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  1. Yeah, done it both years. Not too bad a course, though the beach section can be a drag if the wind is up. Some sporadic pieces of incline in the last few miles, but nothing really to worry about (apart from the exit of Seaton Park, I'd give that one a walk....) I think I'm away that weekend, if not I might give the 10k a spin this time.
  2. First 7 miles are all uphill, but if you get to the top of Swanley without burning out then coming back down is great fun. Still my fastest half mara course. Have really struggled for the last two years, but now finally getting into shape. Pretty much sticking to 10k from now on to protect my left leg, disappointing in one sense but takes off pressure in another.
  3. Great to see proper Windies fast bowling back (unless you're facing it, natch). Gayle clearly has somewhere to be for lunch.
  4. I still think stability is the goal for the season ahead - the league looks like being a jump tougher this year with no obvious candidates to finish at the wrong end. Would expect the full/near-enough full time sides to prosper, and I can see Clyde carrying their form over and having a good time of it in this league. Peterhead won't be mugs either. Although I'd like to see us pushing at the top four again, I wouldn't be upset if we ended up around 7th in the league as it looks, even if that feels like a let down for some. Echo most of the comments about the signings - I'd have let Callaghan away. Not sure what the deal is with Redman, but he's borderline IMO. Only really urgent business to do is a second keeper (and a back-up centre half, if Allan still isn't quite fit) - I take the point about maybe another striker, but I'd hold back and give them all a run pre-season/league cup then assess it. Plenty to look forward to, but mentally approaching this season with a touch of caution.
  5. Have watched all but two of them, I think. I have found it hit and miss at times but that's what I expected TBH, not every idea is going to land for everyone. That said, it's great you've had a license to go beyond the usual formulaic cliché ridden old pish that has passed for football content on the council telly for too long, and have used it very well. The programme comes from the right ontological place, so keep experimenting.
  6. Watching Berwick getting shagged for twelve minutes passes off as a porno, arguably...
  7. Our figure benefitting from all the derbies and probably the LPCT giveaway for the Stenny game (and the SC game against United if that's counted). Nevertheless, very impressive. The days of barely 200 in to watch the Shire/Rovers well gone for now....
  8. Berwexit fans, look away now: https://youtu.be/nZs6_Nsg50U
  9. Hard to describe this season as anything other than a massive success. I expected us to be in a similar boat to Stenny scrapping at the bottom end, but the late run of form kept us well away from it. We've taken a small handful of hidings off of better teams (Arabs, QOS yesterday, A******h opening day) but looked more than capable against anything else thrown at us. Difficult second-album to come, and I reckon the division will be a bit harder next year, but hopefully the right signings come in to keep us on the level. Cammy back is a promising start. Roll on July....
  10. Quack quack fuckin-oops. Get doon
  11. FTFY. Shame to go out on a bit of a pasting, but there was always a danger of getting Dobbied. I'd fancy Queens to take a bit of confidence out of this and might just save their hide next week.
  12. The Live and Devilish VHS show from the mid 1990's is on YouTube. I had a look out of curiosity yesterday. Opening gambit is a homophobic joke about a gardener, and his 'finale' is blacking-up like Al Jolson - it feels like it's from the stone age, relatively speaking. I always felt Starr was like the annoying kid at school playing sub-par practical jokes (though the fast forward singing gimmick is very good TBF). As you say, YMMV.
  13. Really hope that Tezza's near-scenes firecracker doesn't haunt us on Saturday. For the last 10 minutes, we were dishing out a bit of a shagging and 3-1 wouldn't have been unkind at that point. I can see why QOS have been struggling - they are very similar to Raith in being far less than the sum of their parts, especially without Dobbie (he'd have easily put away the sitter that Dykes fumbled past the post). Thought Queens were just the better side first half and Fleming had work to do, but a lot of misplaced passing and poor decision making in the final third hit both teams. As ever, we never threw the towel in, and this was exactly the kind of physical, gritty game that seems to suit Ross Campbell. He has done a great job recently. The comment about both teams looking like they should be in League 1 is not unfair. QOS will almost certainly have to press the Dobbie-shaped gamble button on Saturday. I can't see them being that off-colour two games in a row, but I hope I am wrong. Very wrong. *insert Jim Carrey 'so you're telling me there's a chance' GIF*
  14. BIG LUGS ON THE CARPET. That's when you know you've made it. Monthefuckinmo
  15. I can barely believe we're in this position. Our second-last pair of play-off games 4 years ago were to stay in the league (and basically stay alive). This pair is for a potential crack at an outrageous long-shot promotion to the second tier, and weirdly, I think we've got half a chance in this if we can clog Dobbie off the park and take a lead down to Palmerston. I only saw their Aberdeen cup tie and the house-of-cards collapse against County on the telly - QOS clearly have got some quality about them somewhere, but not much application. Very bizarre time to bin a manager, the board doing the equivalent of a pissed-up suit walking into the casino at 4am hitting the roulette table going ALL THE BEANS ON RED PLZ (unless there's someone been lined up beforehand). Aberdeen-based commitments next Saturday rule me out of the Dumfries trip sadly (hoping to sneak up to leg one of Berwexit if possible, with eyes all on Twitter), but absolutely buzzing for the Tuesday game.
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