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  1. CSAFL

    Dont think theres any question of that m8.
  2. CSAFL

    1 was right back and other no 10 , both very good players. Credit where its due to Colville. Got tactics spot on and were clinical when chances came. Thought big striker was excellent and more than deserved mom award. No 6 & 8 were also superb aswell. What impresses me about them is how hard they work for each other, think Mick will agree they were not at there fluent best today but today was all about the result and they got that with relevant ease. Congratulations to everyone at CP , enjoy ur night.
  3. If other people want to call Ross that then thats nice for him. Redondo will just keep u right seen as ur making it out that u were begged to go when nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe see u next season pal.
  4. Were u really asked to sign m8, really?? Think not!! U used to be no a bad player, 2 year ago when u were no wae anyone, u were given an option of training , that is all. At the time you couldnt drive tho. Then that season u played for another team against us, how did that go? Now ur the biggest cheerleader in ammie football!! U wouldnt even get a call for Fallin 35s never mind the ammies, now go away back under ur rock. Ps, did u ever pass that driving test??
  5. I think its time we all moved on tbh. Pennies will soon be no more and we can all go on safe in the knowledge of that. I felt it was only right to acknowledge there domination over the last few years. Personally I would be proud of it. Gaz , that lad wouldnt get a game of kirby at the top road in Fallin m8. Bit like yourself my friend.
  6. CSAFL

    Best of luck to both teams. Hoping for a good game and may the best team win.
  7. Will be some list of trophies they will have put together to be fair. Credit where its due.
  8. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Nice deflection tactics there, not quite sure anyone will believe that though.
  9. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Touche!! Ur still due me a pint though. That can be my winnings from the bet. I havent accused u's of anything, just calling it how I see it. U cant deny that u's have took an easy option here? Next ull be telling us that Craigshill asked u's to join up with them!! Lastly , any truth in the rumour CP Utd will have a 40000 grand budget to win the Scottish in there 1st season?
  10. End of season Unfulfilled Fixtures

    This is a very sensible post. 100% agree.
  11. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Yeah 100% agree with you on that. Why would u not want to play in a league that is competitive. Thats not quite the bigger picture though. The big picture is that the league they are joining now is there 4th choice and theyve got in with no regard to the other teams in the lower divisions. So all this cant wait to get started talk is all a bit false imo. Why no go in as Pennies and put in the hard graft to get to the top and really achieve something?
  12. East of Scotland cup

    Aslong as I can remember m8.
  13. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Lol. Brilliant!!
  14. Pennies / craigshill join forces

    Thanks Gary for ur amazing insight.