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  1. The way they're going it will be their only team to support.
  2. GLORIOUS Liam Kelly was absolutely outstanding, ridiculous saves to keep us in it. Thought Lamie was having great game too until he fucked it.
  3. Clumsy, no more. Should have been yellow. I worry for the St Mirren fans families in that stand under the camera
  4. Is there a list of possible teams we could get for this?
  5. I could but someone would ask see the card defeating the purpose.
  6. Has any of the reply guys ever asked why we can't add our season tickets to Google or Apple Pay? Find it strange we can add cup games but not the season ticket since the qr code never changes.
  7. You should ask Burrrows to put the rain back on.
  8. I sometimes have the live stream running on my phone during the game to catch the replays but at half time I cant load a page because everyone is on checking scores and it overloads the system. I'm on 3 as well. It's purely a bandwidth issue and EE invest in their infrastructure a lot more than 3 do which is why they're a lot more expensive.
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