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  1. 1888LiKKKtie also defended blackface, the wearing of his Liverpool top whilst abroad and eating Steak Pie under a 30 degree Spanish sun. It was a matter of time before he outed himself as a sexpest tbf.
  2. Here’s a blue picture of my Mum. Thanks for taking my bags up. sounds plausible.
  3. Didn’t Lichties Mum try and entice girls to his house so he could try and seduce them. It’s no surprise he’s turned into Norman Bates. His Mums probably now a skeleton propped up in a rocking chair wearing an Arbroath top.
  4. Well that guys obviously got money He’s probably a decent laugh, which is why you no doubt struggle.
  5. Moomintroll voting Tory and Bigmouth PMs Again loving Tommy Robinson, highlights the right wing on here I initially didn’t think existed.
  6. On the last few games I’d play Jack and McTominay to allow McGinn to concentrate on his worldies. McGregors a decent player, but he’s been a bit out of form. It’ll all change come the play offs though so it’s a bit pointless.
  7. What a lovely goal, placed it delicately in the corner. Started positively, let’s not sit back now.
  8. Can someone pay Kenny131 the attention he’s desperate for? He might f**k off after that.
  9. I thought Jacks been one of our best players tbh, he’s taking the ball off the defence due to their inability to pass without using their shins.
  10. I mentioned the defence first I’ll have you know.
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