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  1. Back in 98/99 - the first season of weekly live games - there was a half hearted attempt at being impartial. Not all Old Firm games were live, for example (the November game was a Saturday 3pm kickoff). And I'm sure one of the first games was a horror Dundee-St Johnstone 0-0 draw. I'm pretty sure the BBC were the first to do the Old Firm away game trick, when they got the rights in 2002.
  2. If they ever played each other in Europe, their shorts would clash so someone would have to change. Which would be stupid.
  3. Well, what if we schedule games for international weekend but keep the current rule allowing teams to postpone matches?? Celtic and Rangers have won the league for 35 straight years. They are unbeatable under the current set up, sad as it is.
  4. 1992 European Championships. Whilst we're in the subject of Scotland being shit, here's the rare case where they were actually pretty damn good. Firstly, to qualify was one of our best achievements - only 8 teams made the finals back then and, despite the apathy after our Italia 90 failure, we were one of them. Obviously, we got drawn in the group of death. Germany (world champions), Holland (European champions) and the CIS who, whilst still the Soviet Union, had lost the previous Euro final to Holland. So we had no chance, only to produce three excellent performances (which is pretty damn unusual for a Scotland side). We were unlucky in losing 1-0 to Holland in our first game to a late Berkamp goal. Then we proceeded to play even better against Germany. We could've taken the lead about three times before the Germans scored a scrappy opener. In particular, one pass from Paul McStay deserves to be remembered as one of the most fantastic bits of genius ever produced by Scotland - he left 5 Germans standing still whilst he put Gary McAllister through on goal. Sadly, the bald twat sclaffed it straight at the keeper, and everyone forgot about it. A freak deflected cross gave them a 2-0 win. We were robbed. The CIS only needed to beat us in the last game to qualify but Scotland thumped them 3-0 (Brian McClair even scored) to finish third in the group. The CIS promptly crumbled as an international force and were last seen sponsoring the Scottish league cup about 15 years ago.
  5. Well there'd be other options - you could postpone those matches. Or just go with it. It'd be a rare equaliser in Scottish footballs horrendous imbalance and might be fun once in a while.
  6. What about scheduling top league fixtures during International weeks?? It doesn't impact most teams and would avoid the stop-start nature to the season. Not having games at New Year is obviously dumb, considering how popular the fixtures tend to be. So obviously Scotland would do it.
  7. To be a free kick the handball has to be deliberate. There's nothing in the rules about it being an automatic yellow card.
  8. They won't show 4 Edinburgh derbies. Both teams will have used their 4 home games quota against Celtic and Rangers. 19 Celtic away games 19 Rangers away games 4 random Celtic/Rangers home games (League opener, title clincher, trophy presentation) 6 random games, a couple of them being relegation deciders late in the season but - if they're sticking to 4 games per ground - only the bottom six will be able to host any other live matches.
  9. Probably the most important thing Scottish football needs is a salary cap. I love this quote from the A-League website: The Salary Cap facilitates competitive balance and parity between Clubs by ensuring that the playing talent is distributed amongst the Hyundai A-League Clubs. In doing so, this increases the attraction of the competition to fans, sponsors and broadcast partners. The Salary Cap also safeguards the economic viability of the Hyundai A-League by ensuring that Clubs are not put in a position where they are forced to spend beyond their financial capabilities in order to stay competitive on the field. https://www.a-league.com.au/salary-cap-system I mean, it's like they were pointing at Scotland as they wrote it. The A-League, despite soccer being about the fifth biggest sport in Australia (average crowds of 13,000) and despite only having 27 games a season, still has a better TV deal than us. Give Scottish football a salary cap and an 18 game season (with playoffs) and it wouldn't be long till other countries are copying us.
  10. It is to Scottish footballs credit that they've created the most predictable sports league imaginable. That takes skill. And they've not noticed that 35 years of the title being won by the same city dilutes interest. How's about 16 teams... Play each other once. And you play the teams closest to you in the league an extra time. So top 4 get two games against each other, and so on. Poorer teams get slightly easier fixtures. And we can share revenue a bit too. It doesn't even need to be a hard salary cap. But it'd be nice to maybe only be the second or third least competitive league in the Universe.
  11. Or he could watch rugby. Or American football. Basketball. Baseball. Australian rules football. They all have salary caps and yet manage to be hugely popular. Or he could watch football, seeing as salary caps are already in use in some leagues. Scottish football is the most unequal sporting league in the world. Maybe we should try and learn from sports which actually are able to sell their TV rights for more than a few buttons.
