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  1. I agree. Very enjoyable throuought but I did feel a little disenchanted with the way it ended. 2nd series anyone??
  2. There is an easy solution to this problem. I'm not sure you're quite ready for it though
  3. Because it is a lot easier than dealing with the shower of twats that seem to frequent ebay, auto trader and gumtree these days. Life is far to short to be dealing with the twats offering half the asking price or a swap with a PS5 and a shoddy Corsa.
  4. The strictly saturation has started Absolute fuckin trash tv
  5. In a slightly similar way, the owner of the filling station opposite RAF Cosford used to jack the price up every Friday as he knew the Station would 'bomb burst' from about 1 in the afternoon. I filled up on the wednesday
  6. If I was running a fuel station right now would I be sticking the price right up to bleed the thick drones dry?? Yes.
  7. Thing is, you get dragged down to lowest common denominator levels pretty quickly. Boils my piss Need fuel? Genuinely? Then off you go to queue with the fuckbangers.
  8. I seem to remember them starting at 7 (seven). Even your example is seven. Could be mistaken, it might have been 6 back in the day. But it shouldn't ever be 4.
  9. You don't have to tell me. Tell the BBC. A strongly worded email should do it.
  10. Not only are the kuntz on the road. They're in halfords buying all the fuel cans
  11. That's pretty recent i.e up until last week it was 4. Which is still wrong.
  12. Already queuing at filling stations. Probably with boots full of bog roll. The absolute fucking kuntz.
  13. 3-0 is a thrashing now It was four, but now it appears only three goals are required for a thrashing. How long before teams are getting 'thrashed' two nil? I clearly need to get out more I think
  14. I also enjoy that. You can feel the hate burning into your back as you fill up whilst they're sat there raging
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