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  1. That is why Dempster punted that smooth gracious lover.
  2. It’s kinda boring being a well run decent football club. This is a bit pish actually. I can see why Aberdeen fans are more active this season.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56149611 Null and void. No promotion or relegation. Only fair. End leagues where they stand.
  4. Neil Lennon is the best manager Celtic could hope for and they should back him.
  5. So @Miguel Sanchez might have a busy weekend is what I’m inferring from this.
  6. I got Hamilton or draw at 21.00. Insane price.
  7. Was tempted to put Road Rash 3DO in. Just to brag that I had a 3DO as a kid. Was way ahead of its time. I got it because my older cousin had one due to his business of exchanging plant based products for money that landed him in some legal trouble that I never understood. All I knew was I got a free 3DO.
  8. This will take some mulling. The problem is with something so subjective as this is that games are a medium that we cant have universal access too like films or music. I bet Goldeneye 64 will feature high. Never played it. Nor have I played many console games past the PS2. Besides we all know the best game of all time is half life.
  9. Flyin Ted throwing his kids under the bus. Imagine leaving your kids in a country you deem so dangerous you leave them alone in it.
  10. I’ll be rushing up this table soon. 3 hits so far. Hopefully old Phil holds on.
  11. Seen kinkstopten trending and wondered how seedy this party was.
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