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  1. The answer to Sjc is to do away south challenge and make it the sjc Would likely make it more attractive, invite all remaining juniors teams and sosl Eosl ll
  2. What happened to the leagues in 1940?
  3. Void season or finish it later and then go into next season with less of a break. Either way months away from having to deal with it. More important things in life as many of us am afraid are about to find out
  4. The league in its rules has to submit at candidate for promotion, I’d not have any objections with Bo’ness going up and the top two from conferences and just scrap a cup next year and relegate five.
  5. Either void season or finish it in July start new one mid August and scrap a cup for a year.
  6. I think we all just read why nobody can be bothered with sjfa unprofessional
  7. Given the current Corana issues this won’t be the last time this happens, I think sjfa got it right, is only a game, imagine they said no one of them then tests positive.
  8. The rules clearly talk about moving regions nothing about resigning. They tried that with us and got told to fox trott Oscar. the threat of this is as bad as when they caused licence applications to be put on hold, ours had been sent to them arrived same day, we then had to wait till reopened. Unforgivable
  9. Difference will be ll/eos is possible the other is like fantasy football and anyone who thins it’s real should be sectioned
  10. Can’t see that working nothing in the sjfa constitution stops you resigning as a member or giving notice. They tired this bully boy tactic in the east and got told to F off. I kept the email I was sent!
  11. for the west no one needs to be left being you just need to apply to the wosl and your in.
  12. If you can get a permit Camelon got a pitch a Bathgate booked.
  13. Camelon juniors are looking for a friendly tmrw (22nd), astro at Bathgate booked for a 2pm kick off
  14. Camelon juniors are looking for a friendly, tmrw (22nd) we’ve a park booked at Bathgate, kick off 2pm.
  15. That would be a fair way to do it
  16. For me no junior club should come in at a higher level than a current member, don’t mind if they do it at tier 8 or tier 7, really should be for the current tier 7 clubs to decide as its them who will be affected, I’d go along with what they want to do. And the clubs joining can’t really complain as they were told this would happen, is not our fault they bought into the junior Pravda. And teams in the west take note is tier six this year seven the next and eight the year after.
  17. So if tj persuades rod that it’s a mistake and not to back what the ll is doing. The outcome for the west clubs is another year outside the pyramid. That’s the reality folks don’t see an upside for the clubs in current scenario.
  18. the application was in before the criteria changed. We had a plan to have them in be end of next season. Really not impressed and disappointed more than I can say.
  19. Camelon rejected on grounds of not having floodlights. Very very disappointed. Despite meeting the criteria at the time we applied and having works underway to install lights.
  20. If they could do that, then surely there would already be an extra relegation place from spfl2. As that is the one change that will actually make a difference
  21. if they could do that, there would be more than one promotion/relegation slot from spfl2.
  22. If the plan is to put tayside clubs to feed LL then you’d really need an extra promotion place or two.
  23. Eosl have already said no eosl team will be relegated to accommodate a new team/teams. The best the east could get would be tier 7 conferences which could be done this year, tayside I suspect a cup comp would be the bridge there to help them keep it interesting but honestly I don’t think there will be much appetite for tayside teams in the east league and none of the parties have the authority to change it because it could affect spfl member clubs in league 2
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