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  1. A guy I went to school with died yesterday in Canada after being involved in a car crash. He was a complete w**k to me, but was decent when he wanted to be to others. A car crash is not the way to go. Rip Graham.
  2. Watched 'Geordie Shore' for the first time tonight. Utter shite.
  3. During one of my younger years in high school, our French teacher Mr Scott said he was "going to the base for two minutes" and we actually never seen him again. Turns out he was caught having his sausage smoked, by the department head & was subsequently punted!
  4. I stalled my Mums Toyota this morning, despite having been driving for 4 years
  5. Why are all the good threads in the top 5 section Anyways, when people use their baby or a dog as their profile pic, that annoys me
  6. Since everyone else has 5 more: 6:- I broke my virgintiy with my best mates sister, in his bed at his 18th party. She was 16, and the guy she wanted chose someone else, so i took the opportunity to pump her. The worst thing is though, we were interrupted on two occasions. First by someone who was completely fucked out his face, while she was on her knees sucking me off, then Stuart (her brothers) walks in and gets a HD viewing of my hairy arse 7:- I miss so many of my childhood friends. My 4 best mates left at the end of 5th year, and i stayed on for a 6th year & i only speak to one regularly now. Some i'm glad i got rid of, but when you try to chat to one of them on Facebook & they don't remember you, now that hurts! 8:- I've not been to a home St Mirren game since the 4-0 Celtic game. Mainly due to work & enjoying away trips far better. 9:- I believe football will cease to exist by 2100. I also think at least 3 Scottish clubs will have won European trophies by then, 10:- I despise terrorists.
  7. 1. I was in Dunblane Primary on the 9th March 1996. 4 days before the massacre. 2. I'm probably one of the richest guys on P&B, but i hate my job (sales executive at Nike) with a passion. 3. I don't get to many Saints games anymore due to various circumstances. The last time I witnessed a Saints home win was pumping Celtic 4-0. 4. I'd rather take my dog out when it's cold, dark & wet rather than sunny. No idea why though. 5. I've spoken personally to Craig Bellamy a number of times. Actually a very pleasent guy away from football.
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