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  1. Giving St Mirren the honour of being first to play under our new display. A sign of the true respect we have for our feeder club. Also it does make you wonder if we have to use Easter Road for a semi for either Hearts or Rangers. What would happen to our nice new display.
  2. More to the point @Jacky1990. If a few bad apples…. Stop laughing, were indeed to shout a few nasty bigoted things at Lennon. UEFA might pick that up. As been shown in the past at this very ground they have no qualms in ordering sections of the ground shut. Perhaps they’d go a step further this time. But it’s hardly likely that Rangers would release a statement saying. Our fans are bigoted morons and if he comes they’ll shout that at him.
  3. Anyway is that champagne guy actually dead? I’ll tell you the story about the time my auld da shot the devil himself with an air rifle in the 70’s. Or possibly a cat. Because it had glowing eyes. Like a cat.
  4. Hanlon nearly getting another song sung about him at Tynecastle.
  5. It took Andy Walker 40 mins but he has understod the concept of playing advantage.
  6. https://www.hibernianfc.co.uk/article/hibernian-announce-significant-partnership-with-sportemon-go Someones giving us money for the back of the shirt sponsor. What they do is.. em..
  7. Not a retro night at Ingliston but a new film starring John Wick.
  8. Am I the only person that pre blocked that talentless waste of skin?
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