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  1. This will break a few balls. Knew 1 (the hat) scored 3/10 Hancock's Half Hour Quiz - British Comedy Quiz - British Comedy Guide
  2. This would be a strange deal for Kilmarnock, having to pay a big fee for Ethan (signed until 2024), then having to fork out for a player they have no interest in. I'm not convinced.
  3. He's managed fine in Kirkcaldy without his brother, what difference does Kilmarnock make?
  4. On the plus side £££ he still has 2 years to run on his contract. On the minus side, part £££ plus a makeweight. Daniel Armstrong - Kilmarnock FC
  5. That's going to clash with the fireside tartan your legs will get from the towel rail.
  6. There are no English teams in this year's competition.
  7. He'll be vying for game time with former Rovers youth player Louis Appere.
  8. Mona Hammond 91 Mona Hammond: EastEnders and Desmond’s actor dies aged 91 (msn.com)
  9. Petition update · I've contacted Glastonbury officially · Change.org
  10. Musically it has to be Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper. As the Beechcraft Bonanza plummeted to the ground, Buddy Holly wondered how bad it could get, then he remembered that The Big Bopper was sitting behind him.
  11. The best the US system got was the early 50's when Hawkeye MacGyver'd a tin bath into a dialysis machine.
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