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  1. CSAFL

    Think that lot are now in Leafa m8. Different team im sure.
  2. CSAFL

    2 possibly 3 of they teams took a relief of fixtures so hopefully we see them again. Tullibody who were flying in there league were dealt a huge blow when there coaching staff and majority of players went to Oakley. A failure of there own success in many ways but these things can hapen. You have tried to paint a picture of a league in turmoil when nothing could be further from the truth. Transition yes but turmoil definetely not. As previously stated look at the big 1, theres a very good chance 2 CSAFL teams will be in the final. Ur entitled to ur say but dont be a hater big man , try and keep it positive. Lol.
  3. CSAFL

    6? Name them.
  4. CSAFL

    Bawsoot, Castlemilk Dynamo have been accepted also. I dont recall u coming on and saying anything about them? Sure ur no a Harvey man? Lol
  5. CSAFL

    I never answered it because I dont know the answer, I dont think all teams have folded some like Falkirk for instance have taken a relief of fixtures with aim of going again next year. How many points are u actually making here m8? I think if your honest you will realise you are just being negative towards Lesmahagow gaining entry into the best association in amateur football because as you said there just a Sunday pub team and you allready have them failing. You would probably take great pleasure in saying I told you so if they do struggle which is really quite sad. Also even the average teams in the Premier League of CSAFL are better than the top 6 in Leafa, hows that for a point.
  6. CSAFL

    Ok m8 so the only teams in Scotland that fold are from the CSAFL are they?? My point is that its not the leagues fault teams fold its an amateur football issue and you will find that the CSAFL do there best to help teams so that they can avoid folding. Whats your point about Lesmahagow , I dont get it, so what if theyve only been a team for 2 years. They might be about for another 2 or another 20, who knows? Thats where we are with the amateur game m8!! Teams start up , teams fold, they do well or they dont. If you never give it a go or leagues dont give teams a chance we'll never know. Recently we have seen Clubs with long history folding so that goes for nothing and new Clubs might stand the test of time and create there own history. Did Lesmahagow put ur team out the Scottish? Are you a Harvey supporter? Pretty sure your a Leafa man , might be wrong but enlighten me??
  7. CSAFL

    What in Scotland?? Teams folding isnt just an issue for the CSAFL to worry about, its something the SAFA have to look into. Like a said before , when u have a team like Oban Saints coming into the league its not going to get weaker.
  8. CSAFL

    Cale no the same set up as CSAFL the now and moving to 2 leagues next season?
  9. CSAFL

    There are now a good few sunday teams going about and I think its refreshing to see some of the taking the jump and testing themselves by moving to a saturday. In a time where we see teams folding and having to take a relief of fixtures regularly in amateur football its good to see the CSAFL have not been put off by the stigma that surrounds Sunday Football teams or Pub teams as some may put it. Remember most Saturday Amateur teams play out of a pub and rely heavily on that pubs support/sponsor. Im sure the CSAFL will have looked into every detail regarding new members.
  10. CSAFL

    Definetely struggling Bawsoot. Colville & Eastfield in semis of Scottish. St Pats & Bannockburn both with chances of reaching last 4 of West. Oban Saints , semi final of west, accepted into CSAFL. The strongest Premier League in amateur football. Sure the CSAFL are contemplating chucking it!!
  11. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Agree with 3 out the 4 there. Think the Oban/Cambria 1 could go either way wouldnt be surprised if it goes to ET. Best of luck to all teams involved.
  12. East of Scotland cup

    If u look at Steins league form it would suggest they wont be in there for long.
  13. East of Scotland cup

    Who against m8?
  14. East of Scotland cup

    Cheers mate, we are going on like they' are all ready through. I know nothing about doune tho Doune have good pedigree m8. Relegated last season from caley prem an results been up and down this season. Still have some good experienced players in there ranks , theres a Scotland international in there midfield. Just fancy Pennies as there strong all over the park.
  15. CSAFL

    St Pats have to be strong favourites now, had a good run of games against some of the lesser teams in the league and they have put the points on the board. Think only other teams that can really win it are colville and bburn but I expect Colville to reach Scottish final and bburn atleast the semi's of West so there focus may not be on league. 1st divisions r taking shape now , dropped points for Gartcosh yesterday will hurt there challenge, uddy anvil now look favourites for 1a. Fallin in a strong position at the top of 1b with a number of teams waiting to pounce on any slips ups , they may all have to battle it out for a playoff place though. Be interesting to see how it all pans out over the next 2 months.