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  1. It would be funny as f**k if they crashed into one another.
  2. Aye, I am renewing and also registered a few weeks ago. Did you input the correct email address when registering?
  3. Listening for over half an hour, is Jane Lewis bad at what she does? Probably. Is she fucking annoying? Definitely.
  4. Smith was assured of a sum of money available, however the board shilly-shallied over the amount which effectively told him what they thought about him.
  5. I spoke to him before an U20's game at Coatbridge (OK it was midweek, I wasn't doing anything anyway) and he sounded convinced that he was in pole position and he had a massive job to do.
  6. ?? They've put up a photo of James McPake instead of Mickey Mellon.
  7. Did they also tell you that the previous years competition would have to be completed first?
  8. IIRC when he played for Falkirk PT he was a chef somewhere in Glasgow.
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