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  1. Football League 2018/19 season

    Beat Leeds, please. That would be lovely, even better if we beat the Baggies in the semis on the way. Given a choice though, I'd rather play Derby or Boro seeing as we battered them both home and away.
  2. Football League 2018/19 season

    NINE in a fucking row.
  3. The Victim - BBC1 9pm all this week

    Superb viewing. We'll done to all concerned.
  4. Football League 2018/19 season

    Here we go EIGHT in a row. And the Clyde won! I'll be honest, I'm horny as f**k.
  5. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

    Vile cheating b*****d who used to threaten to break teenagers' legs if they went past him, and who racially abused teammates. Good riddance.
  6. Premier League 2018-19

    He could still get the top ten in the exact correct order which would be some effort, to be fair. I remember predicting Villa to be comfortably midtable and Leicester to finish bottom the year they won the league and we finished on seventeen points. So, ermm... he's probably better at this than me!
  7. Free Money

    Bet365 inplay offer back for Man U v Barcelona. £25 for me again.
  8. FA Cup 2018/19

  9. It's probably just as well I'm not in the league any more...
  10. Premier League 2018-19

    The Liverpool support and the Liverpool meeja will both be unbearable.
  11. Premier League 2018-19

    Bunch of local derbies, lovely Craven Cottage and some days at the seaside. We might even finish top half.
  12. Still Game & Best Bits

    You dont see that its clearly been left open for more? You can both be right. They are all dead... at some indertiminate point in the future. They could still squeeze in more episodes before that point. I really hope they don't as I thought the last couple of minutes was near perfect. My biggest fear would be that they do a show showing them as young men back in the day, like First of the Summer Wine. That would be an abomination.
  13. Still Game & Best Bits

    The ending was the best bit. Sad and poignant, but still celebrating their lives rather than emphasising their inevitable deaths. I loved all the fade out bits. And even Bobby getting to have the final word. I thought The Clansman was gonna fade out, too, either to dissappear, turn into housing or, worse, some shitey gastropub. Pleased to see it's still there in the future.
  14. Nah, hadn't even noticed the date to be honest! The Quiz of the Day is a good quiz, I think it's a good choice for here now that the ball-tampering roo-shaggers have fucked us over. But we already do it at work every afternoon. So if I was submitting a score it would be a joint effort which hardly seems fair. The alternative is just to punt my colleagues, but I'd rather not sacrifice one of very few things I enjoy during my incredibly tedious career.