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  1. Under a minute today. Hurrah. Wordle 222 4/6
  2. Wordle 221 4/6 Took me longer to find the Wordle thread than it did to do the Wordle.
  3. Probably has time to squeeze in a spell as leader of UKIP and a stint as a Sugababe, while he's waiting for the Watford job.
  4. Best job in football. Two months work, two years salary.
  5. Wordle 220 4/6 Should really have got that in three.
  6. You don't see that on screen, though. So it isn't a clear visual representation of a lack of original ideas.
  7. Don't like it. It means sometimes you could be left with four or five possible answers and lose through not being lucky. If you're able to eliminate letters by putting in the wrong answers it remains a game of skill.
  8. Wouldn't want him back as the main guy. It's always interesting to see how a new Doctor does, and the regular change has become part of the show's appeal. Deciding "we can't think of a new way to take the show so we are just gonna go back to what we were doing ten years ago" would be an admission of failure and not bode well for the programme's future. Get a new Doctor. Preferably, someone brilliant. Write great episodes for them. To clarify: I've no problem whatsoever with Tennant and/or other Doctors coming back for the 60th Anniversary episode. Those stories are the right place for wallowing in nostalgia.
  9. He will either stay and keep destroying the Bears, or he will leave for (at least) two first round picks, and they'll use said picks to acquire another HOF QB. Packers fans aren't allowed to know what it's like to support a team without an amazing QB.
  10. Yeah, the Chiefs game was great but preferred the Rams one as there were more defensive stops and offensive f**k ups, and a shocking end. The KC game was anticlimactic as, as soon as they won the coin toss, everyone knew what was going to happen.
  11. That's pretty shit. There should always be some away fans there. Have they turned into Luton Town?
  12. Neil Reynolds trying to explain how the rule is "justice" because KC once lost because of it. Yeah, I'm sure that New England win will be a great consolation to Buffalo fans...
  13. Yeah, but they could play the whole overtime, or have it so they just have alternating possessions until one time has won. Either would be fairer and neither would produce a tie very often. If still level in the post-season, two point conversion shootout.
  14. After all that, disappointing that the outcome is, arguably, decided by coin toss. Still, the Bills should have kept them out with thirteen seconds left.
  15. Stupid overtime rules. I want more!
  16. Have we had a turnover yet? Now's the time, Bills.
  17. This is where I don't like the overtime rule. With two QBs this good, the coin toss is too important. They should just play the whole ten minutes, IMO, or at least give the team receiving second a chance to score a TD if the first team score one.
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