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  1. . No. Airdrieonians FC | Senior coaching staff (airdriefc.com)
  2. You omitted the nearby 30 metre high carpet mountain.
  3. Unlike 'Typhoid' Mary Mallon who was famous for not being ill.
  4. Smith was told there was a sum of money available funded by the various supporters groups, later someone on the board told him there wasn't enough money despite the original sum being there to spend.
  5. He'll be down the Winchester waiting for it to blow over.
  6. Did you have Microsoft installed on the phone? If so you could open all the windows and turn up the heating.
  7. 3 goal swing if you could call on your penalty form from the EK game.
  8. Falkirk are doing their best to not give a f**k so this gives them a leg up.
  9. In fairness, Karaoke is what it is, I even had a go, thankfully the room didn't empty.
  10. At the PotY at the Dean Park they did The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, they should have realised that was the definitive version and left it at that.
  11. I nearly pished my breeks at the Strathearn when he was revealed as the Players, Player of the year.
  12. As stated earlier, Hughes went through the whole team in the dressing room and told everyone they weren't good enough and they were all sacked, only for Kevin Cuthbert to step up and give him his character in a mater of terms. Hughes backed off as the mood in the room changed against him and he promptly left the room and bumped into the director who had been designated to punt him, he was then told he was no longer required at Starks Park.
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