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  1. So I guess we own Brighton now. Likes sea views does our Ron. https://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/article/hibernian-confirm-brighton-partnership Imagine a back two of Duffy and Porto.
  2. Aye an we'd still be third. I'll be honest with you. I am shitting it. The game against that kumbaya my lord, helping blind pensioners across the road, nhs fundraising, world peace enabling, puppy rescuing, public order champions was different. I knew we would beat them. I knew it. Even at 2-1 down. I knew it. I've the fear for this big time.
  3. I remember when Rodgers left. Celtic's next game was against us in the cup. Their fans kept singing throughout the game "f**k Brendan Rodgers, he won't be winning trophies anymore"
  4. Great to see and hear actual fans going mental at a goal.
  5. Yay https://www.euronews.com/2021/05/13/european-regulator-pretty-confident-mrna-covid-vaccines-work-against-indian-variant Boo https://www.livemint.com/news/india/pfizer-moderna-jabs-show-reduced-antibody-response-against-variant-from-india-11620819709502.html
  6. You waited 13 days to post on this forum. Had Aberdeen won you'd have been on here in a flash. You didn't. Next week you will get to watch either us win the Scottish cup or St Johnstone win an incredible double. Something you have waited far far longer for than 10 years. Enjoy it.
  7. Well Taylor Swift is re-recording her old stuff as a GIRFRY to some manager or publisher. Also Let it be naked was released as Paul McCartney was pissed of about the talented but troubled Phil Spectors version. The version of across the universe is probably better on that one.
  8. Ah this is the kind of inept f**k ups that's been missing from our game these last few months. From you can't have any fans Fans, you want fans? Sure have thousands of them at the game. By thousands we actually meant a few thousand Actually by a few thousand we meant a few hundred Split those few hundred between you both Well you know what. No fans for anyone. Coming up next week. Hints of a stadium change and thousands of fans at the game in Murrayfield. Our games fucking brilliant. Give me this fly by wire shitshow over boring sensible ran leagues.
  9. Do it Nicola. Not just the pandemic, just in general.
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