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  1. Could it be a demijohn? The gizmo on the lid looks like it is a pressure relief valve to let off fermentation gasses.
  2. 64 years ago a plane carrying Buddy Holly plummeted to the ground shortly after take off. The young Holly thought to himself 'how much worse can this get' then he remembered that the Big Bopper was in the seat behind him.
  3. I bought shares in 2011 this was for New Raith Rovers, it was getting promoted by Eric Drysdale at the time.
  4. We don't need his sort. Kyle Lafferty admits sectarian comment as Kilmarnock issue 'substantial fine' and engage Nil By Mouth (yahoo.com)
  5. My top hate in supermarkets is when you make a hard left/right and someone is determined to walk past the 1" gap that is between my trolley and the shelving, I just stand there and stare them out until they f**k off.
  6. Cindy Williams 75 of Laverne and Shirley fame. One time green card spouse of either Peter Noone or Eic Idle.
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