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  1. The final episode is an absolute classic. They were absolutely right to finish it there. The idea they had for a fifth series, Blackadder being a b*****d offspring of Elizabeth II who is in a band with someone called Bald Rick sounded absolutely dreadful.
  2. Yeah that's quite Scotlandy. Only fair they give us one of their World Cups, really. They don't need two.
  3. Disappointed to lose, but at least we ruined that bloody Quadruple and seem to have annoyed a couple of sad gloryhunters on here. And I hope every Brentford player gets leprosy.
  4. Brentford haven't turned up. Leeds will win, Burnley need to come back and win if they're gonna survive.
  5. Where you got that from? I get 354.09/1 from Bet365 when I do it as an accumulator.
  6. It would be pathetic enough if Real Madrid released that statement. For La Liga to release a statement crying like that on their behalf is beyond pathetic. I don't think even the SPFL is so in thrall to its two best supported clubs....
  7. Alan Curbishley in a (very brief) clip in "Quadrophenia"... he's the one that throws the table. His brother was The Who's manager. Edit: I only found this out this week and can't remember where, so if I've nicked this fact off someone on here, apologies.
  8. Thought the Diane Morgan one was really good, and the Wicker Man pastiche was superb, but haven't really enjoyed either of the last two. Still, anthology programmes, by their nature, will always have some you like a lot more than others so not really worried that the standard is dropping.
  9. Have generally been impressed by Sunderland fans. They always take big numbers over big distances but without the camera-wanking and media-fawning you associate with their neighbours. Good luck to them, wouldn't be surprised if they're in the Premier League in two or three years.
  10. Surely the people behind the "Rangers" fans waving the massive flags can't see a fucking thing?
  11. Last tie to have gone to more than one replay seems to have been a New Firm Fourth Round tie in 1988/89. 1-1 at Pittodrie, same score at Tannadice. United won one-nil, again at home, in the second replay. They were gone by the season after. Stranraer winning at Kilmarnock on penalties after both games finished level in the Second Round the first game to be affected. Can't find any video.
  12. They wrote to Chelsea Clinton at the end of (I think) the second series, when her dad visited Norn Irn, so it was a throwback to that.
  13. Tbf, for a time travel show, Dr Who has very rarely bothered with alternative realities. I can only really think of the brilliant (if you don't think about it too much) "Inferno". I'd be up for more. Especially if it involves the Meddling Monk somehow, I've been hoping he (or she) would come back since they revived the programme. Would probably have to change the name if he changed gender. Naughty Nun?
  14. That Dave Jones has a lot to answer for.
  15. Ukraine have ordered troops to stop defending Mariupol. Does this mean Russia are winning the war? It seemed to be going badly for them not too long ago.
  16. They should kick Turkey out and add Finland, Sweden and Kurdistan.
  17. They're shitebags knowing, or at least hoping, that dozens of fellow fans will join in if the player(s)/staff give anything back. Usually correctly.
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