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  1. But god did the end of the episode no half have a end of the return of the king feel to it. Hurrah victory. Here’s another 40 mins before the end though.
  2. That fucking near gave me a heart attack. I'm sore from laughing.
  3. Aye must be slim pickings with the kids being on summer holidays now.
  4. The conservatives will ride you raw. But with us you’ll get a kiss on the cheek. That’s more than Boris Johnson will give you.
  5. Was he trying to pass a kidney stone while filming?
  6. I could fall asleep to audio of Verstappen complaining.
  7. There is a record Sainz is fast approaching that he won't want. Most podiums without a victory.
  8. Ferrari will still somehow f**k this up.
  9. It was a 50/50 if Russell was running to the car to help or batter the f**k out of him.
  10. That helicopter angle was brutal.
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