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  1. Bought a ticket for this but can no longer attend. Cost me 25 but will sell it for 20. Can drop it off anywhere in Motherwell or can collect in Ravenscraig. PM if interested
  2. I know this is negative as f**k but Severence Company 5088 not on a great run where we are means it's almost certain to be an away win. Feel free to prove me wrong with facts but history shows (in my memory) we only really get results in big games when it's unexpected.
  3. Heavy boufin but MJC is right. We've signed a team of sand dancing shitebags.
  4. That is one of the most teuchter accents I've ever heard.
  5. Am I right in thinking there's no away fans in the Phil O'Donnell anymore?
  6. From my dealings with them they appear to be a BT Business Broadband reseller
  7. Is that a picture of a screenshot of a screenshot of a group chat from an android phone on an iphone?
  8. Is it sexist to suggest this idea of renaming ‘Motherwell Ladies’ to ‘Motherwell FC’ confusing and stupid?
  9. I feel like a taxi driving millionaire would cut about in something better than this
  10. I saw Carson walking through Ravenscraig yesterday with his wife so he’s definitely not in Ireland
  11. I know it’s the opposite of a reliable source but Carson told my barber he was staying with Motherwell roughly two weeks ago.
  12. Bugs my tits when folk screenshot pictures with the menu in the way. Long press on the pic to save it or copy the link. It's not that hard
  13. Geedub-MFC

    FIFA 17

    I don't think you can do that anymore?
  14. Geedub-MFC

    FIFA Rage Page

    I had the american version of fifa 14 and the mexican spanish commentary was mental when you scored a goal
  15. Behave. You're playing a lot better than i thought you would.
  16. Has there been a purge recently? Noticed 3 or 4 regulars have been banned?
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