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  1. I would also agree that Grayson looks like the player we’ve been missing in midfield. Strong as f**k and great passing. The only slight criticism I could give was his corners were too deep but that was more a tactical thing. Defence is a concern but hopefully Grayson sitting in front will help and a goalie who can command his box and communicate with those in front will too. It’s a really positive time at Dens. Bowyer has brought something to the club we’ve not had in a long time so fair play to the board for hiring him. I think Spud said last night was the best night at Dens since the doon derby and I’d agree. Good to see the atmosphere return to the stands. Not getting carried away however, we will need a couple more signings and if we do go up I think we’d need almost a new starting XI. But we can cross that bridge if it comes! Mon the Dees!
  2. What a fucking night though. That’s what it’s all about!
  3. Boy always looked dapper as f**k on match days tae
  4. Sad news if true. Always felt a bit star struck seeing him having a smoke outside Dens after the games. Absolute legend.
  5. Apparently we’re in for Robbie Crawford
  6. That Ngwenya fellow spent most of the game chasing after his shin pads that flew out of his socks almost every time he kicked the ball.
  7. Thought we started well today and then made life very difficult for ourselves. Still not convinced by our defence and the brainfuck moments they have, the difference between last week and this one is Partick took advantage of our mistakes and Raith were close to doing the same. It was a very even game in the end. Legzdins needs back asap, it’s just a shame we can’t loan Sharp out as he will be a good keeper with time. I always like a visit to Kirkcaldy and the good atmosphere in the away end! Hopefully Keyes is getting tucked into a few bottles of wine tonight and Bowyer gets him to part with some cash to sign the players we desperately need.
  8. Fair play then! Looked closer from where I was.
  9. There were a few in the Bobby cox who left after the 2nd! agree with Ludo though, more mental people leaving when it’s 3-2 and we’re pressing for an equaliser. It was an entertaining game if nothing else. Hopefully Bowyer learns from it and a couple more signings still to come in.
  10. Surprised no one has mentioned McGinn. He was the most disappointing for me today. At one point he actually stopped playing when the ball was beside him. Mulligan looks like he’ll be a player. Although couple times it looked like he was going himself too much and either getting tackled or leaving himself an impossible shot instead of squaring it across the box. Although I was at the opposite end of the pitch so I’ll admit I could have that one wrong. Still not convinced by French defensively. most frustrating part was that freekick centre of goal and we chip it towards the corner rather than having a shot.
  11. He was directly behind the goal probably Row N or O if I had to guess. Absolute roaster. Don’t know why people like that bother turning up if they’re just going to abuse the players from the first whistle. The shouts at Williamson were totally out of order.
  12. Our fans are definitely the 12th man for the opposition. Some of the shouts from the Bobby Cox were a disgrace, especially some fat p***k abusing Williamson when he was subbed and walking behind the goal. Boy looked broken, staring right into the stand at him. Lots of homophobic shouts from that p***k as well. He left early, hope he doesn’t come back.
  13. Trample is right. The only good thing about his return to football will be crushing him at Dens like that wee bairn in Gladiator.
  14. We are the club that cares and will accommodate the lesser teams as best we can. Thank you for the money, it will be handy for purchasing various things like trophy polish and an open top bus at the end of the season.
  15. Dundee United are the financial basket case in the city now. thank you.
  16. A collectors item, imo. And rare. Not many people managing to get their hands on them I hear.
  17. Arguing over ticket prices. The season has finally begun.
  18. I think the transplanted hair falls out and then regrows. Can take 6 months or something. I’ll also be watching the progress of growth alongside or campaign. thank you.
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