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  1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But the fact is if there’s half seasons then the self interest that we are seeing from every club will just occur again. I would expect say if Hamilton or St Mirren are bottom after a full season then they should go down. But should Hearts or Dundee come up after only 18 games. I think we could see a dead rubber season if it continues as is. But for a laugh we can declare that this means that any series of trophies won in a row is officially declared over.
  2. This idea has one single focus. To make sure the championship gets played as much as possible. Come May next year if the championship is won after only 18 games, teams in the premier league can make a strong argument that they can’t come up. A half season in leagues from the championship down kicks revisits the idea of promotion and relegation being unfair. Hearts don’t want that. That’s why this magic money tree has been found. She knows the simplest solution would be to declare the season void or call the 20/21 season a dead rubber. She wants the whole season played. Clydes idea of lower league reconstruction also is worth talking about on this show. Not that they will.
  3. So how are hearts a stable club if they need millions spunked in from benefactors. Surely this money can save these jobs at the clubs
  4. This is worse than when people voted for Hitler
  5. Anne Budge on today. This will be a laugh.
  6. There’s a simple reason the top league gets first vote on this. It’s to kill it. If the rest of the leagues come together and agree to this then the pressure on no voting teams become huge. Not that it seems to matter judging by what’s coming out the lower leagues. This will be rejected at the first hurdle but that won’t be the end of reconstruction. It will be for the premier league sure, but I’m willing to bet in a statement there will be a comment along the lines of “ while we can’t agree to reconstruction in the premier league at this time. We will however not reject any reasonable reconstruction proposal for the Scottish championship and downwards”. Now I’ve said this reconstruction idea before and I will write it again. But I think two things about it. One. It is actually quite fair Two. It is actually really funny too. We have four leagues of 12. We bring up Kelty, Brora, Loco and Bonnyrigg. We don’t relegate Thistle and Stranraer. We let Falkirk and Edinburgh City up. There we go leagues are the exact size, they can vote on having a split too. Only one team actually gets relegated and we can give them some compensation. Also you can bet if next season there’s a half season in the championship, you can bet whoever is bottom of the premier league will be screaming about it being unfair for them to be relegated when Hearts or Dundee have only played 18 games. I’d expect that caveat to be mentioned in the reconstruction rejection also.
  7. Tell you what. Over all this has been a good laugh. Think Dundee united taking penalties levels of hilarity. If anything Hearts have been able to call themselves a premier league team far longer than they had any right to. But this slow lingering hope that they will somehow escape relegation has been a good laugh.
  8. Was that the wandering hands guy who may have grabbed a tadger accidentally while falling down steaming in one of the many pubs in parliament?
  9. Yeah I’d feel far safer in an isolated country house if people had ill intentions. A quick 999 call and the police will be on the scene in an hour or two.
  10. I had a full tank of petrol. After driving for 5 hours and to a hospital a few days later
  11. I shall now answer your preprepared questions.
  12. This is actually Prince Andrew levels of cringe.
  13. So f**k all about autism then. No reasonable childcare option in the biggest city in the UK. Is that cause you are a fucking knob perhaps and you’ve no pals.
  14. He’s putting massive bets on Ladbrokes and amending his speech to include the phrase like snowflakes on the Bismarck.
  15. God Stewart’s greetings give me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  16. What’s this 18 game season pish about. From what I understand you can’t relegate teams after 30 games. So you can hardly promote teams after 18 right? Never mind the playoffs in May.
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