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  1. Please, fucking don't, just don't, it's been a long time away, I'd just like a bit of harmony for a while.
  2. So we'll finally find out if cremation is what it takes to get rid of McAfee.
  3. Cass Elliot 32 died in Flat 12, 9 Curzon Place, Mayfair in 1974. Four years later Who drummer Keith Moon died at the same address in the same room also aged 32.
  4. I would assume that FGR see Regan as a starter, he may have been a bench warmer at the other clubs.
  5. Stop. You're never going to find out, you can drop as many FOI requests as you like and it wont happen. No club is going to disclose it's wage structure, the only people that will be anywhere near this information will be the payers agents.
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