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  1. *David Attenborough voice *And here we have @throbber in his natural environment.
  2. There are some interesting conurbations in Fife which still retain their own identities. Glencraig, Crosshill, Lochore and Ballingry Dundonald, Cardenden, Bowhill and Auchterderran. All are still villages in their own right and none have been (allowed) to be defined by any of their neighbours.
  3. I've no doubt his palls on Sportsound will help him out, he likes the BBC shekel.
  4. You have to take one of them into the woods and shoot them, it's the only way they'll respect you. Alternatively, they work to the same rules as you do, it's fair to expect that both parties don't act the dick, just get along with them.
  5. Quinn has impressed in the few glimpses I've seen him play this season. On that note, I am sorry that you struggle.
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