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  1. I doubt I'm alone in saying I'd rather watch Scotland games in Gaelic, a language I don't speak, for free, than pay a subscription to watch them in English. I think a lot of the time S4C has a red button option to watch with English commentary, anyway. 

    In short, it's bollocks, Scottish fans are being treated as second rate citizens and MPs/MSPs should be moaning about this.

    Simple solution is the UK government passes a law that all Home Nation Qualifiers have to be free to air, same as the cup finals, Wimbledon, the sodding Boat Race and a few other events.

  2. Looks to me like the OP has deleted it. If a mod had been at it for any reason, say someone posted something dodgy on there, we usually hide the thread rather than deleting it. So mods would still be able to see it... but we can't. I suggest you start a new one and if the old one turns up I'll merge them! ☹️

    If anyone has the thread in their search history post the link and I will see what error message pops up when I try to access it.

  3. 2 hours ago, Todd_is_God said:

    The intertoto cup also I doubt anyone would class as "major" had anyone previously won only that.

    I agree with the OP though that "major" seems rather superfluous.

    A quick check reveals that they've won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, before. Beating a certain shitey blue team in the final. So perhaps the article was fair enough.

  4. Glad they've got rid of the regionalisation, it was stupid trying to squeeze Scotland into two halves when they two halves of the country don't have anything like the same population. Hibs and Bonnyrigg is interesting. Falkirk and Morton, not so much.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Christophe said:

    On BB...


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    Yeah Saul does ask "Did Lalo send you" in BB, but that could mean anything...

    a) He's alive (could he reappear in Nebraka?) Unlikely given it'd be a hard sell to explain why he didn't do anything during the BB timeline

    b) He's dead but Saul doesn't know it

    c) it could be a dead-man walking thing, Jimmy has just seen him reappear from what he thought was the dead, so he could hold him in some kind of supernatural regard in future BB events even if he does see him die in the next half of the final season. He's so traumatised that he can't quite let himself believe he's dead? 



    I think:

    d) Jimmy/Saul knows full well that he's dead and possibly witnessed/caused it. He is so used to lying about it, it just comes naturally to say "did Lalo send you?" when he's under pressure.

  6. Jelly and ice cream at the ready?


    "24 HOURS TO SAVE CHELSEA: There are major developments in the footballing world today as the U.K. government warns that if a deal to sell Chelsea is not closed imminently then the club may be barred from the Premier League next season. The government is due to approve the £4 billion sale to a consortium led by American investor Todd Boehly, but a senior Whitehall insider briefs the FT’s George Parker it “still has major hurdles to overcome” as Portuguese authorities also have to approved the deal due to current owner Roman Abramovich’s citizenship in that country. The U.K. government is now in intense discussion with Portugal and the European Commission to provide them the assurances they need to licence the deal.

    One government source struck a very somber tone: “It’s transfer deadline day for Chelsea and I’m seriously worried about the outcome. If the deal doesn’t get final sign off today, the sale probably can’t happen in time — that could mean Chelsea out of the league. Even if HMG grants the licence today, it’s not clear that Portugal will do the same. It’s going to come down to the wire, and unless something changes I’m not optimistic.”

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