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  1. Anyone know the possibility of teams such as Benburb, Ashfield, Rossvale and Renfrew making the jump? All these teams have everything in place for a licence already now with the new facilities.
  2. ollyj


    After the cream of West juniors, and possibly junior football, Auchinleck being humbled again by a team from the LL. Is there any change to thoughts of teams making the leap to this league? The talk before was no as the standard is poorer but is this really the case now? From memory I'm sure teams in the west who expressed interest where Arthurlie, Rob Roy, Clydebank, Rossvale and St.Rochs. What about clubs with new facilities like Benburb, Renfrew, Ashfield and possibly Gartcairn. I'm also sure I read Rutherglen had now gathered local amateur and youth teams to come under their banner, possibly paving a pathway towards this too. Does anyone know the position of these clubs now? I'm not really up to speed with the East and North regions so forgive me for lack of questions on these but feel free to add.
  3. Must be more to it than not been selected, goalscorer and struggling to take chances? Although I did tell u he was finished a couple of seasons ago when u signed him. How have the team been doing in general? Struggling or just unlucky
  4. Centre mid and left back playing on the wing? What happened to the wingers. Is zok injured again? I expect McLaughlin to start firing soon he's a class player.
  5. Surely the club can attract some from lower league teams? Who has been the wide men? And who has been playing up top? Or is the squad still huge and can't bring players in till players go, as the club always has a very big squad of players.
  6. So the strikers brought in are not as good as the ones that left? Or is there another reason. Never had a problem scoring last season. Why is it u think they are struggling? McLaughlin is a proven class player. Zok has scored goals everywhere. Tait and Cullen both proven at lower league as scoring goals. Has it been a case of unlucky, or too much chopping and changing? I like glencairn as a club always been exciting the last few years but seem to be struggling big time.
  7. Budgie looks like building a young strong up and coming team again. Well done bankies for sticking by him after last season.
  8. ollyj


    Why was my post removed? Anyone know how to get movies to play on your iPad without going through iTunes
  9. Anyone know how you can play movies from laptop on your iPad without a connection plugged into both?
  10. Who is your teams best signing so far in the fans opinions
  11. Are there any teams started back already? I know the cup final is tonight but just wondered. What is all the teams pre season start back date?
  12. No offence intended here but the boy ain't Talbot class. He has struggled everywhere he has went. ADL is his level at the moment
  13. What have you heard glensmad? You normally have the gossip You too RRG?
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