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  1. I've always liked Arsenal. You can rely on them.
  2. Bring back the CIS. (Constantly Injecting Substances)
  3. No. We looked terrified every time he got the ball.
  4. Fair fucks. Leicester were brilliant today. First team this season that has really outclassed us.
  5. Bout time. Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal seem determined to relegate us this season, the b*****ds. 😫
  6. In fairness, I think 4 can be classed as "about 5".
  7. Yeah, lucky we got promoted or Liverpool would have gone level. Though we could do with not being relegated again any time soon... Oh, and Leeds "a big club" 🤣 https://www.myfootballfacts.com/england_footy/football-league/seasons-in-top-flight/
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