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  1. The rules clearly talk about moving regions nothing about resigning. They tried that with us and got told to fox trott Oscar. 

    the threat of this is as bad as when they caused licence applications to be put on hold, ours had been sent to them arrived same day, we then had to wait till reopened. Unforgivable 

  2. 6 hours ago, FairWeatherFan said:

    WoSFL for 2020/21. Begin at Tier 6 on the SFA pyramid. Access to SFA licencing, development league. Rules and discipline in line with the SFA, with the SFA having oversight. Entry in the South Challenge Cup. League structure and cups to be decided considering the number of applicants.

    What will be different from the LL/EoS version compared to the WJFA negotiated version?

    Difference will be ll/eos is possible the other is like fantasy football and anyone who thins it’s real should be sectioned

  3. For me no junior club should come in at a higher level than a current member, don’t mind if they do it at tier 8 or tier 7, really should be for the current tier 7 clubs to decide as its them who will be affected, I’d go along with what they want to do. And the clubs joining can’t really complain as they were told this would happen, is not our fault they bought into the junior Pravda. And teams in the west take note is tier six this year seven the next and eight the year after.

  4. On 31/01/2020 at 22:00, djorkiev said:

    Think a lot of people have forgot the most important factor during all these discussions, THE FANS! speaking to many west region premiership fans over the last two seasons,  they are almost unanimous in their judgement of our standard v present lowland league, most agree a bit like the tail wagging the dog if we had to feed into this league, most top juniors would more than hold their own in the lowland league.

    There are a lot of attractive fixtures for west junior fans geographically, local derbies, and glasgow v ayrshire, we already have a good product, top league and some championship attendances, are more than a match as well, don't get the big push for this, wouldn't cross the road to watch buffs v  nithsdale at tier 7 if we were to amalgamate, or v Dalbeattie star at tier 6, sorry not for me, by the time any team achieved SPL2 via the present set up we would be bored to deathwhat

    So if tj persuades rod that it’s a mistake and not to back what the ll is doing. The outcome for the west clubs is another year outside the pyramid. That’s the reality folks don’t see an upside for the clubs in current scenario. 

  5. 1 minute ago, LongTimeLurker said:

    Will be interesting to hear how they can force it through. It may be related to the pyramid and the identification of the team to play team 42 being something that is under the SFA's direct control, but that's far from clear where the SFA's online constitution is concerned. Personally think it's good to see the logjam being broken so a genuine pyramid for all semi-pro and pro clubs can be formed and don't see the parallel divisions in the east and the Tayside boundary between the LL and HL as being anything like as critical as they were being made out to be by some on here.

    If they could do that, then surely there would already be an extra relegation place from spfl2. As that is the one change that will actually make a difference

  6. 19 minutes ago, Kilbowie Benches said:

    The Chief Executive cant override rules and regulations but the SFA Board can.

    It would appear that whoever was representing the EoSL in October agreed to the Juniors coming in at tier6 and ever since then the EoSL are trying to disagree!


    if they could do that, there would be more than one promotion/relegation slot from spfl2.

  7. 6 hours ago, Ginaro said:

    Sure, but people are allowed to change their mind based on the benefits of better options being available.

    I mean, 10 months ago JC said that he wanted to play the big Junior teams and that they set out at the start of the season to do that by gaining promotion. But now it seems like the club is content to play in a league with just 7 WL and 2 Fife teams next season.

    Ultimately, if teams continue to leave the Juniors and there's no merger with the EOS, there will come a point where there's very few clubs left in the Juniors. At what point do you say - "we want to be part of league system with all the other clubs in the east."? Or is the attachment to the grade so strong that you would never consider it?

    Tier 9 lol

  8. Eosl have already said no eosl team will be relegated to accommodate a new team/teams. 

    The best the east could get would be tier 7 conferences which could be done this year, tayside I suspect a cup comp would be the bridge there to help them keep it interesting but honestly I don’t think there will be much appetite for tayside teams in the east league and none of the parties have the authority to change it because it could affect spfl member clubs in league 2

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