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  1. You have to credit this team for not giving up on a game. Yes it was an 88th minute equaliser against the pars but the point is worth its weight in gold
  2. Surely another draw (even a late one) won't earn your manager more time to make things right? When will it dawn on them high up that he's just not good enough or is there a cunning plan to relegate Dunfermline so they can then win League 1 and make Grant look like the answer to their prayers after all
  3. Like most folk I would have taken a point before the game but give this team its due they never give up. No serious damage done though Killie are up to second and we're down to third. Onwards to the dark side on Tuesday and see if we can beat the 'draw' merchants
  4. TBH I would be happy with a draw but the team have surprised us with wins over Kilmarnock and Arbroath, so who knows?? The confidence is there and we deserve a result after all this time As long as Duku doesn't score the winner
  5. Good result for us today against an Arbroath side which have been on fire in the league. Well done to the management and team on getting us up to second in the Championship
  6. Nope not happening in your lifetime next candidate please.
  7. Well 'backing of the Board' is surely the kiss of death for Grant
  8. Can't see McGlynn fielding a weakened side, not his style
  9. Could never fathom why PG was appointed manager of the pars in the first place. Someone who got Alloa relegated to League 1 was a stick on to take Dunfermline to the top of Scottish Championship?? Your directors must have a death wish
  10. Why are you a 'rover supporter' reading your posts all you do is moan, so booooring! Either get behind the team or support Fife Flyers
  11. Free hit for us, we've had a brilliant, if very surprising to some, season to be in top four of the league all the way through. Very proud of what McGlynn, Smudger and the team have managed to do and whatever happens in the playoffs we have had an amazing season. Dundee are a decent side on their day and have had a bit more time for their team to rest but tbh anything can happen in games like this. Good luck to the Rovers and a big thank you for what you've achieved whatever the results still to come
  12. Shouldn't be worried about Dundee nothing brilliant. Beat them 3-1 at home last time and fatbelly gutbucket Adams was playing, bring it on
  13. C'mon lads you just know you weren't good enough for the mighty Raith, COYR
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