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  1. I can imagine the Russian vaccine was ethnically tested. It’s not like they would inject the vaccine into massive amounts of people and see if it works.
  2. Just get him on a pre contract in Jan anyway. #Handitin #bornahibee
  3. Two names for you. John Yuill Lamara Bell.
  4. Zeus is obviously a big Hibs fan. Edinburgh folk will ken what I mean.
  5. Shut it down, void the season etc. If only to piss of the idiot hearts and thistle fans when it dawns on them that there can be no promotion again.
  6. This on the radio or are they still doing the bbc thing?
  7. Sorry I assumed that there would be no way teams in Scotland would be able to pay more in wages than league one and two. So are we to expect an influx of English nans coming up here now.
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