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  1. The conservatives will ride you raw. But with us you’ll get a kiss on the cheek. That’s more than Boris Johnson will give you.
  2. Was he trying to pass a kidney stone while filming?
  3. I could fall asleep to audio of Verstappen complaining.
  4. There is a record Sainz is fast approaching that he won't want. Most podiums without a victory.
  5. Ferrari will still somehow f**k this up.
  6. It was a 50/50 if Russell was running to the car to help or batter the f**k out of him.
  7. That helicopter angle was brutal.
  8. Bad sign if they are not showing the replay.
  9. Found out today that there was a problem during the sound check which meant they didn't open the doors on time and also meant the first support act didn't play at all. I had no problem getting in at all but that was probably due to arriving about 45 minutes before gnr were due on. There was a problem with the stadium which was why they were delayed and cut five songs from the set. They were still on for 2.5 hours though. It seems to have been problems with the organisation around the stadium and even though it was the first gig held there, they've had plenty of football crowds so this crap doesn't happen. Hopefully they'll have sorted all that out for those attending tonight. Oh they ain't from what I am reading on Twitter.
  10. That’s drake from aliens btw. He learned the hard way not to go in guns blazing.
  11. Can never get enough mayo on a subway sandwich. He will never get enough mayo when he's salad tossing in jail for the next 30 years.
  12. I don’t mind a weird away kit. It’s always white or black. Minds me if that mint green one we had years ago Away kits should be a bit mental. Hopefully our third kit isn’t just some yellow shite.
  13. Well what happened was someone said BJ. I assumed they were calling me just using my initials. Next thing I know...
  14. I refer the honourable members and the cheating dirty conniving dishonourable members of the deadpool to this page in reference to Deborah James. Or it its not showing right. Page 59. Oh f**k it. To quote Miguel on the page Since she's been in the news this week and the subject came up in the past few pages, why not. Since I started running this game I've tried to be as fair and transparent as possible. This has proven helpful when I can't count or work spreadsheets and every mistake I make is noticed and pointed out (this is good and you should all do it all the time). I think it's also been a net benefit for myself and everyone who plays, since nobody really takes it seriously enough to get upset and realises that it's all in good fun, and all of the conditions and judgements are reasonable. When people submit teams with dead people on them I don't tell them because I find it funny. Unlike famous for being ill or famous for being a relative there's no judgement to make here, they're eligible (alive) or they're not (dead). I've been having a think and I don't think the ill or relative rules have ever come up since I've done the Dead Pool until this year, where someone picked Harvey Price. Since he wasn't a valid pick I told the person who picked him and got a replacement. When the Deborah James picks were coming in I had never heard of her, so I looked her up. Podcast host, Sun columnist, author, well, that all checks out. Casting my mind back now I think I might have taken it that she already did some or all of these things before she was diagnosed with cancer, rather than doing all of these things because she had cancer. She's listed as "journalist" on the spreadsheet and this is what both Google and Wikipedia call her, and what I'm pretty sure they called her at the turn of the year. Thinking aloud, this is probably the sort of case the Terminal rule might be instituted specifically for. Someone who was notable and developed an illness is fine. But then, you can suffer from a condition your whole life and still be famous. Is a Paralympic athlete who was born without legs famous because they're ill? That's probably a bad example because not having legs isn't terminal the way cancer is. What about Marieke Vervoort - Wikipedia from 2019? She suffered from a degenerative muscle condition. If she couldn't go into para-sport nobody would have heard of her, yet there she was. Are there different levels of terminal illness? I'm not going to take away @Billy Jean King, @Bishop Briggs, @Indale Winton, @mathematics and @Moomintroll's picks because it's not right to do that now (and because Bishop Briggs would shout at me obv), but if it was December right now and people started sending me in teams featuring Deborah James, I don't think I'd accept her. I know we had some discussion on her in the past few pages but I'm open to everyone putting in their thoughts. I think a re-examination of this rule is probably useful for 2023 either way though.
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/jun/29/royal-mail-managers-vote-strike-jobs-dispute-unite-union That’s the local office managers voted to strike. I’d have never thought I’d see the day when they would strike.
  16. Gonna be easier to bribe the odd copper now.
  17. Get off your high horse matey. I don’t need a ride tonight.
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