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  1. Surely they won't be that stupid? At worst, move it to a lunch time or evening kick off.
  2. Probably best that Scottish League One is ended now, out of respect. The fact that Clyde would avoid a relegation playoff by one place is entirely coincidental.
  3. Technically accurate in that he didn't die today (as it is now Saturday), and at the time of his previous Tweet he hadn't died that day either.
  4. Feels strange to be doing league quizzing on the weekend! Eight for Saturday. Science and stars letting the side down.
  5. Gonna be a fucking heavy paper tomorrow if they give equal coverage to DMX.
  6. I'm certain they'll close the pubs when she goes, the absolute sycophantic bellends.
  7. Probably pointless but cathartic... https://www.bbc.co.uk/contact/death-duke-of-edinburgh-tv-coverage/#/Notification
  8. Eight for Friday. Corsica-themed question fucking me over for the second time this week and should have got Jaws. Another English monarchy question in there to send everyone into the weekend happy.
  9. Gonna be fairly pissed off with East Fife if they contrive to lose to Forfar this weekend having already lost to Dumbarton and beaten us this month. Still, as has been said, top half not completely impossible! Mon Clyde!
  10. It is Outkast. Rare for me to know a modern music question (it's 21st century, it's "modern"). Quite a catchy tune.
  11. 4-1. This guy is playing a lot better than White.
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