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  1. Eccleston II… The End of the World – this probably won’t be close to anyone’s favourite story, but it’s not bad. We are still at the stage of introducing a new companion (and, by extension, a new audience who may not have watched the original show prior to its cancellation). Piper is good, again, though her character is underused, if we are being critical. There isn’t a huge amount of depth to the story and not much in the way of peril, but it serves as an enjoyable first space journey for the revived series, and the aliens look, frankly, a million times better than they used to. This is unspectacular but perfectly fine. 6/10
  2. McCoy II… Delta and The Bannermen – this is just a bit weird, but not in a good way. Ken Dodd being in it is odd, for starters, but he’s not too bad. I struggle to understand why Mel is giddy with excitement about getting a bus to the 1950s when she has arrived on a time machine? Also they spend the whole story setting up a suspiciously Ace-like actor as the new companion only to not take her with them and instead take Ace (played by a much inferior actor) in the next story. Mental. There isn’t much to this and what there is makes little sense. It’s another dull background time period, too. Can’t really be arsed with this one. 4/10 Dragonfire – will address the bad, first. The “dragon” is shite. Really, really shite. First impressions of Ace is that Sophie Aldred can’t act and her character is incredibly cringey (saying “brill” and “ace” every two minutes, do sod off). Still, she’s better than Mel, obviously. The cliffhanger at the end of episode one is the worst ever. To summarise: The Doctor is walking along a ledge and, for no apparent reason, decides to step over the ledge and cling on flimsily by his umbrella. Even though he could, quite easily, have walked down. At the end of the episode he is about to fall into an abyss so deep we can’t even see the bottom. Next episode, Glitz walks down (exactly like the Doctor could have) and the Doctor gets on his shoulders before being lowered to safety. So it wasn’t actually deep at all. At worst, he might have sprained his ankle. And there was no reason for him deciding to clamber over the edge in the first place. There have been many examples of a cliffhanger for a cliffhanger’s sake, but this is by far the worst. Good side: even though it’s quite cheap and plasticy and the snow looks faker than in a Cliff Richard video, I still quite like the alienness of this story. Glitz adds to the entertainment and, best of all, Mel sods off at the end. Hurrah! I tend to think that eighties Who is looked on too harshly, but the critics were absolutely right about Mel. Yes, she did tone it down a bit after her initial episodes and yes, Bonnie Langford is perfectly fine in the Big Finish dramas, but she was a fucking awful onscreen companion who did as much to put people off watching as scheduling the show opposite “Coronation Street” did. She gets a decent send-off, here, better than her character deserved. 6/10
  3. I had it in my mind that McCoist was already at Kilmarnock when he scored at The Home of Football, but was wrong. Well, according to Wikipedia, anyway. I'm not doing any further research than that.
  4. Full list of Scotland tournament scorers: 1954 World Cup None. FFS. 1958 World Cup Jimmy Murray (Hearts), Jackie Mudie (Blackpool), Bobby Collins (Celtic), Sammy Baird (Rangers) 1974 World Cup Peter Lorimer (Leeds), Joe Jordan (Leeds) x 2 1978 World Cup Joe Jordan (Man Utd), Andranik Eskandarian (Taj) (Iran own goal), Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool), Archie Gemmill (Forest) x 2 1982 World Cup Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool), John Wark (Ipswich) x 2, John Robertson (Forest), Steve Archibald (Spurs), David Narey (Dundee Utd), Joe Jordan (AC Milan), Graeme Sounness (Liverpool) 1986 World Cup Gordon Strachan (Man Utd) 1990 World Cup Stuart McCall (Everton), Mo Johnstone (Rangers) Euro 92 Paul McStay (Celtic), Brian McClair (Man Utd), Gary McAllister (Leeds) Euro 96 Ally McCoist (Rangers) 1998 World Cup John Collins (Monaco), Craig Burley (Celtic) Euro 2020 (held in 2021) Callum McGregor (Celtic) And for the ladies... Euro 2017 Erin Cuthbert (Chelsea), Caroline Weir (Liverpool) 2019 World Cup Claire Emslie (Man City), Lana Clelland (Fiorentina), Kim Little (Arsenal), Jen Beattie (Man City), Erin Cuthbert (Chelsea)
  5. There's going to be some bans dished out tonight if Scotland don't win.
  6. I wasn't sure who was joking and who wasn't in the end. I will save the link for next time we play San Marino, Kosovo or Bosnia...
  7. https://www.classicfm.com/discover-music/periods-genres/national-anthems/spanish-national-anthem-no-words/
  8. The point you were making wasn't lost on me, because I didn't read it. I just responded to a post when someone @'d me. Feel free to defend the politician in question, or not, I don't care. I just want posters to avoid attacking each other as per the guidelines at the top of this subforum. If you feel anyone is in breach of said guidelines please use the "report" function.
  9. We want to tone down the abuse of posters by other posters but, bigoted politicians? f**k it, go for it.
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