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  1. Felt a bit for Hawkins. A lot of the time he never had the white 'on a string'. Did he just run out of steam? I said earlier in the tournament that Robertson was unexpectedly missing more than usual. Unfortunately, Hawkins was unable to take advantage. After the semi's, the final was a wee bit dull I felt. Still a great tournament though. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. Hawkins needs to start winning in one visit because you know at some point, Robertson will and he'll be left behind.
  3. Moot point here as no fucker pays it. Apparently
  4. Here we go then. Looking forward to this.
  5. I thought Selby looked terrible during that match with Hawkins. I do hope he recovers.
  6. Delighted for Hawkins Really hope he does it tomorrow.
  7. Yeah, I think Trump will only get stronger. Hawkins looks like he's got more misses in him.
  8. Shows what I know Trump no firing on all cylinders tonight.
  9. Hawkins not capitalising on the chances he's getting. Trump will end up breezing through this.
  10. And yes, Williams crumbled
  11. Epic final frame. You have to say Robertson has deserved it.
  12. Robertson favourite now I'd say.
  13. A tactical £1 was placed on Robertson
  14. Well wasn't expecting this. Liking it though.
  15. Semi Final day Hopefully it'll be Hawkins and Williams that succeed today but I fear it'll be Trump and Robertson. Think it's Trump's to lose unfortunately.
  16. Bingham clinging on here. Just. Fair play to Wilson calling the foul on himself. Could have been 5-1, instead it's 4-3.
  17. There are people that wear expensive stuff because for them, it's not expensive. They buy it like we buy from Primark, TK Maxx, Tesco or whatever. The people we know that wear expensive designer stuff thinks it makes them look like them. It doesn't.
  18. Not having that. I'm no fan of Fred but that's a great ball in. Just asking to be attacked. Villa hard done by there.
  19. I think that's the only decent thing I've ever seen Fred do Great cross.
  20. Anyone else thinking that Robertson's game seems less fluent with more unforced errors these days??
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