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  1. Unfortunately she has picked up where Dimbleby left off. She is there to put questions posed by the audience ,not ask her own. The GUESTS they invite to give their views on various topics should be selected because they are capable to give answers to questions asked though random they may be.
  2. Property offf the rrreefferees if found contact the SFA.
  3. Did Lord Tyre not say that this is a road to nowhere which will no doubt be travelled on for quite a long time by a delusional section of Scottish Society .
  4. Willie Rennie? Wee Willie Winkie that's who, fkn useless to oblivion and beyond that one
  5. You may have to read some previous posts to see what context I used establishment for. As for having poverty in my DNA you don't know me and what my lifestyle is like but unlike some I did not forget where I came from no sense of entitlement in my family. ps OF? There is no OF just thought I would clear that up
  6. I knew we had a big parish and far reaching influence but is The Cardinal in that photo not a Sassenach?
  7. They can be like a soulless machine but part of the establishment where have you been for the last 60+ years. I guess you have to be able to stand back and recognise the inequality and downright skullduggery of the things that were going on. Don't forget if the City of London Police had not raided Ibrox when they did it would have all been kept quiet. The Financial Crisis helped as well of course. Part of the Establishment my Bahookie.
  8. They pass judgement on others on how They are feeling at that moment in time and apply simple.Most know what they are going through at present so logic determines the outcome.
  9. The Sound of my Car as I depart the Granite City to safety with you lot being a bit partial to the rear ended collision and me having woolly seats in the back.
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