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  1. I suppose they could have hitched a ride on a pterodactyl.
  2. Don't be silly, there were no planes back then.
  3. Regarding the Ricky Little incident yesterday. Concussion management guidelines updated | Scottish FA | News Scottish sports concussion guidance (sportscotland.org.uk)
  4. Probably near to the time he was actually born.
  5. Clark's pies. Bought a selection at Arbroath yesterday, just had a veggie cheese and a chicken curry pie for supper, the rest might not see sun up.
  6. Darvel v Brechin City 3rd Round (Replay) 07/12/2021 7:45pm Scottish Cup Fixtures & Results | Scottish Cup| Scottish FA
  7. That'll rule out Kirk Broadfoot then. Kirk Broadfoot scalded by egg explosion | Rangers | The Guardian
  8. This is called paying up their contract, whether it be upfront or instalments.
  9. On the bright side, there's at least £1K they'll recoup from You've Been Framed.
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