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  1. Very complicated actually talking to people these days it would seem
  2. Saw it on Saturday. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Did exactly what it said on the tin Loving the absolute (supposed) pinnacle of aviation technology relying on a 10 quid casio display from Aldi to tell you what the mach no is
  3. Americanized surely I prefer americanified myself
  4. Getting a decent fish supper down here is difficult it has to be said.
  5. Generally, ITV is fuckin poisonous, lowest common denominator tv.
  6. I did not know that. I'm very pleased to announce
  7. Because she's from the internet so is instantly an expert in whatever she decides.
  8. Where's Ian Wright and that kunt Chiles when you really need them?
  9. Poor wee lambs are tired........ Awwwwwww.
  10. My fear is he'll hang around until the last hour of the window. Then bugger off leaving us scrambling around for some 3rd rate (if we're lucky) jobber to replace him.
  11. Not sure what I can tell you. At least not sure how relevant my experiences are. Yes I have had plenty training over the years. With various weapons. But I am not a soldier. Far from it. My job is to maintain and prepare aircraft for training in peacetime and operational missions during conflict. Usually this involves operating from a base as far as practicably possible from any enemy, protecting the assets and reducing the risk of ground attack. This base will be protected inwardly by RAF Security Force/Regiment and outwardly by an Army Unit/Local forces. If I have to pick up and use my weapon then something massively has gone wrong. My training, mostly from RAF Regiment instructors consisted of familiarisation with the weapon, learning how it works, how to operate it, strip it, clean it, rebuild it and prepare for use according to the operational environment. Then there is all the drills to learn. The Load. Ready. Fire order. Reload. STOP!!! Unload. Stoppage drills. We're then tested on these before actually getting to the range to use it. Then use it properly. Aiming center body mass, breathing, release and squeeze the trigger. Once you're proficient with the handling and firing of the weapon, there's the Rules of Engagement to learn. These vary massively from theatre to theatre depending on the perceived threat, local laws and UK law. Stay within these boundaries whilst returning fire and legally you are covered. Apparently. I've never experienced any training along the lines of "him bad = kill, him good = don't kill". The human element isn't even really considered. It's all been about the RoE and we go through many, many scenarios where you react; or not then debrief afterwards. Again and again. Sometimes for days. Yes not all scenarios can ever be covered but the aim is to prepare you and give you the confidence to act appropriately given what's happening in front of you. You're left to make decisions based on what you see happening then engaging. Or not. The key to it is the interpreted threat to life. If there's a threat to life, it has to be stopped. Using minimum force. If the minimum force required is your weapon? So be it. Usually a challenge has to be issued before firing. "AIR FORCE!! STOP OR I FIRE!" unless to do so increases the threat to life then you could open fire without issuing a challenge. Only fire single aimed shots. Only fire center body mass. It can be pretty intense. Some people are better at it than others. All RAF personnel irrespective of role are trained to a basic level. Then when they deploy they will go through more intense training courses reflecting the requirements of that deployment. I've only ever returned fire once. I was part of a convoy that came under attack in the first Gulf War. After decamping and taking cover, a few of us returned fire. It was over as quick as it started. The Army lad with the GPMG on the top cover Land Rover saw to that. We continued on our way. I'd emptied two magazines (40 rounds). Did I consider the human element? Not for a second. Did I want to keep their heads down to stop them shooting at us. Yes I did. Did I hit anyone? Not a fucking clue. They were 500+ meters away. The 7.62mm SLR I had would/could be effective at that range. The GPMG would definitely have been effective.
  12. Just a wave of relief here. Of course it's all for nothing if we don't get it right this summer and given recent form, I'm no confident.
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