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  1. Davo scored the only goal that got us the win against Morton and today he got our first goal, some people are never happy, especially with Ian😳
  2. Didn’t Davo score today against Alloa and also against Morton two weeks ago? He also got MOM today so give it a rest 🙄
  3. We never start well when we lose the coin toss and play towards home stand in first half. After we scored knew we would win confidence came back and goals came. Well done rovers up to second 😀
  4. Never going to be smooth, silky football yesterday with the state of the pitch but the team rolled up their collective sleeves and did it ugly😃 who would have thunk halfway through the season and sitting second in the league, well done to John, Smudger and the team.
  5. Kai Kennedy is a revelation, great wee player who can look to scaling the heights, hopefully he'll get picked up by a decent Premiership team in England and not be wasted at one half of the ugly sisters🙄
  6. Going 1-0 down definitely spurred us into action. To go in at half time 1-1 and take control of the game in the second half with 2 cracking goals, we made Dundee look incompetent. McGowan past his sell by date, Adam spreads ball well but they rely too much on him for goals, Cummings ?? never had a look in but Walcott was the best in the Dundee team by a mile. Great result for us especially after Tuesday night but as far as I'm concerned we should have nothing to fear from any team in this league. Well done to the team and management brillliant result😃
  7. Hearts haven't played us yet on our pitch and they've got a point to prove after Saturday so pressure all on them😏😳 hopefully our players are fired up to show that Saturday wasn't a fluke result and we have nothing to fear from any team in this league. COYR😁
  8. The election for position of fans rep on the board will be held in a few months time. If you feel so passionate on these issues perhaps you should consider standing.
  9. Definitely didn’t see that coming, would have chewed my own hand off to come away with a draw😬 well done to the team and the management for getting it soo right. Wonder what/who Neilson will blame for defeat🤪
  10. Alloa definitely came into game in second half, as you would expect. Could/should have put money on Buchanan scoring against us always happens with ex players😏 Ethan Ross two good goals, second can't wait to see again on highlights. Good win, decent goal difference, who would have thunk we would be lying third in league with a game in hand on Boxing Day😁 Well done to the team and management.
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