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  1. Could have went to Kelty but decided to stay at Sauchie. New management team coming in at Sauchie so feels a fresh start is needed. Sauchie are joining EOS too so it's nothing to do with that. He's probably been better since the leg break, cracking signing for Boness.
  2. Sauchie 3-1/Tayport. Anyone know the broxburn camelon final score?
  3. Finally people are realising how good a player Cummings really is. Underrated by other clubs in the super league.
  4. Was a good game last night, tightly contested. Gutted to have lost two soft goals.
  5. Alan Hansen played for Sauchie before going to Partick then off to Liverpool.
  6. You need to follow your team more. He was on bench v hurlford in the first match.
  7. Portakabin set a light at ground?? Hope you find out who done it. arseholes.
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