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  1. GBNF 

    Sleep tight, sweet Prince.

  2. His ability to formulate a sentence and marry outside his family should have clarified this long before now.
  3. Unsurprisingly the point was missed entirely, I hesitated to respond in case you thought I was bullying you.
  4. I never had an issue with Moomintroll and wasn’t the one of these “bandwagon hounding posters” Bennett likes to Helen Lovejoy about on a regular basis. But nobody knows the mental health state of a poster on here, regardless of whether they’ve resigned or not. I certainly wouldn’t use it as a weapon in an afterthought. Come back Moomintroll, even if you thought being a Tory was so persecuted
  5. I’d give you some tips but I have a feeling you probably don’t remember the conversation this morning. Three o’clock on Wednesday morning in a drunken stupor, what an enviable life you lead.
  6. I thought I’d help you out and give you the attention seeking you were desperate for,
  7. Owning the libs and drinking the meths 5 years running.
  8. Thanks supermik, hope you’re not stealing anymore cheese during the lockdown x
  9. Just read the first few pages of this again. I forgot about “The Watcher”
  10. Unfortunately Swiss bankers sitting with Billions in their vaults from tax dodging Tory c***s aren’t going to shit it when a forum full of middle aged alcoholics, VLs and Philpy come for them. I feel your pain however.
  11. Infowars and the Daily Mail? @steve55 has done his research.
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