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  1. You know what. If and it's a big if they survive all of this they should get a book out "THIS IS HOW WE DONE IT" with all the gulliblillies out there they might make some money.
  2. I wonder how many conspiratorial concerns will arise if it takes longer than you suggest.
  3. Well F*** me you can swim . Tripe is the worse dish you COULD ever eat but you lot have been gobbling it down big style. So please tell what you think of his tenure and why he is off then.
  4. Dave is away because he (and possibly others 😉😉) had a wee conversation re this 80% offer and help on offer . He is persona non grata in being able to get any finance so oot the door he goes in the hope that if he is not there they will be able to get something. But and there always is a BUT will the Gulibillies see him for what he is or drink again from the Loving Cup .
  5. Well they need to do something and this option will have been checked out there are some who would believe that would save Rangers but their financial troubles go far deeper that their support is being told.
  6. He did admit to not being a saint does that make him sleazy? or just good at dishing out the innuendo he certainly a fighter.
  7. Just checked it is up to £2500 PER employee per month I suppose it will depend on what your earning are in tha case.
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