  12. So... Hibs dramatically won the title courtesy of a dramatic injury time equaliser in a 5-5 draw. Rangers went from champions to fourth because of that goal. The top five teams finished within 2 points of each other. Na.... that'd never work. 18 teams. Play each other twice. Yawn.
  13. I tend to think that our development of players goes wrong at an earlier age: when they're 12-16. I've seen more than a few kids at this age who were great at football but utter assholes in school. When they hit 17-20 and sign full time at a club, the club then gets exposed to the full brunt of their assholery and it's too late to change their attitude. Granted, the whole culture of football in Scotland makes it pretty difficult for kids anyway. I mean, look at that young guy Aitchinson who scored for Celtic at 16. As he scores, he's got a huge advert for MAGNERS on his chest and he's playing in the LADBROKES Premiership. If we're going to promote alcohol and gambling, it's only to be expected that we'll lose plenty of potentially good players to them.
  14. It won't change. It's just nice to imagine it sometimes. Let's face it, none of us are going to live to see the title won outside of Glasgow again. I heard the Sportsound crew celebrating earlier on that we don't talk about reconstruction any more - things are great now apparently. And - by God - do Willie Miller and company hate talking about reconstruction. Which is a damn shame, because this thread and these discussions are interesting and worthy of debate. The same people who belittle American style gimmicks are those who boast about having to get a calculator out when goal difference decides something. They're idiots. They haven't yet realised that Scottish football is no longer the biggest sport in Scotland. If we want it to ever return to that status we will need to change and to innovate and maybe even learn from other sports and other parts of the world.
  15. I love the idea of shorter seasons Ed, it makes so much sense. Other teams with a chance to win the league.... it's incredible that such a thought is considered radical. Two 16 game seasons, then playoffs for the title. Money distributed evenly. A salary cap (a soft one, it doesn't need to be as strict as the NFL). More teams with a chance to win the title. Jeez, we might even get a decent TV deal if such a thing happened.
  16. Jeez that Mexican system is good. Imagine a league in which more than 2 teams think they might win it... (Who'd have guessed that such a concept could increase crowds). In my head - to end the utter tedium of the current catastrophic setup of Scottish football - I've split the leagues into East and West. It's actually a decent wee competition at the moment. East Aberdeen 52 pts Hibs 51 pts Hearts 39 pts St Johnstone 30 pts Dundee 28 pts Ross C 21 pts West Celtic 64 pts Rangers 58 pts Kilmarnock 40 pts Motherwell 35 pts Hamilton 26 pts Partick Th 24 pts After 33 games, the last 5 matches are within your own division. At the end of the season the two league winners play off for the title at Hampden. The 2nd and 3rd place teams in both leagues all play off for the remaining European place. And the bottom sides in each division have a relegation match against the winners of the East/West lower divisions. I'd actually rather that the top 6 just play off for the title, but I don't want to be too radical. I mean, I'd also share revenue and introduce salary caps but these are obviously unfair as the Old Firm deserve more money for having more gloryhunters, sorry, fans. More fans. Anyway it'll be an exciting end of the season when the playoffs do arrive, I'm excited for it.
  17. In completely unrelated news, I wonder why our younger players always fail to reach their potential.
  18. They're not going to start docking points for sectarian singing. It'd stop it (or at least quieten it) but it wouldn't wash for a couple of reasons: If Celtic or Rangers were going to be docked points, pretty soon they'd stop accepting tickets to away games. None of the other teams are going to risk losing that money so they're not going to act. Celtic and Rangers are okay with it. The more sectarian and obnoxious the singing, the more the rivalry escalates and the more tickets they sell. I'm still trying to figure out how they managed to get the rest of the league to agree to the current TV deal. I mean, I get how they could've arranged it when they were both in the premier league but - once Rangers got liquated - why didn't the other clubs push to have the TV deal amended?? Here we are - three weeks into the season - and we've yet to see a live match that wasn't Celtic or Rangers winning. You can't sell a sport that's so predictable.
  19. Hahaha, I love the idea of switching it to a Sunday now just to hear the squeals. It'd be hillarious. It just pisses me off that we can't even have a settled weekly schedule. Some weeks we have a Friday night game. Sometimes it's Saturday lunchtime. Sometimes there's games on a Sunday. And lunchtime kick-offs can be 12:00, 12:15, 12:30 or 12:45 depending on what way the wind is blowing. Also we occasionally throw a Championship match at 5:15 on a Saturday night, but only sometimes. BTW, with regard to restructuring the league like American Sports: WEST - Celtic, Rangers, Partick Th, St Mirren, Morton EAST - Hearts, Hibs, Dunfermline, Falkirk, Raith R SOUTH - Motherwell, Hamilton, Kilmarnock, Ayr NORTH - Aberdeen, St Johnstone, Dundee, Dundee Utd, Inverness CT, Ross C It'd be fantastic...
