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  1. Had Sacheen on my list for next year. Selfish cow. Oh, and thoughts and prayers, obviously.
  2. It's a dangerous time to sack a manager with Steve Bruce likely to be available soon.
  3. I don't think he can really stop the count as it is all automated/done by machines, isn't it? He will almost certainly claim fraud after the event and the question would be whether he keeps moaning but leaves as planned on 1st January or if he tries to hold on to power and brings the army out to support his claim.
  4. Couldn't Haaland have already signed for Real Madrid or Barcelona if he was desperate to do so? The release clause was very low, I can't imagine they wouldn't have met it considering the money they have been splashing around.
  5. Booo, the utter c***s won. Hurray, the utter c***s lost.
  6. They didn't, hurrah. Hate saying this but Mon Pats.
  7. I bet Packers score on their first possession. The overtime rule is still shite.
  8. 100,000 or so lead. Lula should take the lead soon hopefully.
  9. I dunno I find Betfair a bit confusing, sorry!
  10. https://www.betfair.com/exchange/politics/event/30346380/multi-market?marketIds=1.180434883
  11. Bolsonazi seems to be winning. Is it time to worry yet or are there loads of Lula areas still to vote?
  12. Bears still alive, seventeen seconds to score and get a two point conversion. Can't imagine our all star offense won't manage that.
  13. Punt it back to them, use up all our time outs. Drop the kick return and handover possession. FFS.
  14. More than three points behind, game over. Congrats, Lichtie.
  15. I have this strange feeling that Da Bears' score will be a multiple of three this week.
  16. Sensational game for yellow card supporters.
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