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  1. Interested to hear how teams are planning for the restart assuming leagues get the go ahead in October. I see on twitter some teams have already began there pre season a few weeks ago? It seems the majority of ammie teams have been training but have all started a pre season schedule or are you building up to that and then kicking on from start of next month? Think most players would agree that pre season is not the best part of a season so not sure most would be up for a 10-12 week schedule. Also do we think we will be allowed local friendlies from the 11th of sept and do we honestly think we will get the go ahead in October?
  2. Going by some reports there are some teams that are back already. Juniors been told training to provisionally resume early August with leagues starting in October. You would think Amateurs would be the same, hopefully there is some kind of announcement this week so Clubs no where they stand.
  3. Think we are a good while away from competitive games tbh but do think they could allow training session's to take place. Even if it was just once a week the now it would be better than nothing. Thats been 3 months now and with every week that passes there is a serious risk of losing alot of people young & old to the grassroots game. Atleast if teams were allowed to put on a session you would be getting ur players in and getting some kind of interaction with them. Boys have been out running/cycling etc but its not the same and eventually they will get fed up doing that aswell. Then after a month it could be looked at again and maybe increase the number of sessions allowed.
  4. Understandable concerns raised there however they risks will b all around us for the forseeable future unless people are never going to leave the house again. Life has to go on and if people use there heads they can eliminate some of the risk of catching/spreading it. Thats said how do we bring Grassroots football back with social distancing in play? Is it even possible, will facilities even be available for teams to use? These are the kind of challenges that will face Grassroots football over the next couple of months. Id really like to see football back in august if not before it plays a massive part in alot of peoples lives so hopefully we get a green light for atleast some kind of training to be allowed and then we can look at tackling how to get games played further down the line.
  5. Crazy feet , I think this a valid shout. We're potentially faced with a situation of no football this year or at best nearer the end of the year. If we dont get the go ahead until say into winter time, how are u going to start a season then? I think the Central league were right not to rush into any decision until they have more info from the SAFA.
  6. It is my belief that the Central league have left it open as an option until there is further guidance from the governing bodies.
  7. Redondo


    Whole thing is a mess now tbh. U have some league now made there decision and voided/finished the season and other leagues proposing other ways of concluding this season. Imo the SAFA should have guided all amateur leagues so that a collective decision was made then when it does re start everyone is doing the same thing. Grassroots football will probably be 1 of the last things to get started back so I cant see anything else other than disruption to next season aswell especially now that it looks like social distancing is going to be around for the rest of this year atleast. U may well find that finishing the 2019/20 season over 2 seasons may have been a better route to go down then hopefully 2021/22 season everything is back to some kind of normal. I feel people have rushed into decisions without any official facts thinking by july/august this will all be away and football will carry on as normal, cant see that being the case im afraid.
  8. Whether boys r gonna move on or no shouldnt make a difference tbh. Clubs are at the latter stages of these national cups so they should atleast try and complete them and at worst get something from the season imo.
  9. I dont think this has been confirmed in every association yet.
  10. Its all ifs , buts & maybes the now which is why I think time should be taken before calling it.
  11. There are no guarantees that ur even gonna get next season started on time or that it wont be affected further down the line, what hapens if we get a 2nd wave of infection and then next season gets suspended aswell then uv have 2 seasons voided, is that a good possible outcome? Its only my opinion that a bit more time before writing off the season wont do any harm.
  12. Hopefully the leagues, Cups and Clubs sponsors dont have that same thought process mate.
  13. Why would they do that??
  14. Yeah it was struggling and has been for years but i think in times like these u have to be optimistic. My opinion for the rest of the season is why not wait until we know exactly when games will be safe to be played again? Dont think theres any rush to jump into any final decisions the now tbh.
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