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  1. Im not sure, even the towns and citys where you can get taxis or an uber easily the percentage who drink drive is nuts
  2. All depends on the gearing ratio, probably a bit more scope the bigger the engine size but most cars will do 70 in second as long as you dont mind rebuilding your engine and gearbox every other weekend
  3. Frightening stuff the attitudes of most people and drink driving in the USA. Ive Spent a lot of time all over the states through work and the attitude towards drinking in bars all night then everyone just jumping in their motors and driving home is unbelievable. Totally different culture than back here although trying to get a taxi or Uber in the middle buttfuck, nowhere is usually impossible.
  4. Aye, and the dicks at apple will no doubt make a shitey overpriced adapter you need to plug the USB C cable into before it fits into one of their shitey overpriced products
  5. Lucky c**t, what type of white powder?
  6. Does anybody get the hype about Grealish or believe he is an exceptional player? Maybe just me but I reckon the Greasy haired twat would stuggle to get a game for the Hill of Beath brownies under 13s to be honest
  7. No quite the 12 inches of white stuff your missus would rather have had on her wedding day i bet
  8. What some were billing as the rovers best season in god knows how long and giving it the big un about being kings of fife to signing a rapist and still being unable to beat the worst pars team ive seen since i started watching them 34 years ago in the space of 6 months but still winning the ramsdens ladder world championship trophy or whatever its called these days must feel like a rollercoaster.
  9. Definitely worth watching i thought. Quite entertaining. Thor looking far more like a boxer than Hall though who spent the fight trying to decapitate the mountain with an arsehole winder
  10. Bairnardo is P&B's tiny little bitch IMO
  11. https://twitter.com/ELINTNews/status/1497976521927147522
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