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  1. And it would seem that you can't use your season ticket to buy tickets for these games, I have bought mine and there is no facility to use the season card!
  2. No weekend posts, can we not even start a rumour?
  3. Just ask the club to carry forward your balance to next season and then you can spend it as and when you like. This was an option shown on the official site.
  4. I agree with this, the balance is carried forward and can be topped up as required. There are likely fans with a season ticket who have not done PPV so will still have the full amount. Note you can donate your balance to the club if you so wish.
  5. Anybody on here can get in touch with somebody there to find out what is going on?
  6. I know I'm a bit biased, but a wee hint of offside at the second? (Trying to make it look a bit better!)
  7. What's the difference between Home team video and Away team video?
  8. So the second goal came after a blatant hand ball, an obvious off-side and a free kick that wasn't! (In my humble non-biased opinion of course!)
  9. Pass back at kick off and the stream froze. Haven't found a way back in either. Anyone got a clue?
  10. Does anyone know EXACTLY the protocols are for lower league/part time clubs?
  11. Agree completely with this, he at least has some skill and a football brain.
  12. Howie self isolating according to Killie game preview. Must have been in contact with one of the 40k workmates!
  13. I have paid for the game, and all I have is a white screen - help!
  14. Did we get a final figure for the number of PPV's from Thistle game? The previous post seems a smaller number than I would have expected - did Thistle fans really not want to see their team? I will happily pay to watch any away game - costs less and saves the petrol!
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