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  1. Scenario 1... would also be okay if Wales lose by four or more against Turkey. Scenario 2... would also be okay if Finland win and Russia draw. Scenario 5... would also be okay if Portugal beat France and Hungary beat Germany by one goal, or if Hungary win by more than one and France lose by more than two. I think. I am hungover though...
  2. We should have a much clearer picture by Tuesday, hopefully. I reckon by then we will know for certain that winner of our game qualifies.
  3. Maybe, I like having the two options rather than one in the final group games. But we can definitely agree we don't want a Poland win, at least? One of the downsides of of Scotland qualifying is quite often having to hope the boring favourite type teams beat the cuddly diddy countries. Still, I'll take Man United, Birmingham City, "Rangers" and the Dark Forces or Mordor winning if it sees Scotland through.
  4. Yes, and if Switzerland win by more than one we would still finish above the third place team in that group with a one goal win if Wales lose to Italy by four or more. Unlikely, admittedly.
  5. I think a Spain v Poland draw would be good today as that gives us three (arguably four) different scenarios where a one goal Scotland win would be enough to finish above that group's third place finished... 1. Spain fail to beat Slovakia 2. Poland fail to beat Sweden 3. Poland beat Sweden by three or more goals A Spain v Poland draw, added to a Spain win against Slovakia, a two goal Poland win against Swedeen and a Scottish one goal victory over Croatia would mean our ranking vs Sweden would be decided by goals scored or, if still level, disciplary record. So, anyway, for Scotland fans unsure who to support today I reckon these are our best outcomes: FRANCE v Hungary, 2pm PORTUGAL v Germany, 5pm Spain v Poland DRAW, 8pm
  6. I think it helps that they have to win, too. If it's still level after 90 minutes, deliberately kick it out for a corner. They'll have no choice but to send the goalie forward and then we hit them on the break. Incredible SCENES as Grant Hanley runs 90 yards before hammering home.
  7. 1992 - zero goals first game, zero goals second game, won final game. 1996 - zero goals first game, zero goals second game, won final game.
  8. I think it's likely but would rather it was sure by Tuesday or waiting for the last two groups to finish could be torture! Both Groups A and B are promising. C, not so much.
  9. France will likely play the reserves in their last game, assuming they see off the Magyars, so unlikely Portugal lose both games I reckon.
  10. Can see Portugal being happy with a draw against the Germans, sadly, and Germany will twat Hungary if they need to. Still, you never know. Was assuming we would be looking for miracles at this stage of the tournament and now one win probably puts us through. And our record in final group games at the Euros is pretty good...
  11. If Portugal and France beat Germany and Hungary tomorrow, that would guarantee any Scottish win would be enough to qualify so long as Switzerland lose, draw or win by only one goal against Turkey. It would also be enough in the unlikely event that Italy beat Wales by at least four. I will worry about scenarios for other groups if a win isn't guaranteed to be enough after the conclusion of Group A on Sunday.
  12. Excellent performance. Was critical of Dykes and O'Donnell but talking bollocks as usual as they played very well. Between O'Donnell and Hanley for Man of the Match, IMO. Actually, maybe Tierney... f**k it, could be any of them! Bring on Croatia!
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