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  1. Kirkintilloch Rob Roy v Renfrew circa 1998. Renfrew player punches a Rob Roy player just in front of me. Made a beautiful splat sound, complete with a spray of blood. Both players got sent off, which seemed a bit harsh on the Rob Roy dude but refereeing in the juniors always was wild. Peter Grant in 1991 has already been mentioned but, having been VERY lucky to only be booked he decides to charge the free kick and ensure his red card. He was about a yard away from the ball when it got hit. Also, Tony Cascarino. After a thoroughly awful first few months at Celtic, he came on as a sub against Hearts and did the unthinkable. Having been presented with an open goal, he managed to sclaff the ball into the net. A goal. He actually scored a goal. Pandemonium. A hero was born. A couple of minutes later he took a random swing at Craig Levein and hooked him in the face. Hearts got a penalty, Cascarino got sent off. He was on the pitch 6 minutes in total.
  2. Actually, having looked into it a bit, and you're right. Celtic selling Aitken was one of the biggest mistakes they made around that time. His last game for Celtic was against St Mirren on January 6th, 1990. Over the rest of the season, Celtic won one league game. One. For the first year after Aitken left, Celtic won 7 league matches in total. They collapsed. In the 89/90 season, only Dundee (who were relegated) won less matches than Celtic. Amazing stuff.
  3. For one week every season, there should be a round of games where teams wear their old 1960sish strips. No sponsors, no badges. Long sleeved, plain shirts. Numbers 1-11, no names on the back or anything. Black boots. For one throwback week (give it a snazzy marketing name). I reckon it'd be hugely popular (with me, at least, and I don't really care about anyone else).
  4. You know, I'd always thought Italia 90 was a watershed moment in Scottish football. Enthusiasm for the team had been high - we'd had 50,000 at the qualifier v Cyprus and, to 9 year old me, it seemed like Scotland games were always packed. After the failure in Italy, we managed a mighty 12,000 for our next home game against Romania. No-one seemed to care anymore. Despite an excellent qualifying campaign for Euro 92, crowds remained garbage. Even in our final group match against San Marino, we only got 35,000. Basically, our home crowds halved in size between the two tournaments. And yeah, I'd always thought it was because of our performances in Italy. The defeat against Costa Rica. Jim Leighton and his hands of butter. Mo Johnson sending the last kick of the Brazil game into orbit, when an ounce of composure would have saw Scotland qualify. But I was wrong. It was because of this song.
  5. Also, provided Holland beat Ireland then Scotland would go through. Ireland's equaliser in that game would make you weep
  6. I was there too. Gough, McLeish, McPherson and Aitken all starting seems crazy to me. Particularly Aitken, as he'd left Celtic by this point and I don't really understand why he was still a regular in the Scotland midfield. Having said that, Mo Johnston missed a sitter in this game. And, he continued his SMASH THE BALL STRAIGHT AT THE KEEPER technique in the last minute against Brazil, which was equally costly. And there were about 3 results in other games which went against us too. We really should have got out the group stages that year.
  7. Back in 98/99 - the first season of weekly live games - there was a half hearted attempt at being impartial. Not all Old Firm games were live, for example (the November game was a Saturday 3pm kickoff). And I'm sure one of the first games was a horror Dundee-St Johnstone 0-0 draw. I'm pretty sure the BBC were the first to do the Old Firm away game trick, when they got the rights in 2002.
  8. If they ever played each other in Europe, their shorts would clash so someone would have to change. Which would be stupid.
  9. Well, what if we schedule games for international weekend but keep the current rule allowing teams to postpone matches?? Celtic and Rangers have won the league for 35 straight years. They are unbeatable under the current set up, sad as it is.
  10. 1992 European Championships. Whilst we're in the subject of Scotland being shit, here's the rare case where they were actually pretty damn good. Firstly, to qualify was one of our best achievements - only 8 teams made the finals back then and, despite the apathy after our Italia 90 failure, we were one of them. Obviously, we got drawn in the group of death. Germany (world champions), Holland (European champions) and the CIS who, whilst still the Soviet Union, had lost the previous Euro final to Holland. So we had no chance, only to produce three excellent performances (which is pretty damn unusual for a Scotland side). We were unlucky in losing 1-0 to Holland in our first game to a late Berkamp goal. Then we proceeded to play even better against Germany. We could've taken the lead about three times before the Germans scored a scrappy opener. In particular, one pass from Paul McStay deserves to be remembered as one of the most fantastic bits of genius ever produced by Scotland - he left 5 Germans standing still whilst he put Gary McAllister through on goal. Sadly, the bald twat sclaffed it straight at the keeper, and everyone forgot about it. A freak deflected cross gave them a 2-0 win. We were robbed. The CIS only needed to beat us in the last game to qualify but Scotland thumped them 3-0 (Brian McClair even scored) to finish third in the group. The CIS promptly crumbled as an international force and were last seen sponsoring the Scottish league cup about 15 years ago.
  11. Well there'd be other options - you could postpone those matches. Or just go with it. It'd be a rare equaliser in Scottish footballs horrendous imbalance and might be fun once in a while.
  12. What about scheduling top league fixtures during International weeks?? It doesn't impact most teams and would avoid the stop-start nature to the season. Not having games at New Year is obviously dumb, considering how popular the fixtures tend to be. So obviously Scotland would do it.
  13. To be a free kick the handball has to be deliberate. There's nothing in the rules about it being an automatic yellow card.
  14. They won't show 4 Edinburgh derbies. Both teams will have used their 4 home games quota against Celtic and Rangers. 19 Celtic away games 19 Rangers away games 4 random Celtic/Rangers home games (League opener, title clincher, trophy presentation) 6 random games, a couple of them being relegation deciders late in the season but - if they're sticking to 4 games per ground - only the bottom six will be able to host any other live matches.
  15. Yeah I was meaning time added on is always a round number which is amazingly inaccurate, which only aids time wasting. And also that there are plenty of occasions the added time is wrong, it's as if it's just a guess. Every other sport is very careful about this whereas football has yet to discover a stopwatch.
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