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  1. Stevie Wilson - New Manager at Ardrossan Winton Rovers

    Great appointment all the best to the club and manager
  2. Pat Breen Senior RIP

    Absolute legend. Very sad day. Condolences to young pat and family. RIP senior Pat Breen
  3. Onthank afc

    Again that’s your opinion. When I was at onthank we never struggled to field a team in a sat. As I have said before you don’t always like who you play with but you get on with it. It’s a mans game at the end of the day not playing under 12s anymore. As for wanting more of a say. It was clear from the start what my input was going to be and that didn’t change nor did i ask for more of an input. End of the day it didn’t work out that’s football that’s life. People move on.
  4. Onthank afc

    I never said he was the only one who left. I said to my knowledge he was only one who left and went to another club. We had 20/22 signed players at a stage and was only getting 6/7 at training on a good night. So why they weren’t coming you will need to ask them. Am done talking about this. Explained myself on another thread to what happened. But yet another thread starts. All the best to everyone rest of season. Cheers
  5. Onthank afc

    As I have said previously this is a football forum and people have opinions on matters (whether there right or wrong) and are entitled to them. But couple of things... Dylan leaving the club has absolutely nothing to do with me. He has an opportunity to step up a level and improve himself something that I think Any boy giving the chance would take. As for the heart and soul boys you are talking to. The only player who left onthank and signed for another club to my knowledge was Graeme Boax. He wanted more game time which is totally understandable. Not all the boys would have liked the way I went about things probably because it was different and new to what they had been used to over the years. I can take the digs and bad press that I am getting on here. But I put a lot of work into TRYING to make things work at onthank and no one was more gutted than me that it didn’t. I wish john, who is one of the best guys a have met in the game all the best and onthank as a club for the future.
  6. Scheme team

    Haven’t signed with anyone
  7. Scheme team

    You would need to ask the boys if they didn’t like playing with me or the training was too hard. I haven’t liked everyone I have played with in the past but you just get on with it. As for training being to hard a don’t think it was again tho would need to ask the boys.
  8. Scheme team

    To be honest I don’t think I need to explain my decision but needs must. I know in Ayrshire A LOT of people have an opinion of me which is fair enough I have thick enough skin to take the criticism. Onthank are my local club. I went in to help John who is a top top block and the work he has put in behind the scenes is unbelievable. I came in on a football side of things ( take training, warm ups, prepare team best I could for sat along with John). It got to a stage where I was spending an hour before training preparing a session and then turning up and there was 5/6 players there. And it was pretty much the same 5/6 every week. I tried my hardest to step things up and make the training as professional and as intense as I could within the area we had to work in. There are some boys in the squad who can offer a lot more to the game and I wish them all the best. To say I am jumping a sinking ship is a bit premature because there is still 14/15 league games to be played. I loved the coaching side of it and I would like to think if you spoke to any of the boys I have coached they would say they enjoyed it or I would like to think they did. Football is football and people move on. Onthank will move on and I hope they get stronger. And to put some things to bed I haven’t signed with anyone yet. This is again an opinionated football forum and no doubt I will be shot down in flames. I wish all the best to everyone involved in the game because I know now being involved how hard it is.
  9. Onthank v crosshill

    No mate games off
  10. Onthank v crosshill

    He got one thing right.... arse like a bus brilliant.
  11. Onthank v crosshill

    Your correct but 16 games to go and a lot can happen in those games. Hopefully we can pick up a win and push on. But winning is a mentality the exact same as losing is so we need to get one quickly. I have every faith in the players. We will stick together and hopefully have a strong season from here on in.
  12. Onthank v crosshill

    A will definitely stick with it and looking forward to Monday to get in and get going again. Football is a funny old game so see what the rest of the season brings.
  13. Onthank v crosshill

    Thanks appreciate it
  14. Onthank v crosshill

    We play crosshill at dean park today 2.00 kick off. Tough game hopefully we can get back to winning ways after a poor couple of weeks
  15. Games today

    Sorry yeah was switched to ardeer mate