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  1. Fairly sure everyone will have seen in it by now, but here's our away top in full.......
  2. Good first signing, actually very impressed with this. Hopefully it continues....
  3. Friend of mine has asked me to post on here to give a heads up that he's selling his collection. He's putting all his football tops on ebay, Killie and Liverpool ones just now, Scotland to follow. Seller name is killieboyz all XL in size, I think. Or if you wanna contact him directly just pm me......
  4. "home end" doesn't mean watching from your own home......... HTH
  5. Fud 👆🏻 I'm not exactly confident about this, but our midweek record at home to celtic isn't all bad, Robbie Keanes debut, Higginbotham's Paneka equaliser, let's hope for something positive again tomorrow.
  6. I really hope we have at least 2 or 3 signings in before end of the week, it's utter madness loaning players out unless we're absolutely sure that we have replacements secured. We needed a few bodies before this window opened, as it stands, that's four out, one in..... I agree that Thomas wasn't ever going to be a regular starter, but he at least gave us option off the bench, as did Sow and Jackson. Surely this window can't be as disappointing as the summer one was.
  7. I can't make this one, iptv will have to suffice. I absolutely hate missing home games, but wife is night-shift and I have no babysitters available. Also, my surname is not McCann.
  8. Clancy's always love the Killie. Another 5 minutes and we'd definitely have had a questionable pentaly. #caramellamou #juggernaut
  9. We're keeping that as this seasons 3rd strip (and all European games, I think)
  10. As far as I know, there isn't any full kit pictures anywhere yet. This is our home and away for next season.
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