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  1. I've been to some places where it's £2. I'm delighted when it's 50p, can't remember that happening once since the pandemic.
  2. 30p? Are you playing in 1963? Are the balls made of ivory?
  3. Yeah, I think that's sort of the unofficial rule anyway, and what I would always play against a mate. You only need to nominate if you're going for some unlikely double or treble. If I was playing someone I didn't know I would always nominate even if it's over the pocket just in case they decide to be an arse.
  4. I like the nominate pocket rule, means you're less likely to win on a fluke. Only on the black, mind, I'm not a psychopath.
  5. I don't like it when people pick the white up and move it to behind the headstring after a foul. Unless the white went in, obviously. No idea if it is the rule.
  6. I think the rule is you have a choice of 1. losing or 2. paying for the game to continue, get the black back out and put it on its spot. Though with pool the rule usually is whoever looks the biggest psycho in the pub decides.
  7. Just managed to dig out an email and I paid £82 each last year. Very good seats, albeit at the end whereas NFL aficionados tend to prefer sitting at the side.
  8. You need to be online ready to order when they go on sale but, yes, they sell out pretty quickly. You don't need any points, though. Expect to pay £70-£120 for seats not counting the mega expensive ones, I reckon.
  9. Plenty of supposedly Democratic politicians support the guns n' Gilead agenda. Biden is clearly useless, but there's f**k all he can do under the current system that gives pointless places like Nebraska as many votes as California. Obama should have pursued radical reform in his first term when they could have done what they wanted, but he spent the time trying to make friends with all the bigots. Given that they'll make it more and more difficult for Black and Hispanic people to vote, it is only going to get worse for the foreseeable future.
  10. Because they can't, they don't have a working majority. He's entirely correct that they need to make gains at the mid-terms to have any chance of achieving anything.
  11. Fucked it today, had two guesses one year either side of the correct answer. I've listened to a podcast about Zheng He, too. Seething.
  12. Does that mean Group Stages guaranteed for top three, now?
  13. Looking like a boringly predictable conclusion to a generally boringly predictable tournament. Hope Zhao or some new blood can do a bit better next year. We might not have a new champion until the 2040s at this rate.
  14. Canada is getting its own Eurovision next year. Disappointing that no UK broadcasters seem to have picked up the American version.
  15. More than zero would be a start! Worried it will be a bit of a non-event this year if Ukraine are basically guaranteed to win.
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