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  1. Oh okay, ta. I was struggling to work out how a 24 team knockout would work! I don't mind that, tbh. It means finishing 1st has a genuine reward above finishing 2nd. Will keep the groups competitive for longer. I would also have it so that Champions League last sixteen was just one leg, with the group winners getting home advantage. Again, it gives a genuine reward for better performance and keeps the groups competitive.
  2. I'm assuming third place teams in the group no longer get punted into the next competition down? Otherwise struggling to see how that could work.
  3. I don't remember that, and wasn't aware that they had changed it. This probably means they're not going to make a biopic about me. 😕
  4. Well, quite. O'Sullivan is an arse. I finally decided I could no longer cheer him on when he said something along the lines of "suck my dick" to a Chinese lady who was interviewing him. A revolting way to behave. He's spent his whole life surrounded by sycophants telling him how great he is and has no respect for anyone else.
  5. An aside, but it annoys me when tennis umpires will say "game Federer" when men are playing but "game Miss Williams" when it's ladies. Surely that is condescending as f**k? Why do we need to know their marital status? But noone but me ever seems to mention it. Hoping I get the thanks I deserve for raising this issue and that Emma Stone plays me in a biopic. I'm so irate about this matter that I haven't even had time to take offence at The Cardigan's insult in the previous post.
  6. Second day of the QF is normally the best day of the snooker calendar, IMO. Looking like it could be a bit anticlimactic this year, though, with the one sided matches. Though I suppose it'll be quite a story if Trump and O'Sullivan lose on the same day, even if we don't get any exciting finishes.
  7. Ditch the regionalisation. Scotland is hardly the size of Russia, FFS! The top flight clubs in the Southern Section are dull as f**k.
  8. It gives the very opposite of variety. Teams drawn against two teams from their own division, guaranteeing a minimum of five matches against said team. It is the 2020/21 League Cup, it would make much more sense for the seedings to reflect the 2020/21 leagues. Baffling that they persist with this. Equally stupid is the insistence on equal sized North and South sections, despite there being far fewer clubs in the North of Scotland, leading to Edinburgh clubs being in the "North" section.
  9. Three League Two teams in Group F, none in Group E. Two Premiership teams in Group A. None in Group C. Literally no idea why they base the seeding on the previous season, it just allows stupid scenarios like above. Fair to say our involvement won't last long!
  10. Was thinking that earlier. Remember when he won the World title the same day Leicester won the league and he looked like someone had shat in his tea. Cheer up mate, FFS.
  11. Only bothering with ranking events: Riga Masters, Shoot Out, Gibraltar Open - no matches over best of 11 China Championship, English Open, World Open, Northern Ireland Open, UK Championship, Scottish Open, European Masters, German Masters, World Grand Prix, Welsh Open, Players Championship - no matches over best of 11 until Final. International Championship - no matches over best of 11 until Semi-Final. Tour Championship - all matches over best of 11, but only eight players qualify. World Championship - all matches from Final Qualifying Round over best of 11. Would normally be all qualifying matches but was shortened this year due to Covid. So, with the exception of the World Championship, longer matches aren't really a factor for the players outside the elite.
  12. Phew. Was worried I was the lowest paid mod, obviously not.
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