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  1. Players wont be an issue if there was a switch to summer football , if anything ur going to get more interest imo. Theres going to be more games getting played, 2 a week would be possible, uv got boys that work Saturdays/shifts and cant play so it gives more options/flexibility to players if they can play through the week. U would have enough cover over the holiday periods. Amateur football has changed massively over the years, its not the be all and end all for players now, some can take it or leave it on a sat. Sure if u ask most team managers they will tell u they have boys missing most weeks for various reasons so i think to rule the idea of summer football out because boys have holidays is a bit naive.
  2. I think could debate this allnight mate, for me its simple, boys just want to play football and the spring/summer/autumn months give them a better chance to do that more frequently. The months of Dec/Jan/feb are brutal weather wise and cant see that improving anytime soon. Just think it benefits the wider ranges to look at summer football.
  3. No everyone is away on hoilday at the sane time though. I get the fact that most people go away in the summer months. Look at it from another angle though most teams carry a squad of 20+ now due to various reasons, in the summer u could play weds/sat so plenty football to go round but in winter when games r limited due to the weather boys get fed up and if there not guaranteed a game they leave, some chuck it alltogether! Boys out training in all conditions through week only for games to be off on a saturday. How many boys give up a shift on a sat only for game to be off and then they eventually get pissed off aswell!! It'll never hapen , I mean why would we even consider changing when the ammie game is thriving the now!!
  4. How much work do the Councils actually do on the parks in these months, bet its not alot? Councils dont spend money on pitches now unless it is absolutely necessary!! How many games have u watched in the last year that have been on a mud bath? Players nowadays dont want to play games on mud baths!! Ur last point about players being away on holiday is nonsense aswell as boys nowadays can be away on stags/holidays/wkds away at any point in the season, I dont know many players that plan there holidays around the season now. I appreciate u are a traditionalist and to a point so am I but there comes a point where u have to be realistic. Summer football for the Amateurs would improve all aspects of the game.
  5. They would still be making money as there would still be teams using them even over the summer. There usually a bit cheaper to use in the summer months so win win for everyone.
  6. Gives alot more flexibility aswell as teams could arrange games on friday nights etc. You would defo see a rise in participation aswell in my opinion and your right about crowds.
  7. Agree. Between now and end of year and when safe to do so we finish the current season. Then, I think its the opportunity to move to Summer Football. Ive never been keen on the idea but now believe its the way forward for Amateur Football. I think moving to a season running from march-oct is the way forward. Lets face it the weather is terrible here and the costs involved in hiring astros etc over the winter are crippling clubs.
  8. St Pats have the players to win it and I'd fancy them , can they get over the line though thats the big question.
  9. Falkirk not the worst venue but it does have its flaws.
  10. Id think every Club would want it on grass if poss. Fir Park wouldnt be a bad shout. Hamilton has the West so dont think Scottish should be there aswell. It'll probly boil down to what is available though.
  11. Definetely not a touchy point, Point here is regardless of if Fallin have had times where they have struggled they have always had teams playing ammie football. So there history is about a small mining village who play out of there local pub (Fallin Miners Welfare) , its about a bringing that local community together and giving something for them to cheer about. The Club is part of the village , like most ammie teams so we focus on that and we'll enjoy the good times and the bad.
  12. Behave yourself m8. Team are u gonna be cheering on next season btw, a hear ur current team are on the brink!! Fallin are like many ammie teams , theyve had there tough times, now they are in a position to win the East for the 4th time. That is a fact!
  13. No m8 allways been a Fallin, in another East final now.
  14. Well why even bother to mention it then. Fallin is a mining village thats amateur Football Club has won the EOS Cup 3 times. They have had amateur teams at Sat/Sun over many years some of the teams have done well some not so. Hope that answers ur question.
  15. Seems a bit extreme to go to that length for an astro m8 but if u gey through suppose itll be worth it!!
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