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  1. Perhaps, but since it's a betting website and you could punt thousands on it. You'd expect the information to be accurate. Or not to be able to bet on who qualifies.
  2. Bet 365 table says as it stands that Mexico are second, which is want I want for my group bet, yet bbc says it is Poland
  3. Tbh you want Argentina to qualify, pump out England flying a massive free the Malvinas banner.
  4. Nope. The coach for America in the next World Cup will have the surname Miller. It’ll be Miller time. Under his guidance team captain Ron McDonald will be hoping to bring home the Visa World Cup.
  5. Was just about to post this. Does the exact thing McGregor does, shout at his defenders when he has to make a save.
  6. Steven Naismith turning out for the Dutch national side was a twist I never saw coming.
  7. Yep https://formula1news.co.uk/breaking-ferrari-to-sack-mattia-binotto-with-immediate-effect/
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