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  1. Hoyle is a massive twat but I don't think he's wrong to clamp down on clapping.
  2. They did the same to me and never told me why.
  3. https://www.icc-cricket.com/rankings/mens/player-rankings/test
  4. Are they allowed to take performance into account in future tournaments? Like if an unseeded player wins Wimbledon could that be used as a criteria for seeding them at the US Open, or would they have to ignore it because of the ranking points ban?
  5. Roger Taylor ..... Rusedskki only made Qtrs and was beaten by henman Ta. I would never have got that.
  6. I've got Norries, Henman, Murray. Who's the fourth, did Rusedski ever manage it?
  7. They might even consider putting him on centre court now.
  8. No offside would be absolutely dreadful. Every match would just be hoofball.
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