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  1. Is it possible to buy tickets together? Seems you need to buy a single ticket under each account which would suggest no. Would like to go but if I need to sit socially distanced on my own I'll just do it on my couch
  2. Sad to see "Charlie Taxi" go but I've always wondered where that nickname comes from. Was hoping to eventually work it out but its been years now and still I've no idea. Right and wrong answers welcome
  3. I don't like the idea of away fans sitting in a stand named after a club legend. If it is happening I'd probably be ok with some sort of sponsorship deal at least we'd get some money out of it. Edit: would totally be on board with doing a freebie for a mental health charity. Great idea.
  4. 20 mins to muster a shot in the second half? This is torture, Accies certain to equalise late on.
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