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  1. He made three world class saves at dundonald to keep u in the match first game of the season. Only game I have seen
  2. He is an arrogant little so & so. Remember his interview after the 5-5 draw with Kennoway last year, he was dismissive of anything ksh did any never gave them any credit whatsoever
  3. Why sign him then ? Had him at Clyde so knows what he can give, but seems like a wee boy when he doesn’t like his toy anymore he just get rid of it ! Not just him btw there have been others and there will more
  4. Standard short term stay at Kelty. Ferguson brings them in then ships them out. It’s a f****n revolving door up there !
  5. Seem sure that it’s talbot going there to play Camelon [emoji848]
  6. I agree with your post apart from the contradictory part. Saying “previous bang average players” and then stating at the end of your post that they were top when he took over. Just because some players have played senior doesn’t always make them better than players who have hunger and want to play for each other, which I believe kelty most definitely had before Ferguson was appointed
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