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  1. Things you want to share with P&B

    Nice white jeans M8.
  2. Pregnancy And Parenting

    This seems like the sensible approach. Like I said, looking back I wouldn’t do it again. I guess you just get caught up in the excitement of it all. Last year when I took the kids to Disneyland, I bought a double buggy from Gumtree for £25. I couldn’t believe how good a nick it was in. Once we got back I donated it to the church nursery.
  3. Pregnancy And Parenting

    You can easily, and more often than you might think, double that. Aye, I bought mine for just under a grand. Got two kids use out of it but my Missus won’t allow it to be sold as she’s a sentimental cow.
  4. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    207 dead from the BBC update I got on my phone. Genuine scumbag c***s killing folk because they pray to the wrong Sky fairies and right wing twitter scaremongers like Hopkins and that prisonplanet VL are dripping at the tip about it. World is fucked.
  5. The New MILF Thread

    Obviously touched a nerve I think you should keep your hands to yourself for a while m8.
  6. The New MILF Thread

    Add that, your previous comment about "Scummy sex" and your completely out of the blue post at half 1 in the morning about me not getting my hole and to get it from another poster, suggests you're a complete weirdo obsessed with sexual gratification. With people like you on the loose I'd suggest women should be extra vigilant.
  7. Pregnancy And Parenting

    These baby clubs and prenatal classes threw up the odd bitchy comment. Don't listen to throbber here. Buy one that suits your budget and is practical. No point in getting into debt over something you'll use for two years.
  8. Pregnancy And Parenting

    It all depends on your budget, looking back I well overspent on the pram and bought lots of unnecessary shite. By the time our second came along I had a fairer idea of what I actually needed. Also, pram "envy" and judging is rife amongst new Mums. I couldn't believe it.
  9. The New MILF Thread

    This is a rather strange comment to make after you were pulled up for making extremely creepy comments about women. I must have hit a nerve.
  10. Things you want to share with P&B

    Did they have "Justice for Soldier F flags?" If so, I had the pleasure of being held up by them in Edinburgh last week. Some wee Ned in a BMX was cycling amongst them to their annoyance.
  11. The New MILF Thread

    Aw aye like Danni is logging in later all like "filthy b*****d, he sounds like Tony" My mistake. I'll let you get back to describing what you'd all do to women if you'd have the chance.
  12. The New MILF Thread

    I get that some woman are nice looking, but do you want to tone down the lechery a bit, JLD?
  13. things that are most disappointing

    You'll find that Paris doesn't appeal to those who prefer pubs, wearing football tops out and British food. One of the most diverse and historic cities in the world and it's criticised for having a shite Disneyland.
  14. things that are most disappointing

    Paris is well known for food, art, fashion and culture. I'm not surprised Magee felt alienated.