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  1. Correct add a club licence and Scottish cup entry and you have a sustainable model for the club, add in the youth system and you actually have a club with a direction, purpose and an objective. Or we could drift along with death by a thousand cuts.
  2. If this is true then might be an option. My opinion only not that of the club What’s the clubs ‘view’ on it?
  3. We haven't no mate. It’s not midnight yet
  4. To see what's left with the EoS applications and then WAITING again to see what the SJFA has set up for us. Gaining promotion then not knowing what's happening for the following season is hard to swallow Ah ok, I’d be surprised if anyone who applied did not get in. IMO they will be as inclusive as possible. Take it your club not applying to eos?
  5. Most are West based yes. All if's buts and maybe's till after next week's meeting. It's just frustrating we need to wait on EoS AGM to find out what's happening in the juniors it's a ridiculous situation Don’t follow. Why do you have to wait?
  6. Even a broken clock is right twice a day
  7. Serve certain clubs right if they don’t. Am sure the 150k toilets will flush well though
  8. Sounds like the next installment of sjfa keep my job play book. Have you boys learned nothing.
  9. Everyone is assuming that the league still has space, have they stopped to consider they might need to wait a year and join at tier 7, I can’t see much sympathy for them either tbh
  10. Newtongrange Star FC Following consultation with our Members, Supporters and the Management team, we the committee of Newtongrange Star have come to the conclusion that the future of the Football Club lies within the Scottish Football Association pyramid system and will therefore be applying for membership of the East of Scotland FA for the coming season 2018/2019. This has been a very difficult decision to make due to our long history within the Scottish Junior Football Association and the ERSJFA. However, we feel the lack of clarity, the lack of information and the lack of urgency when it became apparent that a lot of clubs were considering leaving the Junior Association means that we must end our time in the Juniors. It was our intention to continue in the Juniors as they progress towards the pyramid but recent events and meetings that we have attended resulted in our belief that the SJFA will be unable to deliver the ERSJFA Superleague the tier 6 level in the pyramid as was first proposed. Bringing the suggestion of a East/West combined league to the table at this stage is further evidence that should this happen then this would be at tier 6 not the East Superleague. We wish the SJFA and ERSJFA all the best for the future. As for our own future we intend to work towards the SFA Club Licence and have set up a working group to examine what we require to do to gain the Licence. We also intend to work together with Newtongrange Star Youth Development Academy and enter a under 20's team into the East of Scotland under 20's league. The club must move forward and modernise to ensure the future of the club for the next generations of Star Supporters and Players. We look forward to the new challenges and forging new friendships in the East Of Scotland FA. Joe Wilson President Newtongrange Star FC people starting to see through the lies now
  11. We are a junior club and I'm a junior man always have been. Our catchment area is a weird one for me as we are probably closer to West teams That ship will sail next year
  12. Hearing Arniston and newtongrange Keeps going like this you could win the super league next year, should have come with us like I said the other week on naughty step
  13. Clubs would like to think that but unfortunately that's not the case. Kelty Bonnyrigg YES they will 100% the others I'm sorry but I know for fact of lots of players not fancying it. Wait till they see next years super league, suspect that will change overnight
  14. Mate the said they would ask for a moratorium to be put in place. And within a week...
  15. So who stood up at the east region meeting and said they’d ask for a block to be in place! —- your club!
  16. All done! Don’t you think we can read the criteria and speak to sfa? We completed the 150k ref toilet this morning!
  17. Well the sfa say a member club complained, which one do you think it was. Time you woke up and realised your club are complicit. Bet the members meeting will be good, mind all that stuff we told you about the eos, well guys we lied!
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