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  1. That club statement about Rudden has to be read in Mr Burns’ voice followed by an evil laugh.
  2. Every team in the top four leagues of Scottish football have won a game this season… apart from Dundee United. Fair play to youse taking the role of the city’s banter club this season, it’s 100 been entertaining. Pure cinch.
  3. Pretty grim losing to Partick, Ayr and ICT. Not giving up hope quite yet but dunno how we’ll fix it without changes to players.
  4. Since I’m missing the game… is there a steam anywhere?
  5. I’d keep anything political out of football. If the club are choking to do something then a minutes applause is probably the only way to stop it being a total car crash. it’s probably fate that I’m going to miss the game today.
  6. If they’re bringing political pish into Dens people have every right to object. The queen is a divisive figure, which our tone deaf board again fail to realise. Same as there military simping with the third kit. This isnt America “thank you for your service” cuntos.
  7. We must be about the same age! I still can’t find that on Facebook
  8. My mate sent me a pic of the retro 96 Firkin Brewery away top but he can’t find the ad for it now. What I’m asking is, where the can I buy it?
  9. Why would we play god save the king? Is this a thing they’re making football clubs do now? This North Korea style forced mourning pish has done my heed in. I was ready to slit my wrists on Saturday after the 5th time of hearing Sting’s Fields of Gold across various radio stations - including Kerrang ffs. thank you
  10. Just saw Roy Keane in St Andrews. Interviewing for the United job, imo.
  11. First they steal our money, now they steal our Friday night plans
  12. I’m sure the royal family will take great comfort that second tier Scottish football clubs won’t be playing a game of football. Ffs. The U.K. is full of lunatics.
  13. Piss take if so. What percentage of football fans in Scotland give a f**k about the monarchy? Apart from Rangers.
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