  20. I'm pretty sure it's true. I looked into attendances a few years back and local derbies were pretty much the only thing that bumped figures up. Having a quick look at Dundee Utd (2015/16 season): 11/8/15 Dundee Utd 2 Dundee 2 - 11,835 22/8/15 Dundee Utd 1 Celtic 2 - 10,605 Or howsabout Kilmarnock? 5/1/15 Kilmarnock 0 Celtic 2 - 5,329 26/8/14 Kilmarnock 1 Ayr 0 - 8,877 I'm sure Dundee would be similar - visually I don't see any jump when teams host the Old Firm anymore. There's not the gain in crowds that you got 20 years ago. Scottish footballs big strength is in it's local derbies: it'd be sensible to market it as such.
  21. It definitely should be on a mainstream channel Ed. Really - the only coverage we get of the lower leagues is in Gaellic??? On another note - so Rangers and Celtic only get 4 home games a season broadcast (meaning a lot of potentially good matches go unseen). See next weekend for example: Rangers v Hearts is a far more interesting match than watching Celtic score 5 at Rugby Park but we always have to show the away team. BUT how did this get agreed?? I mean, they couldn't have done this themselves - at least some of the other clubs would have to agree to it. So how did the rest of the Scottish football become so beholden to the Old Firm? And why?? What do they gain out of it? A few more peanuts?? 20 years ago that Kilmarnock v Celtic match would have had 13,000 Kilmarnock fans at it. Now they'll probably get 3 or 4 thousand (if that) because of what Celtic and Rangers have done to the league. So why do the other clubs continuously give them the freedom to doctor things as they please?? Do they think things are suddenly going to improve? I don't get it.
  22. As a thought (and here me out on this): What if Premier Division games got played on a Sunday, rather than a Saturday. So on a Saturday at 3pm you'd have the lower league stuff. At 5:30pm there's a live free-to-air game from the Premiership. (If Celtic are playing in the Champions League on a Tuesday, it's automatically them to avoid too much disruption) On a Sunday 4 games kick off at 3pm with BT Sports or Sky or whoever able to show any of them live. At 5:30pm the final match is shown live on Sky or BT. The idea is that, by showing a free to air game on a Saturday night, you'd get some media coverage of the league prior to the main card of games. There could also be highlights from the Championship after full time. Then, on a Sunday night, you'd be able to show highlights on the BBC of the days action and not worry about denting the exposure of Match of the Day. Games wouldn't need re-arranged for the Europa league so we'd all be pretty sure of what was happening each week. Anyway it was just a thought. The lack of routine to Scottish football is another thing that drives me nuts. Some weeks we've a Friday night game. Sometimes a Saturday lunchtime (and by lunchtime it could be 12:00, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45 or 1pm) and sometimes Sunday lunchtime. Occasionally it's Sunday at 3pm. How can you expect fans to build a matchday routine whilst screwing them over so badly?
  23. I remember back in 1988 Sportscene (on a Saturday night, no less) would show proper highlights of one game (half an hour length, not this five minute nonsense we get now - hell, the commentator was even at the game). You'd also get goals and brief highlights from the other Premier matches (apart from one, which got half hour highlights on Scotsport on Sunday) and from one first division and one second division game.
  24. It was also a glaring example of the huge problem with Scottish football. We had some great games with absolutely zero media coverage. Even ignoring the fact that Rangers-Hibs wasn't on live (their previous encounter being match of the decade and ending in a pitch invasion, you'd have thought tv companies would be able to get over their thing about not showing live games at Ibrox) there were no highlights shown until 30 hours after the game. It's 2017. That's ridiculous. If you wanted to see the goals on Saturday you had to watch a crap quality YouTube video with that Rangers tv commentary. And even when we do get highlights the next day, it's 5 minutes with canned commentary. Again, it's 2017. How is it possible to be so bad at selling your product with all the media options available? Hell, we couldn't even listen to the game on the radio because no one at the SPFL has the balls to tell Rangers they have to allow all media access to their ground. That's not to mention all the other games that appeared excellent but we'll never get to see. It's genuinely incredible that we are so unwilling to let people in Scotland actually see any Scottish football.
  25. I'm all for the unknobification of society but - in this case - football clubs need to be smarter. When the kids are 13-14 they need to speak to their schools regularly and see what their general attitude is like. The thing is - if they're an utter knob in school at that point - once you give them a contract and have to deal with them full time, they're going to be an utter knob with you (in fact, they'll be worse, because they'll have money).
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