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  1. I don't think he's banned. Please use report function if his posts are shit, I don't know who he is. While saying this, please don't abuse the report function either as that is likely to piss us off.
  2. I've been thinking that Trump would win, have bet on him and bet on him last time. Very much hoping to lose the money. I am just starting to allow myself to believe Biden should win, though. Maybe relatively comfortably. Concerned that even allowing myself to consider that is setting myself up for a fall again but, f**k it, Biden 341-Trump 197. No landslide but, hopefully, no reason to get the courts or the Proud Twats involved.
  3. That bloody punter. Still, 5 and 2 gives us a chance of the playoffs and you never know once you're there. An aside, the Channel 5 coverage was decent, I thought. Well, they certainly made more of an effort than Sky who just show the US version with loads of adverts.
  4. Knew 7, scored 8. Fluked the computer language but not Stalin's daughter or the diagram, whatever the f**k that is.
  5. Perfect for those who like their remembrancing to be as public and showoffy as possible. Millions died, but this is ALL ABOUT ME!
  6. Has he been playing? Assume he isn't fit.
  7. I thought it was excellent. Agree not as good as the first but still laugh out loud funny, maximum cringey, and the plot was decent enough, too. Particularly the way it ended, though I won't say any more about that. Borat 9/10 Borat 2 8/10 Will probably rewatch both back to back with a few beers in the next few weeks.
  8. Oh well will have to settle for 37 wins. ☹️
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