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  1. Well, it is pretty much what was in the last manifesto, so hardly a shock. But I see you're approaching the new leader with an open mind, so I'll leave you to it.
  2. Well, literally the line underneath says "public". Twice.
  3. People don't have to vote for the Tories or the Lib Dems. Here is Starmer's platform. That whole "common ownership" thing sound centre-right to you? It is a radical platform for a party which is still offering radical alternatives. https://keirstarmer.com/plans/10-pledges/
  4. It has to be. There isn't an alternative. Look at America for instance. Win social media, win the election. You're correct in that any Leftist party will always have an uphill battle to win. But they have to do it anyway. How? I've no fucking idea. I hope people in charge are far more savvy in that kind of thing than I am.
  5. His electoral platform was to the left of Brown's. He has embraced nationalisation again, as any Labour leader should. Now, obviously, he could just be saying that to get elected. And if he turns into another Tony Blair I'll be fucking off out of the party sharpish. But more than happy to give him a chance, as I do any incoming Leader, even though I didn't vote for him.
  6. He is right wing compared to Corbyn, but to the left of Blair and Brown. Blairism is dead in the Labour Party. I think the party will be broadly centre left, but hopefully we won't have so much of the baggage that annoyed the Brexity types (if he does love the IRA and Hamas and hate Britain, it's strictly off the record). We might get a better idea over the next few weeks when we see what Shadow Cabinet he puts together. I'd hope that there would be talent from both sides of the party. I consider Lenin to be a bit too Tory for my liking, but I would have Phillips in the Shadow Cabinet. She'd have made a poor leader but she's good at getting her point across and you'd rather have her with than against you. I also hope they find space for RLB. Not McDonnell though, he needs to be put out to pasture. Electoral poison.
  7. They can't go neutral on Indy. It would be poison in England, and the next election will be decided here not in Scotland. I'm neither pro nor anti-independence. Just don't see how any of the UK-wide parties can be seen as anything other than pro-Union at the moment, if they want to win.
  8. I don't see that happening. We can't, and shouldn't be aiming to, win the support of The Sun. We need to be better at getting our message across via New Media, among the many other challenges the party faces.
  9. I don't see Starmer as "centre-right" by any stretch. Good luck to him, I still feel we will struggle to win the next election, but would've thought that regardless of who had won.
  10. I'd say more consistency than whataboutery, but you don't have to agree!
  11. Where is your link that most companies are putting "everyone" on furlough? I'm more than happy to join in with any criticism of exploitative capitalism. I just don't see football as being any worse than the vast majority of capitalist evil-doers. In any case, do people think football clubs are, uniquely, not suffering any loss of income, despite not being able to play any matches?
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