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  1. No massive surprises so far. Cammy a big miss though, and just praying he ends up anywhere but our league. Would hope Seagull can pick up a year's deal at EF/Cowden or somewhere similar. Simpson just wasn't good enough to win a deal, he's probably a LL level player at best. Clearly need a new keeper, RB and a couple of strikers, only question will be whether we sign them outright or they will be the obligatory 2/3 loans that come in.
  2. Woomp woomp wooooooooomp. Simply not the best (again). Lolz.
  3. Yep. I've said it before, but football is largely cyclical and your fate is in the hands of boards/chairmen and how much money they have, and the strength of the first team at any given time. In the case of part time teams, someone has to finish 42. The ceiling hasn't changed, just the floor has gotten deeper, and nobody is completely safe. Lord knows where you place a Tier 2/3 club that goes bankrupt and pulls a Sevco without causing a headache nowadays. I'm mildly surprised it hasn't happened with some of the badly managed basket cases going about just now (hiyah Falkirk). Population/crowd/etc isn't the big deal IMO - if you get an egomaniacal fantasist a'la mid-2000's Gr£tna, then you could put a village up at the top of Everest if you want. A******h, with a combination of a relatively weak championship with chasing teams cutting each others throats and a well drilled team, made it to the Hillary Step this season before running out of oxygen (thankfully). If you don't have hope when you support a 'diddy', you have nowt.
  4. Although I admire* the ability of the five players to pick up the low-hanging fruit, if I was on Deadpool VAR I'd probably be overturning any Deborah James picks on the terminal rule. Players to either accept the null and void or gamble on purchasing a sub for 50 points, and the whole thing to be televised live with Sanchez doing his best Jim Bowen impression. * probably not the right word TBH
  5. Sore one for Cowden. I guess it wouldn't be as bad if the Lowland was a decent league, but until the pyramid starts to sort itself out there is quite an unappetising stew of plastic clubs, uni teams, and bigoted B-sides to deal with in there for the next 5 years or so. Good luck.
  6. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, so that attempt to out-bottle job us last night was much appreciated. Now you (and all the other WUM's) must wake up: https://youtu.be/jy_mrF4Lxb4
  7. Didn't mean to be, fully appreciate the pull for the Pars in relation to Petrie. If he was really going to take another job, I guess it would be this one. Hughes clearly wasn't the answer this season at all for you, 'donkey' is probably being kind. At least it wasn't HWSNBN....
  8. SP is contracted until 2025 with us, so he'll be a more expensive option than some, even if he does now feel like a crack at FT. I'd rather he buggered off to you lot than those b*****ds down the A92 in fairness, but would still rather keep him here in case we appoint some utter donkey like the one you've got just now. (Looking forward to finally visiting EEP next season - hear good things about the catering. The most important part of the day, natch)
  9. Ted requires two. Grim. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-61423653
  10. Ground is screaming out for a covered shed terrace with steps a'la Ochilview down at the far end over and above the three cowsheds (especially if you're likely getting more than a thousand through the gate most weeks). Not sure it would make it any less cold mind you, but would still be a better viewing experience.
  11. Mallard (IIRC) in Dingwall literally backs onto the platform? Not surprised Dumbarton have gone down, slightly surprised EC have done for them.
  12. Couldn't make it, but sounds like a Spud in the bed job by us. Knew as soon as they squared the game we were doomed. It's been a fine season by us on the whole, but that is a sour way to finish Would expect Airdrie to run over QP now.
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