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  1. I'm hoping for a 16 man brawl and a Hamilton player getting put on their arse again. As ropy said, I'd be happy to see the team click. I imagine we would be unplayable and put 3 or 4 past some poor lot. That won't be Saturday though. Although I'd be happy with get through the game with no injuries and a solid performance before our European game next week. 3 points would be even better.
  2. I've had a rather successful season so far. I've had 3 hits so far. A couple of them will leave a selection headache fir next year.
  3. MND truly is a horrible disease. Hopefully he was comfortable in his last days and that his family take comfort from that. In other news, oh captain, my captain.
  4. Aye, that's right. Sounds like I missed the best part of the carry on tbh.
  5. I'm a good bit late to the party but I fired up online last night on PS4. I mind years ago, on the PS3, there was a squad of fellas from here who tore the place up and it was a right laugh. The move to PS4 ruined it. [emoji23] Anyone playing online? Anyone fancy a game, geez a shout.
  6. Felt bad for Travis Maldonado tbh. What a way to go. The rest of them are horrible c***s. I think Doc was the worst of them all, with his hareem.
  7. exactly this. Stuck it on the credit card and if COVID kills me, the life insurance will cover it.
  8. What? Were the crayons not for eating?
  9. I coloured in with the weans today. By Craig, Shotts. Age - 34
  10. Wow, really? They're gas driven aren't they and you just set the volume you want it to deliver. A couple of our middle eastern guys still hanker after them for their simplicity.
  11. Digging out the patents for the Manley ventilator as we speak.
  12. The Italians has suspended Serie A too.
  13. Wellies Booted. This sub editor malarkey is a doddle. Now how do I hack someone's answer phone...
  14. You got your cup win. We get the three points. That was the deal. We need them.
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