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  1. I haven't watched since Hayley got ill, that was just too much! Glad this thread is still going strong though. As you were.
  2. This is going to be an uber pop!
  3. Bring out Fergal Devitt please.
  4. Dustin Johnston seems to have the perfect game for Augusta. I've also bet on Leishman ew and Henley too, his putting and gir stats are decent. Watch the 3 of them miss the cut now.
  5. A controversial "Rangers died" sign there! This is dragging on a bit here.
  6. The residents in that part of orlando won't be happy with those fireworks going off at midnight.
  7. Michelle McCool at ringside, this is the end.
  8. Just read that Jr is commentating on the main event, that's going to be cool.
  9. Yeah, would need to be a quick dash through the crowd or come from under the ring.
  10. Forgot about Joe! He has to get involved here.
  11. Any chance of Finn Balor getting involved tonight?
  12. Any decent places to park nearby? I was going to park at livingston and get the train but I can't really be bothered with that.
  13. Remember the game the airdrie fans threw all the betting slips at the morton players? That was annoying!
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