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  1. Crutchlow passed fit too. All very well but we'll see how MM get on trying to wrestle a bike around.
  2. Medical for MM at 1.30 today apparently.
  3. Indeed. Even in the club race paddock the lengths some people go to to get on the grid amaze me. At the time I was more worried about his dodgy shoulder. Nevertheless, considering the physicality required to ride these things these days, a broken arm could see him out for a good while. It is a shame but also, it'll maybe give us a straight championship fight perhaps.
  4. Yes, I've got it on again. I want Thor to win. Purely because of his name
  5. The MotoGP season got underway at the weekend. Moto 3 was excellent. Gutted for poor John McPhee. Nerfed off at the last corner dicing for the win. Moto 2 the usual snorefest but a decent placing for Sam Lowes. 4th instead of the gravel is a decent start. Moto GP though??? Wow££ Marquez off into the gravel early on after a massive slide and save then preceding to get back up through the field pushing like hell until the inevitable highside Proper mullered his shoulder and arm. Touch and go whether he makes round two this weekend I imagine. # In other news, I'm off to Donington Park this weekend for the first round of the Thundersport GB500 Seniors Championship. Looking forward to it. It's been far too long.
  6. Watched a little of it this afternoon. Scrappy at best and didn't hold my interest if I'm honest.
  7. Enjoyed Battle of Britain, "Our finest hour" on Ch5.
  8. The whole "gammon" and "snowflake" is honking patter and it makes me cringe any time I see or hear it (including this post). All these recent invented terms (I'm not even gonna type them, you know the ones) are just a load of pish and confine anybody using them to immediate irrelevance as far as I am concerned.
  9. The scenes from the beach at Bournemouth look like my idea of hell Why would you endure that? At any time?
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