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  1. Reilly should not be anywhere near the starting line up, it shows how poor our squad is that he actually gets a game, he's so far out his depth it's worrying. I predict a 2-0 to Ross County. Another defeat at home for us should surely mean the end for Tommy Craig as manager, the club made a huge mistake by appointing him in the 1st place.
  2. Osbourne is the signing of the season for st.mirren, absolute fucking solid. St.mirren should really be beating teams like Partick so I won't get too excited but it's the least we deserved, Mcleans free kick was ronaldo style.
  3. Seemingly Marwood and another few were in Kushion nightclub in Glasgow lastnight. Anyway back to the game, 2-0 to Killie and the Tommy Craig relegation train is full steam ahead.
  4. Dick Turpin wore a mask, St.mirren absolute battered Dundee for 80 minutes. Good to see Gary Harkins is still a lazy b*****d, Dundee played better when he went off. That MacDonald looks a far better option than Tankulic, he was awful.
  5. Craig has been in charge since the game when we got beat 2 nil midweek? Is that what you are saying Lex? Did they say anything to you about new signings or why Tess wasn't involved today?
  6. Still hoping we bring in a right midfielder and another striker!
  7. You signed Magennis and Hamill, I don't think you are in a position to laught at anyone lol.
  8. Squad looks shockingly thin, if this is the squad we are going with it's going to be a long season.
  9. Bahookie to st.mirren was a stormer, he was the 1 we were waiting for.
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