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  1. “You merely adopted the relegation zone. I was born in it, moulded by it.”
  2. Here’s to our fine fife friends. Let’s put on a spectacle for the fans of Scottish football to marvel at.
  3. Long looks like he plays cricket.
  4. I don’t see what the army has to do with football or Dundee. If they want to do something for a worthy cause, then pick a local charity. These strips are a minter. Surprised it doesn’t have “born to serve” stitched onto the back of the shirt instead.
  5. Wish we would get this army pish away to f**k.
  6. I’m starting to get nervous now. Hate this feeling.
  7. They’ve asked about Hazard, so let’s discuss. I’ve seen him save a good 1 v 1 in the Ayr match. Against Alloa he had little to do, although he could have came out and claimed the ball at their offside goal. His kicking against Morton was terrible and he might have done better for their goal. Apart from that, f**k knows. I’m interested to see how our midfield fairs now that we have Dorrans in there.
  8. Only if it involves Dundee FC employees standing up to the police or united fans. Thank you.
  9. 100%. However, if his only crime was punching a united fan in the pus then I hope he’s given a contract extension. I don’t care if we have to sack him early and pay him up, he’s earned that money already.
  10. I think the third kit should show support for the LGBT community. f**k the army. Thank you.
  11. Have United trotted out their usual shite about 4 key players being injured this week yet?
  12. On the website there looks like some seats right at the front of the Bobby Cox behind the goal and a few in the main stand.
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