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  1. They're just pretending to be well off. They wish they were well off. Well off people don't care if their car gets scratched or dented. They just go buy another one. Actually they probably don't. They run about in old land rovers and subaru's that they've owned from new. They didn't get rich wasting money on fucking 'posh' cars.
  2. Whilst not a simple as it used to be. It's not difficult. Two ways to do it. Get under the car and drain the oil from the sump plug. Remember to replace the washer and torque up the plug. You do not want to over torque the sump plug and ruin the thread. You also do not want to be pouring oil in the engine with no sump plug fitted. It happens. Next way is to suck the oil out from the dip stick hole. Easier and cleaner if you have the right kit. Plus no messing about with the sump plug. Your handbook/haynes manual will tell you correct interval, specification and quantity of oil needed. Get the car on level surface and run engine a few minutes to warm up the oil and it'll drain easier. Remember to dispose of the oil correctly. Not all recycling centers will take waste oil or at best, will charge a fee.
  3. They've ads on the radio too. I'm guessing there's a current trend of fuckwittery on the motorway.
  4. Oooooffffttt!!!! Fucking stand off why don't you.
  5. O'Sullivan 6-9 down v Hawkins. Wins 10-9 Fair fucks to him. Hawkins played well tonight.
  6. Moto GP back on track 😁 That's this weekend taken care of
  7. Oooooo the old forum staple. A comment = lots of interest 😆 Carry on believing sweetheart. You obviously need to. Back to reality. Old firm (or whatever) in the grand scheme of things = small potatoes. ooooohhhh look at me!!! Giving a f**k!!!
  8. Or in reality, a few Scottish/Irish ex pats here and there. Outside the bigotry bubble, no one gives the slightest of fucks.
  9. 40mph is the national default 'comfort' speed pretty much everywhere these days.
  10. I've had windscreen's replaced twice over the years through the insurance company. If it did make a difference (I suspect it didn't), it was negligible.
  11. All coppers..... Are b*****ds Drive Audi's Or BMW's Voted no Voted tory Voted brexit Think that covers it
  12. There might be a minor incident ahead and instead of stopping traffic completely, they're rolling road blocking to give their colleagues up ahead the time and space to deal with the incident in relative safety. Whilst keeping traffic moving. It's a relatively common tactic. Pretty much the same thing (but much more effective) as when you see the variable speed limits at '40' and you're thinking "why? There's f**k all going on here". Then continue along at 70 anyways
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