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  1. 9 for Tuesday. Fluked the gas and the singer. Not so lucky with the microcomputer. @Cardinal Richelieu will like one of the questions judging by his Sunday quizzing avatar.
  2. Reading through the last few pages, fucking Hell. The forum is very loosely moderated, we generally trust people to mind their own behaviour. I don't really give too much of a toss if people want to engage in dotting wars and both parties are at it. Don't really see the point myself, but each to their own. However, when people have explicitly said that being singled out upsets them, it seems that it would be sensible to stop. After all, I don't think people on here really want to make other posters' lives worse, do they? I'm not singling anyone out or taking sides, but please can posters consider their behaviour, even more so given the current global situation with lots of people feeling isolated. So, basically, tl;dr. Just don't be dicks to each other unless you're sure the recipient doesn't care. And... I think this thread has run its course.
  3. I'm trying answering last thing at night rather than first thing in the morning this week. So far, so good for the new tactic. Super sexy TEN to start the week. Knew 9 and went the right way with a 50/50 for the currency.
  4. Hurrah. As ever, the Bears' best weekends are when they aren't playing.
  5. Just run it, take no risks.
  6. Yas! Surely they can get a field goal from here?
  7. Ffs, I wanna go to sleep you c***s.
  8. We've seen this story before. Must be nice to support a team that has a good quarterback more than once every 70 years.
  9. Mon Indy, don't f**k this up.
  10. Still shambolic by the Colts to fail to take more than about thirty seconds off the clock with roughly three hundred plays in the drive.
  11. The f**k are the officials playing at? Must be a forward pass.
  12. Fancy us to draw Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel and Israel. Be nice to have a bit of variety.
  13. It's insane that we haven't produced a decent striker in thirty years.
  14. McGinn is the only player who has looked vaguely like scoring?
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