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  1. If they dont allow Amateur teams to play in tier 3 there will be no football until the summer at best.
  2. Excellent post by Burnieman! We all want football back but there comes a point where you have to look at it and say is it really worth it? Clubs could end up in serious trouble through continuing to play and fast forward to the end of season and if ur Clubs been relegated playing through crisis, there will be a few unhappy campers!!
  3. 100% . It should be looked at now as a serious option but it probably wont!! Dont see any competitive football at this level now until spring. Amateur football has been hung out to dry and shown exactly where it ranks in importance by the powers that be, SportsScotland , the SFA and the SG.
  4. Majority of Clubs at that level are barely even able to cover expenses the now. Theyve bluffed there way into being able to continue to play. Theres no way they should be allowed to continue under the tier 4 restrictions.
  5. 2/3 wins against teams that have already changed manager, woohoo!! It should be a tight league its full of professionals!!
  6. Be carefull what u wish for , u might still end up there going by ur recent results!!
  7. So u think its ok if they have to stop playing and the rest of the teams carry on?
  8. A would say thats quite an easy fix , instead of taking 15 minutes of a break at ht take 10 or even 5. If coaches are organised and ready with the teamtalk which I'm sure most will be then dont see that being an issue. No different from when someone goes does injured and theres a lengthy stoppage.
  9. Im pretty sure that will have been a wind up mate!
  10. Thats just bonkers if the case! Im pretty sure most teams will have attempted to follow protocols and implemented a new way of training but probably realised that not everyone was doing it and nobody was enforcing it so these 'rules' would have been breached. Dont see how there gonna open it back up to small group sessions again so that means itll be full contact 'all in' training. Will that be on the 24th , im not sure now? The Government & JRG's next move/advice is one that will have massive bearing on whether or no we have some kind of season to look forward. If we dont get competitive football up and running in October then imo we can forget it and start planning for summer football next year.
  11. Just dont do what? Train? Yeah that probably should have been the original decision then it would have saved having to suspend it again.
  12. Alot has been said about teams breaking the rules , not following guidelines etc but lets be honest here, it is very difficult to 100% follow them down to the letter of the law especially at our level. There are guidelines and 'rules' in my workplace that are not getting adhered to on a daily basis so i hink alot of people need to stop taking the moral high ground on this 1 as it near on impossible to get through daily life without breaching the measures at some point! For me it was inevitable that some teams would do there own thing and hopefully this suspension wont go on any longer than the 24th when hopefully contact training can resume. In hinesight maybe the government shouldnt have bothered with the small group training guidelines and just went straight to normal training.
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