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  1. Argues it should be 1-0 Rangers but admits he used a hand. Just f**k off.
  2. Now billed as a Superstore for some reason. Called an Express, there's a similar sized Express on Aberdour Road Dunfermline.
  3. Forfar and East Fife play in industrial estates and they're doing OK.
  4. f**k sake, someone score, another half hour listening to Stewart is unbearable.
  5. IIRC Cowdenbeath received a fee every time Birmingham sent him back over the border.
  6. I think the worst that will happen is the disgruntled minority will deafen him with boos.
  7. Spend the money you miserable git, the operation can wait, you don't need your tits done anyway.
  8. There's no fool like a dead old fool. Hana Horka: Czech singer dies after catching Covid intentionally - BBC News
  9. Banks O' Dee like to score a goal or two. Tables - North Region Junior Football League (pitchero.com)
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