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  1. Had the pleasure of speaking to Scott a lot over the past five years, a gentleman and a clever guy. He was dealt a particularly shit hand over the last few years but always managed to come across positive and take it in his stride. f**k cancer. He will be missed.
  2. Lighten up mate. Who stole the cheese out of your toastie?
  3. Liking the new edgelord style. Keep it up. My DMs are open to anyone.
  4. I’ve met Shandon Par briefly also, he didn’t give the impression he was schooled at Napier though as he was managing to talk without drooling. But, in the spirit of things.
  5. GBNF 

    Sleep tight, sweet Prince.

  6. His ability to formulate a sentence and marry outside his family should have clarified this long before now.
  7. Unsurprisingly the point was missed entirely, I hesitated to respond in case you thought I was bullying you.
  8. I never had an issue with Moomintroll and wasn’t the one of these “bandwagon hounding posters” Bennett likes to Helen Lovejoy about on a regular basis. But nobody knows the mental health state of a poster on here, regardless of whether they’ve resigned or not. I certainly wouldn’t use it as a weapon in an afterthought. Come back Moomintroll, even if you thought being a Tory was so persecuted
  9. I’d give you some tips but I have a feeling you probably don’t remember the conversation this morning. Three o’clock on Wednesday morning in a drunken stupor, what an enviable life you lead.
  10. I thought I’d help you out and give you the attention seeking you were desperate for,
  11. Owning the libs and drinking the meths 5 years running.
  12. Thanks supermik, hope you’re not stealing anymore cheese during the lockdown x
  13. Just read the first few pages of this again. I forgot about “The Watcher”
  14. Unfortunately Swiss bankers sitting with Billions in their vaults from tax dodging Tory c***s aren’t going to shit it when a forum full of middle aged alcoholics, VLs and Philpy come for them. I feel your pain however.
  15. Infowars and the Daily Mail? @steve55 has done his research.
  16. If you’re counting super noodles as a kids food then Kraft Cheesey Pasta is a kids food. Both easy convenience shite. f**k knows about your first point, tastes the same to me but I’ll bow down to someone with much more experience in council house cuisine than me.
  17. Super noodles taste the same they always have. The only difference are the one’s in the cup they brought out to try and rival Pot Noodles, they’re just shite. Kraft Cheesey Pasta used to be my Uni culinary delight, haven’t had it in years though. Do they still make Micro Noodles?
  18. None of those Nurses look like they’d accept a dual turbo fingering from a Fifer in his Dads loafers. Think more
  19. You’re certainly getting your moneys worth out of that joke.
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