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  1. Had the misfortune of meeting him at a charity do once. He was surprisingly up his own ass and a humourless b*****d.
  2. I'll start with these two. Then yeah probably John Mcginn.
  3. I made money from this. Hearts were 2.62 for double chance. Had a wee feeling.
  4. Wouldn't have been like this if Porto wasn't the victim of a ruthless bullying campaign. Enjoy your hollow victory United.
  5. Been waiting for this one for a while. It's yer tower defence mixed with some hack and slash. It's rock solid but tremendous fun.
  6. You are not allowed to kill any of your entrants yourself. If a P&B user is found to be responsible for the death of any of their entrants, they will be disqualified from this and all future Dead Pools. Just posting that rule just in case.
  7. They’d need to arrest more than one Tory to stop any danger to the public.
  8. If it wasn’t for Wayne Couzens that copper would have his job and 90p extra in his wallet.
  9. After this is done I am fucking getting one of those Herman Miller chairs. I won about 1k gambling in the last week. They are stupid expensive but I bet if it fucks up I wont be waiting 3 weeks and counting for them to fucking fix it. Also I should post more bookie tips here.
  10. I should add that all that went wrong with this chair was the left armrest broke. It actually has quite a shitty mechanism. It pops into groves on the armrest held probably with a little tab of plastic. So it was awkward as f**k to get the armrests to the exact positon. And eventually after leaning on the armrest, like you may well be right now it just broke. I could understand if I was an office worker or a right fat chunky b*****d. Or a fat chunky office worker. But I weigh 12 stone and I use this chair at most 4 hours a day. So yeah I feel pretty pissed that a chair that I have sunk over £500 in has done this. Also f**k Secretlab who I bought it from. First I make a claim. Email back, show us a picture. Ok there is a picture. Nice, show us a video of it not being an armrest. Ok here is a video of a broken armrest. Ok we will send out a chair frame, do you have a pipe wrench and super human strength to remove a chair from it's piston? No. Aye sure you do, we will send out the chair. 3 weeks later, hey any sign of that chair btw? Oh f**k that's right. So now I have two chairs that come in stupid huge boxes. And guess what I can't remove the piston from the chair. See that pointy bit on the chair on the bed? Yeah two pipe wrenches and hitting it with a fucking hammer because f**k it I am fucking done won't budge it. So I have sent a begging letter for the replacement wheelbase section so I can have a working chair. F**k all this. Lucky I have space in my garage for this shite. But people should not be expected to do this kind of repair work. You wouldn't go to a garage with a faulty exhaust and be sent home with a spare and a instruction video. I spent over £500 on this.
  11. That investigation being dropped will come in handy come MBE season.
  12. Laurence Oliver narrated the World at War. He can do what ever he wanted imo.
  13. Club football. It's a funny old game. 11 v 1 at times.
  14. The really funny thing about most these poppy shaggers is they mostly have lesser knowledge of WW1. The event the poppy was used as a symbol for. Mostly because television prefers to cover its younger sexier brother WW2. Ask any gammon about any British WW2 battle and they can probably get the date right overall. Ask about Ypres or Cambrai and I bet you'd get a blank expression.
  15. Aye cheers mate that cards great. Where’s them biscuits you were shaking?
  16. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-58783998 Lars Vilks going up to get his 40 virgins.
  17. I hit a few of those once in a while. I never did the bookings bets last year as there was 5 subs allowed so little chance of it hitting. But on games where bet 365 let you bet on player bookings I have the occasional punt. Typically involving my team. If that option was available today I defo would have made some money on Porto and Mgcinn being booked. But I use this site https://s5.sir.sportradar.com/sportradar/en Bookies use that for stats and their book and check last seasons booking stats for players, Typically if a player is a hacking b*****d one season they tend to be in the next. Then I use soccerbase to see if the ref is card happy and decide. I'll do doubles, trebles and fourfolds with the occasional single like Darren Mcgregor to be booked v Hearts.
  18. Always nice to see the bookies take a spanking. And having missed out on that banker I did get some good fortune today myself.
  19. Guess that’s no more free bets for me.
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