soul is already prepared for elimination on NRR on Thursday. I watched Oman do us in an ODI at Mannofield, and wouldn't be surprised if they turn us over.
  6. Sacked after a year, he's fucked up, sacked after a week, etc. I've seen some bits and pieces of the Dons this year - don't think this team is in danger of going down, but they certainly don't look right just now. The big metaphorical book of Scottish football is short of an Aberdeen banter years chapter though, maybe it's coming. Glass will probably get a shot at the January window, but I doubt he gets past May.
  7. Ooft, between this and the lolkirk fans there's enough seethe to have a massive bath in tonight. Glad we've handed out the thumping we've threatened to dish out at some point (gutted I didn't see it) and hope we haven't spent all our goals for this quarter in one go. Think Clyde could probably do with a new manager and new ideas. Seems very stale down in the windtunnel.
  8. Clyde 0 Montrose 0 (Webster missed pen, 12), probably.
  9. 'You think Stenny are going down, dontcha? Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you think I'm done, all y'all ungrateful bitches thinking you can throw me out the league?'
  10. Saw them last night, and now have the moral dilemma of whether to go to a wedding reception in a couple of hours time knowing I've been in a room that may have been reeking of the covid. Gig itself was alright. To help Collins, most of the songs had to be taken down at least a semitone or two (some work, some don't) and had backing vox. His son is possibly a better drummer than him TBH - must hurt like hell watching him rip through Cinema Show et al knowing he probably can't do it again. The staging was clever, as it needed to be. There were quite a few (good natured) hecklers in, which was unexpected, and may explain why Banks stormed off at the end. Not much pre 1980 stuff, but if you want that you're better off going to see Steve Hackett.
  11. Not for the first time, lost my train of thought and missed it. I offered the draw just beforehand because I saw no way of winning, and threw in the towel after that cock up because I knew you'd eventually get through. I think this league is gradually breaking me TBH. gg.
  12. Oops, classic case of thinking I'd moved when I haven't. Odds are I'd have found a way to f**k it up the way I've been playing lately anyway.....
  13. Been slightly off grid last few days - lost to cols407 in the madwullie cup (made a horlicks of it), then beat Board_Stupid in the league (didn't make a horlicks of it)
  14. Correct on both counts. Trying to metaphorically shitfest a 0-0 has its limits in this league
  15. Div A - GCarlos9 beats el_scorgio, resignation. Lost this one in the middle of the game through poor position, trapped myself in the corner, and got the pearl revolver out when all hope had gone. GG. If this was football management, I'd be expecting the sack by now.
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