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  1. Royal Albert V Beith

    We will be playing Beith on Saturday at the John Cummings Stadium Carluke. The game was originally scheduled for the Monday night because Beith were down to play Darvel in the West, but because Darvel couldn't get a team out for that day then the fixtures were switched. The original fixtures were on the web site for the last week or so, So some of our players had arranged other things to do because we were not playing till the Monday night. To be told on the Wednesday night that your fixture has been changed is not acceptable, this means now that we go to play Beith Super Premier Champions with a depleted team through no fault of our own. I hear that all Darvel players couldn't make the game on the Saturday my compliments for a tight knit team that go every where together. We have players unavailable yet we have to fulfil our fixtures, as most clubs have to.
  2. Congratulations Royal Albert

    Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, cant believe how many texts , phone calls, Tweets, you name it Jamie and I have had from all over the Juniors it is much appreciated. Especially from Gartcairn, cant be easy under the circumstances but where the first to congratulate us touch of class from Craig and all the guys there. Looking forward to boldly going where no Albert team has went before next season.
  3. Gartcairn Juniors 2017/18

    Well done to everyone at Gartcairn must be hurting after yesterdays result. Just like to say that you guys have been a credit to your club over the season in the face of some unwarranted abuse on this site. Our battles this year have been well fought and close run but at the end of each one we shook hands and had a cup of tea. Look forward to renewing our battles next season in the new league set up.
  4. 2nd Division Title Race

    Wont be at the game on Saturday, Johnstone Burgh are certainly an improving team as our game last week was certainly more difficult than the previous one. If the game goes to form then Gartcairn will win, but anything can happen. Our promotion is a major achievement for us, and I would like to thank everyone for the good wishes and congratulations we have received from all over the Junior leagues it is much appreciated. There is a lot of slagging off the Juniors on this website but stories like ours and Gartcairn is what the Juniors is all about. When we played Gartcairn at the start of the season and they beta us with a last minute goal the talk after the game was that goal could be the difference at the end of the season and it may be proved right.
  5. Glad to hear it but I think that is the exception rather than the rule. All committees large or small are good hard working committees but there are not enough of them.
  6. Junior football origins have close links to the mining industry especially in Lanarkshire and Ayrshire, and Edinburgh. Most villages had a pit so they also had a football team which brought these small villages together. It is no coincidence that with the demise and closure of the pits Junior football started to decline. When my team Royal Albert started out in 1878 they were a senior team, They didn't join the Juniors till 1928, but even then there were still plenty of Junior teams in the Lanarkshire area, Coalburn, Burnbank, Newarthill, Carfin, to name a few, But as time has went on these teams have died out, lack of interest, financial reasons. Junior football as a working mans game has always reflected what is happening in that area and is still doing so now, young people not interested in either coming to the games or actually helping their local team, to many other things to do. But that is the same not only for the Juniors but for senior teams as well. Most teams who have a council owned pitch are fighting all the times with the local council, to maintain and invest in their pitches but that is not a priority for the Council, and even clubs who have their own pitch find it difficult not only financially but they don't have enough people to help run the club. It is still the best value for money of any football the Juniors but as the cycle is on a downward trend just now it will come back round again, but how many teams will be here to see it. Some clubs have only themselves to blame by paying players monies they cant afford to chase glory, and if it doesn't come then they end up on the brink of going out the game. Money is no sure thing for success, clubs should be looking at the bigger picture. Some clubs now have went back to the community and tried to get the community involved the likes of Gartcairn, St.Rochs, Blackburn, and more and that seems to work for them, so this may be the way forward. If we wait for Hampden to do anything there will be no clubs left, if you ook at boys , youths and especially womans football there money being pumped into them, Junior football is the forgotten child so we must try and do it ourselves.
  7. Central league division 2

    Think neither of us want to tempt providence here. Its been a good battle all season between the two of us and at the end of the day the best team always wins the league, and we will congratulate the winner no matter what. As long as its the Albert LOL LOL .
  8. Central league division 2

    Good luck to you guys at Dunipace always been a pleasure visiting you. Had some good banter with you Mr Prez and with Tam all the best from everyone at Royal Albert
  9. Central league division 2

    Thanks for all the messages sent to me and to Jamie it means a lot to both of us. To all the so called smaller clubs keep fighting the good fight and your turn will come.
  10. Div 2 title race 2017/18

    The Ants can still get to 43pts. So if the teams above drop points then they are still in with a shout, Mathematically Johnstone Burgh can still get to 42pts as they have 9 games to play. If the Albert and Gartcairn win on Saturday they will be promoted , Bellshill and the Ants will fight for the third promotion spot, Bellshill must be slight favourites as they have a game in hand and are three points in front of the Ants. For all four teams its just about winning games. All three teams can still win the league but Gartcairn are favourites to win the league as they have a game in hand and a superior goal difference but their game against Bellshill on the 28th may be a league decider. Still a lot of football to be played . Unfortunately one of the four teams are going to be disappointed.
  11. Div 2 title race 2017/18

    Don't understand why you have got the fixtures you have got doesn't seem to make sense. As you say 4 teams for three promotion places, we play the Ants on Saturday, I know that a big game will be Bellshill V Gartacairn at the end of the month. We are still getting used to being at this end of the league for a change, better problem than your season being over in November. Good Luck to all three teams
  12. S.J.F.A. Web Site

    S.J.F.A. Web Site has been down since Saturday night still not fixed can anyone from Castle Grey Skull answer why.
  13. Central league division 2

    Never had two people arguing over who said the Albert was going to be promoted Changed days indeed
  14. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    To all those elitists out there who think the juniors only revolves around a few teams think again, those of you who know Bill Robert and Alex and others know how much work they have put in over the years at times just to survive but as time goes on move the club forward to the heady heights of the Scottish Cup semi-final. To other smaller clubs take note what can be done by hard work and determination. Good Luck in the semi final and mind my ticket for the final.
  15. Central league division 2

    Vale of Clyde 0 V 1 Royal Albert. Another hard fought win for the Albert in a game which was a typical junior game . At this time of the season not about great performances about winning, don't like moaning about referees but this one was not strong enough or up to refereeing this game. Good luck to Jim and his committee for the rest of the season.