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  1. Tommy Wright apparently believes in making apologies. This thread is to allow his little fan club to apologise for supporting him. A little sentence will suffice. Something like, I'm sorry it's taken until tonight to realise that Tommy Wright isn't good enough. If we get enough apologies, the penny might drop.
  2. Don't agree about Tommy's ability. I think he's terrible. But I like your post. I think you wrote what you believe. Thank you for your time.
  3. Nobody able to recall Tommy beating 10 men? It has happened, maybe twice. Come on, prove me wrong...Anyway, never mind about 10 men. Tommy won the cup. And Steve Lomas didn't phone him. Read more in the Scottish Sun.
  4. I'm changing my opinion. I don't think it's anything against Kano, specifically. Not giving you anymore. Do your own research. You have much more access than I.
  5. If you watch our players a lot you'll learn. Once you have, do some lessons. Not at Largs obviously....By the time you've done that, Kano will be at a big club and proving that he's better than May by a long way. Our goals for column suggests your dearth comment is inaccurate.
  6. That's not a nice thing to say.Anyway, don't you think Tommy is a man of principles?
  7. I'll wager that 9 of his scores were poor efforts. He invariably leaves far too much margin. Lots of success in the old days when keepers, for reasons known only to them, used to second guess.A good keeper would save most of his. I admit we don't have a good penalty taker, but in the absence of an accomplished taker it must default to the most natural finisher/striker. Chris Kane is both and was on the pitch. Maybe there's a "belief" within the manager that CAUSEs him to prefer others to Tiffer.
  8. My hopeless memory believes Tommy has only once beaten a 10 man opposition. This is because he doesn't get tactics. The mark of the man was his comments to Saints TV. I'm paraphrasing but he said something like you've got be quick, switch the ball and move them about. All of that is true. He played Sutton and Macca up top, though. Wonder if he has a problem with anyone at the club. Wonder if likes the socks worn by the groundsman. Wonder if he likes Jason Cummings. Wonder if any manager in the top flight could have failed to beat 10 man Hearts with our squad today. Steve could surely nip into the pub and get Dick Campbell's number. Failing that, I'd honestly take LVG over Tommy. We should be fighting for the league right now, not languishing.
  9. This is the sort of post that could only be written by a Saints fan. Liam is a brilliant player in three positions but should be nowhere near a penalty. Neither should Cup Tie.
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