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  1. Rumours that Christine McVie has passed away, which isn't Perfect.
  2. The place in supermarkets where you can buy vegetables.
  3. Families/friends walking 4 abreast through a busy railway station isn't going to cause folk to get fucking annoyed with you.
  4. Arbroath's Head To Head Stats Against Any Team | Soccer Base
  5. That won't do I'm afraid, there's usually a chemical toilet behind a screen in the corner, we're a modest bunch from Fife.
  6. We usually bring a picknick and the weather isn't that great in January, so it's best that we get under cover.
  7. Milngavie bowling club destroyed by fire - BBC News
  8. IM post-match interview says he was fine yesterday but was 'sick' this morning.
  9. The best school bags were ex-army gas mask bags, saved a lot of money as, when you left school, they then became a piece bag for your work.
  10. Every cross was gathered by the keeper.
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