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  1. Maybe they should move house if the want to get out in the country more to partake in some outdoor activities. Pretty sure some tadger on here mentioned something similar about people should move to the city centre if they wanted to work there recently but i cant remember who it was.
  2. Nightmare mate, What line of work are you in if you dont mind me asking?
  3. Very nice but what did you do with the other 4 weekends?
  4. Tory Covid?? Thought Sturgeon was calling the shots up here?
  5. The same length from the middle to both ends
  6. Yeah good point but it seems we are the only country that seems to be going with this tactic. Maybe i dont have the vocabular skill capacity that explained fully what i meant in my previous post. I'll have another go. 1.) What if we carry on as normal as possible but in a reduced state ie sporting events, mass gatherings etc. cancelled but still go about our daily lives. The plan being that we build up infections to the point where the NHS is at breaking point then hit the panic button and isolate. 2.)This to me is exactly the place you want to be if you are severely affected by it. By all accounts at this moment in time we have 5000 ventilators in the UK. If you want to be in with a fighting chance of getting the use of one its definitely in the first mad rush and hopefully there will be enough to go round and cover the people who need them as we hit the breaking point before isolation cut off. (See point 1) 3.)The major problem with this in my opinion firstly is being able to put it off for months, is that acheivable without civil disobedience or full scale anarchy or a total collapse of the global economy? And what if after lets say 2 or 3 months there has been no vaccine found and we are still at square 1 and all you have done is delayed the inevitable?
  7. I probably would let the half population get infected but as slowly as possible if thats an option so as not to crack an already fragile NHS. I think we are all almost certain to be infected at some point and the more updates filtering through the more im starting to think it might be best to try and meet this head on and get it over and done with. Unfortunately there are going to be mass casualties either way it seems and drawing it out or trying to hide from this could be pointless and possibly the even more damaging option in the long term. What you dont want is everyone to go into isolation too soon and think the virus is beat then a second wave to kick off just as people come out off isolation. Cue everyone saying "f**k it im not isolating again as it never worked the first time" then the result would be that the NHS then cant cope as its hit with a massive wave of cases resulting in more deaths overall. One of the biggest problems is a lot more people could probably be saved if there were enough hospital staff and medical equipment to go around. All in all this is a huge clusterfuck and every government is making it up as they go along.
  8. Why would you want to catch someone out having a shite? Weirdo behaviour
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