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  1. Bills vs Chiefs next week looks like it could be a cracker.
  2. That Steelers touchdown has a very David Narey against Brazil feel to it. They've woken the Chiefs up.
  3. I haven't yet bought into the Chiefs hatred, even with that scumbag Hill in the team, whereas I utterly despise Green Bay and Tampa Bay. In the worst (and likely) case scenario that one of them makes the Super Bowl, there is a much better chance of the Chiefs beating them than the Steelers would have so supporting KC tonight. Also, Steelers don't deserve to be in the playoffs and only made it because of the worst officiating I have ever seen against Da Bears.
  4. The referee might have helped, but it was a fucking stupid play call.
  5. Use your time-outs, make Dallas jump.
  6. Surely there isn't enough to overturn this? I would still probably have waited until it was confirmed before shouting "bye" at the Dallas fans, though...
  7. 49ers are rattled, making mistakes they weren't making earlier.
  8. I feel like maybe Green Bay have more fans spread all over the country? Maybe Patriots too, due to their recent successes. May be talking bollocks as I don't actually live there
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