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  1. f**k Off Pie and Bovril. I won't be back on here. Stick your forum up your arse.
  2. Really enjoyed the Del Rio/Punk segement there.
  3. I bet you will all be pleased with delight. c***s
  4. The Cena jokes are fucking boring now. Move on and get some new material.
  5. Aye so what. If you have got problem with what I post then that's your problem not mines. This forum is a joke if you don't agree what certain members have said then your the bad guy on this forum.
  6. No I don't fucking say it every week. This forum is a fucking joke if you disagree with something on this forum then you get abuse for it.
  7. Looking forward to Raw tonight Why did i get a rep for that. Wankers
  8. I can't remember if this is the right name but it does sound familiar, you asked me for a website where you can watch scottish comedy shows online and I forgot to pm you back on the forum, anyway mate the link is http://www.tvpatter.com/ it has Rab C Nesbitt, Still Game, Chewin' The Fat and loads more.

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