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  1. Good to hear CP are making positive steps for a return next season. Have no idea who the new guy is if it is indeed the same guy as mentioned, has it been confirmed?? Did notice the fella had been on the Junior forum offering his coaching services and he did seem very keen to get involved in the game at that level. Nothing came from that I believe so for him to go in at Colville shows that hes willing to prove his worth at a Club needing resurected, fair play to him for that. How familiar he is with the amateur game up here , I have no idea? Can he get players in that would be the big question as we have already seen that seems to have been the biggest issue for them. Hopefully it works out as it would be good to see them back and challenging again!!
  2. Lauriston v Cambusbarron will be a cracking game, both teams r going really well the now, the winner of that 1 could go all the way to the Final. Steins should make it through and would expect Sandys to win as there are the favourite for the trophy. Edinburgh Star v Dunipace could go either way, if Dunipace are at full strength they could nik that 1.
  3. I think the Central Premier is as competitive this season as its been for a while and it will be even stronger next season. It would have been good to see St Joes in the Central but if they have opted for the Caley that is there choice.
  4. Caley league is a very well run association and has some excellent Clubs in it. Clubs with great history in the ammie game. The Central league sets the bar though. St Joes would be a great addition to any league.
  5. The league standings at present would suggest otherwise, a bit daylight between 1st & 2nd in both divisions already.
  6. No sure, Dinsey will have Lauriston right up for that 1 and Dirrans will be no push overs for Sandys. Tollcross wont have it easy either against Nico's. All 3 of they ties could go either way imo.
  7. There going well enough this season. If they are at full strength they could cause problems for teams.
  8. No sure that would be an upset , Castlemilk are flying the now!!
  9. What we thinking, any potential upsets?
  10. Redondo


    Not much in the game, Fallin probably should have been ahead at HT but failed to convert a couple of really goid chances. Harestanes took the lead on the hour when big Skelf ghosted in to head home from a corner. The 2nd and killer goal came on 70 mins from a good strike. Harestanes will defo be thereabouts when the trophies r getting handed out, big Skelf will get them important goals and Mulvey at the back is a good old fashioned defender. The left back is also a quality player. Having seen the top 4, id say Eastfield impressed me the most , very good side the 2 Fulton lads r as good as ive seen at this level especially the right back. St Pats, have all the firepower to succeed this season and big Coleman is solid at the back. Bannockburn seem to have kicked on again after losing Grant and are also excellent going forward and out the 4 r probably going under the radar a little at the moment, they wont mind that!! The Central Prem is shaping up to be a cracker this season.
  11. Redondo


    Agree, ill be surprised if anyone gets near the Central team though, they have some excellent players in that squad.
  12. Winner of this 1 could have a good run at it this year if draw goes there way. Think the winner will come from Sandy's , Tollcross , Fallin with Cambusbarron Rovers being the outside bet. Dinseys Lauriston side maybe another 1 to watch as he has had a taste of winning it before.
  13. He is a wee fanny never shuts up Bet u would love him in ur team?
  14. Darren Miller is a very good player, can give it out and take it. One thing he does do is work his arse off and has bags of quality to go with that work ethic. Seems to be popping up with a few goals aswell.
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