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  1. Not what the official site preview suggests.
  2. Good facilities always helps to attract players to the club.
  3. Surely the seats taken out of the away stand were used to do the necessary repairs in the main stand? The away stand, even without those seats is hardly likely to be over populated even if used more than once or twice, it is much more likely the end stand will be used for away fans, and if not it won't matter if the front three rows are missing, there will still be plenty of space. The only time it may matter is if we draw the Old Firm in the cup.
  4. Any idea of the eleven? (not understanding why we let Cogill go when it was almost inevitable Lang was away, unless Cogill wanted to go back down south.)
  5. As regards McStay, he went to Australia at the end of last season but re-signed more or less as soon as he arrived back then, don't see any difference now, can't sign if he ain't here!
  6. You all seem to think that Lang going is a done deal, I accept it is a bit quiet on the signing front but we can hope. Part time football and a reasonably well paid job outside football can be, to some players, an attractive proposition, best of both worlds!
  7. Ally Love and Ross Lyon given one year contracts, still not really the names we desperately want to hear!
  8. I thought Ross Lyon was a loan player, from Rangers, I think. If so, we have no responsibility there, he simply returns to whence he came. See next post, thanks.
  9. As pure speculation, unless Cogill asked to go (back down South?) can we hope that Lang is already signed up?
  10. Brilliant, hes been a clown for years but he peaked yesterday ! Was this the same guy that got put out at Cowdenbeath?
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