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  1. UK Prime Minster tweeted about London Bridge incident 7 hours before it happened...
  2. There's a minimum of 7 names on that list that will not be interested in managing Rangers next season. In fact, there's probably argument that Robbie Neilson is the only realistic name there!
  3. She wasn't up to speed with her Dundee Utd impact players sadly. Unconfirmed reports that he was punched 3 to 5 times that night.
  4. When he was breaking through at Dundee Utd, GMS shoved one of my wife's pals into a wall in a nightclub, giving it the "don't you know who I am?" line. Good to see he's grown up since then.
  5. Genuine question for Rangers fans, if that's allowed in here... With last seasons duds (Garner, O'Halloran, Waghorn et al) hitting the ground running elsewhere, do you think there's something fundamentally wrong with the way players are being trained, or is it just a coincidence?
  6. Having a picnic on holiday the other week and some c**t nicked my phone while I was playing football with the kids...
  7. Spare hospitality ticket going for the cup game this friday. Let me know if anyone still looking for one.
  8. Hamilton hoping to avoid the drop by using the Aberdeen badge...
  9. He really should have went for the Celtic job. He'd have been hailed as a king right now instead of being completely found out.
  10. I watched this and thought it was excellent. Incredibly harrowing at points, and an uncomfortably realistic storyline when considered through the eyes of an egocentric teenager. Would recommend giving this a shot.
  11. Yeah, it does sound like some uncomfortable viewing. Anyone got the link?
  12. Special Sportsound show currently being set up to link Barry Ferguson and Gary Locke with the vacancy...
  13. Clark gets another shot at trying to make something of himself in England, Killie get a bit of cash for a manager that wasn't indispensable- win win. Have Sportsound or the Daily Record linked Barry Ferguson with the job yet?
  14. What would the compensation be for Rangers to get McInnes? £500k? If they want to, I'm sure they could stump up that cash, legally or otherwise. I also think McInnes would take the gig. He can't take Aberdeen much further, I think he'd fancy the risk of being the man to stabilise Rangers' 'on the park' problems and, most importantly of all, his pay packet would be larger. As has been said though, the Rangers board have to massage the ego of the moronic element of their fanbase. I hope they hilariously, unsuccessfully chase a few big names before stating they didn't want said big names in the first place and appointing Alex McLeish with Barry Ferguson as Assiatant Manager, similar to the Smith/McCoist dream team of the predecessor club.
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