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  1. Yeah, like quite a few authors, Dahl was completely wrong about an adaptation of his book. Other examples include PL Travers and Stephen King. I suppose when you've invested months or even years of your life on something, it's easy to look down your nose at the way someone else wants to create it.
  2. Hopefully they do ones that haven't already been made rather than yet another version of the BFG, for instance. If they have the rights to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, hopefully they will expunge the diabolical Johnny Depp version.
  3. Well, at least we won't be bothering the potato engravers again any time soon.
  4. Should really have fifteen goals by now, but points is the main thing. Hopefully beat Hungary again next and go into the Ukraine and Spain games with confidence.
  5. It was alright, the actress who played their mother was good. Nicholas Lyndhurst as a gangster type, not so much. Felt more like a drama than a comedy.
  6. Packers will win by about eight million points.
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