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  1. Surely Facebook are like Rangers and too big to fail. Websites like Twitter and redtube won't survive without Facebook...
  2. I tried to email to cancel my order and it bounced back. Think I've been done out of my £47. Bugger!
  3. "My heart says Motherwell. But in my pocket, the bookie slip says Rangers -2"
  4. That would more entertaining than previous trips to Govan.
  5. Its the old enclosure at the front of the POD stand is it not? They have fitted seats spaced apart for social distancing.
  6. Missus* is gutted big Sondre chopped his golden locks *me, Really
  7. We are a team of absolute b*****ds. Hard, cynical b*****ds. And it was a joy to watch. I've seen countless teams play like that against Motherwell and it's so frustrating. To see us do it was great viewing. I didn't think the Hibs game could be topped for entertainment value bit that was pure pantomime. Plus the good guys won three points.
  8. Scott Brown and Declan Gallagher in the same line up? Merry Christmas lads. Fill yer boots. As for starting line, hopefully KVV starts with Roberts and Watt either side of him.
  9. Get yourself a ticket for Hampden on Saturday. That's why I'm going.
  10. Fucking magic eh? The auld girl is looking good with a bit of TLC. And the tonnoys that you can hear too. A magical experience. I'd normally be raging after losing 3-2 but in all reality, it was great being back, watching fitba in the flesh. And on a personal note, took my wee fella to his first game...
  11. I filled out the surveymonkey form as I could only get a ticket for me but not the 2 weans. Had a phone call from one of the girls in the office who was very helpful and would help sort me out. I'm sure everyone who applied will get a ticket for one of the games.
  12. So instead of Pals of Declan signing for us, they're designing our kit now? That said, I like the details on the inside collar. Also, the black and amber well badge looks very modern. But aye, heavy Livingston vibes from it. I like it.
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