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  1. Highly doubt that to be true mate but you crack on with your protest and mind not to leave out that you's didnt have any corner flags again!
  2. Nothing last's forever mate, and my ego is absoloutely fine. Back to back East wins and a Scottish Cup Final not a bad return from 6 years I think. Was time to move on for reasons I dont have to share with you. I only commented as I found it strange that you would single out the ref as the reason you lost the game on Sat when in fact the better team won the game. No shame in that, ur aware Bannockburn have a few ex Fallin boys so to be expected they would/should beat Sandys. With Fallin out the way I fully expect Sandys will have a good run at the East along with Tollcross so another chance to prove you are in fact the best team in Leafa. All the best!!
  3. Im just stating facts! U said Sandys are the best leafa side ever! Based on winning leagues? As I said great achievement but as your still hurting from getting put out the Scottish on sat i'd say you have shown that the Scottish is more important!? PS when Tollcross won the Scottish they knocked out Bannockburn on there run, something Sandys couldnt do! You'll mibbae win the East this year and that will hopefully repair some of the mental damage done by the loss o Saturday, good luck!
  4. Ok mate, u win! Sure Tollcross won the Scottish a couple of season's ago but u's are the best ever, dont even recall Sandys being in an East Semi recently never mind a Scottish? Stick to winning leagues, which btw is an achievement so be proud of that, leave the Majors to the big Clubs!! Is StraightouttaEOS ur real name? Thought not, goodbye!!
  5. 3 pens? I can only recall 1 and at that it would have been a soft call. Im sure Bannockburn had a couple claims turned down also? Ur man Spowart had a couple of chances but spurned them, his highlight was attempting to leave his mark on Burn's Centre half.....with his teeth! Like said the better team progressed. Alot of noise comes from the East about Sandys yet they fail to deliver in the Majors year after year. Tollcross a good bit ahead on and off the pitch but that's just this trolls opinion.
  6. Wildly incorrect statement this!! Not once ahead in the game, 3 1 down and if it wasnt for a wonder strike from the halfway line im not sure where Sandys 2nd goal is coming from as the Bannockburn backline dealt with the home sides attack pretty comfortably. All in it was a decent Cup tie, both teams giving everything. At times it was a bit hectic which suited Sandys more than Bannockburn. The away team had the better quality and rightly progressed to the next round. Always next year lads!
  7. Lesmahagow beat drum, Tower hearts beat Dumbarton , Fallin beat Harestanes. St Pats and Giffnock have still to play there ties.
  8. Lesmahagow play in the Central league , they compete for the South of Scotland Cup. Some cracking last 16 ties with any of the all Central league ties worth a watch!
  9. Im pretty sure its the Scottish Amateur National side that represents.
  10. I expect all leagues will throw up some unexpected results this season. Teams r going into games decimated and its going to be a long season with Covid related call offs a regular occurance. If we get a harsh winter we could easily be playing into July!
  11. Having watched Whitburn on tuesday night theyve got more to worry about than having AR at there games!
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