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  1. the application was in before the criteria changed. We had a plan to have them in be end of next season. Really not impressed and disappointed more than I can say.
  2. Camelon rejected on grounds of not having floodlights. Very very disappointed. Despite meeting the criteria at the time we applied and having works underway to install lights.
  3. If they could do that, then surely there would already be an extra relegation place from spfl2. As that is the one change that will actually make a difference
  4. if they could do that, there would be more than one promotion/relegation slot from spfl2.
  5. If the plan is to put tayside clubs to feed LL then you’d really need an extra promotion place or two.
  6. Eosl have already said no eosl team will be relegated to accommodate a new team/teams. The best the east could get would be tier 7 conferences which could be done this year, tayside I suspect a cup comp would be the bridge there to help them keep it interesting but honestly I don’t think there will be much appetite for tayside teams in the east league and none of the parties have the authority to change it because it could affect spfl member clubs in league 2
  7. The pwg won’t be able to move the line, nor will a meeting between the two in the east. The sticking point is the teams south of Tay. There is a vacancy for a tier six in tayside everyone agrees on it the line says just now it’s a HL feeder.
  8. Except the teams north of the Tay can’t be in a pyramid league that feeds ll
  9. Validation (if any was needed) that the Bo'ness and Linlithgow committees took the right decision. Was just thinking about the grief we took last year and people who’d have had us playing in that.
  10. Lmao aye good one. Can’t see that happening somehow
  11. Don't think despite sharing a training base for years they did anything as both want to keep their own identity (could be wrong though)
  12. they'd be better to partner up with someone and save themselves 60k-70k
  13. You’d need to ask the shire about that, suspect they want to be at Falkirk stadium because it’s a big ground and I. Falkirk
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