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  1. Do you do homers, I need a pair of shoes soled and heeled?
  2. Out of the FEFA lads that played for the Rovers, there were 3 or 4 signed for the Pars, the only one that stuck out was (if I get his name right) Lewis Crosby.
  3. Regarding McCann, I watched many U20's and the last reserve league matches, he wasn't a regular starter and never really gave me cause to regret him not signing for us.
  4. Actors agent: You have to play a man that's been married for 30 years. Actor: I was hoping for a speaking part.
  5. Davo picked a bad time to go to Rio for his honeymoon.
  6. The lassies voice on the Postcode Lottery advert sounds painfully high.
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