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  1. Isn't that basically the same thing? You bet and if you win, you keep the profits. If you don't win, you don't lose anything.
  2. Nah. As a veteran of cheering for a team with shit quarterbacks, I'd rather take my chances on "a not quite right" future Hall of Famer.
  3. Nine for Friday. Correctly guessed the first composer but not the second. I think that is 48/50 for the week which must be my best ever by a million miles.
  4. A third super sexy TEN of the week for Thursday. I think we've had that India/Pakistan one recently, and I fluked the element with all the protons.
  5. The entire bloody league is after a quarterback next year, and we have the 20th pick. Great.
  6. I think so. Not 100%, and have already forgotten what the answer was, guaranteeing that I get it wrong again when it reappears in a week's time.
  7. Well, f**k me sideways. A second successive super sexy TEN for Tuesday. Was fairly sure on the Lion King and the pasta/bread questions, knew the rest.
  8. Yeah, that was one of my favourite things that I watched last year. Good concept, done well. In a year of abysmal sci-fi themed sitcoms, that was excellent.
  9. That would be my first choice, not sure we would be able to make it happen, though. When can you start trading players, I forget?
  10. Nah, I like the Bills, they seem a proper fanbase and have had to put up with two decades of bloody Patriots division wins. Plus, I don't particularly dislike KC. I don't generally like back to back champions but the question of whether they could be the first team to win three straight Super Bowls would add an extra interesting narrative for next year. It the NFC champions are more than a score ahead in the 4th quarter, I'm all for cancelling the Super Bowl then.
  11. f**k it, we have to do something to try to fix the QB situation. If we don't do that we aren't winning a Super Bowl in the next decade anyway. Gamble everything on it, nothing to lose as we are mediocre anyway.
  12. I think I am "supporting" the Bucs as they seem more likely to lose the Super Bowl. Hope the Bills win it all. Would settle for Chiefs winning again.
  13. Useless Saints c***s have ruined this. Can't cheer for Brady/Gronk/Brown. Can't cheer for Green Bay.
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