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  1. The pwg won’t be able to move the line, nor will a meeting between the two in the east. The sticking point is the teams south of Tay. There is a vacancy for a tier six in tayside everyone agrees on it the line says just now it’s a HL feeder.
  2. Except the teams north of the Tay can’t be in a pyramid league that feeds ll
  3. Validation (if any was needed) that the Bo'ness and Linlithgow committees took the right decision. Was just thinking about the grief we took last year and people who’d have had us playing in that.
  4. Lmao aye good one. Can’t see that happening somehow
  5. Don't think despite sharing a training base for years they did anything as both want to keep their own identity (could be wrong though)
  6. they'd be better to partner up with someone and save themselves 60k-70k
  7. You’d need to ask the shire about that, suspect they want to be at Falkirk stadium because it’s a big ground and I. Falkirk
  8. You’d need planning for that, they don’t have it, and they don’t have a n agreement either, reliable source from inside syngenta
  9. No problem as long as they have a venue that meets criteria
  10. That’s my point if the ground is complaint in you come, if it’s not and you’ve known for a year then sorry but no. running about telling people everyone will be on £40 a week, do you think that’s fair on the teams who like say swifts who spent the money on their ground. Is like 30k a year for playing staff, if you’ve that kind of cash you have enough to get your house in order.
  11. Think they might be getting ahead of themselves if they think that
  12. Yet to see one about their ground, if I recall swifts had at least a plan. This lot don’t, and to be honest I hope they get told to do one, will be encouraging people to vote against them, it’s not like there won’t be space in the juniors for them once the rest of east moves, except they won’t get in their either with the ground
  13. Why should they get any special treatment, get your ground ready then in you come
  14. Yeah if they had a plan that would be a start but they don’t do should get told to bolt!
  15. Or the sfa never said anything to them at all.
  16. Why would it be the sfa? They will only be away from Bo’ness till end of season
  17. Eosl already said Bo’ness can’t use that ground as it don’t meet criteria, I’d be amazed if they got in tbh
  18. Still has to be voted on, if the grounds not done has to be a no
  19. Then they’ve had months to meet criteria, if you don’t meet it by agm. Should be no thanks, come back next year, the juniors already refused pennies from same ground as it don’t meet criteria
  20. If they’d applied last year they’d be in already....
  21. Criteria have moved on now compared to last year
  22. I’d heard that they’re not applying now, costs scared them off. Not sure how accurate the source is
  23. Cause without a ground you can’t be accepted
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