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  1. So is the commentary from rangers tv out yet? I always love watching that.
  2. Am I the only one with wee nerd tears when they heard that siren again. The original ghostbusters was the first ever film I saw at the cinema. I was 4. I had to check when it came out. I can still remember seeing it. It’s probably one of my earliest memories. Being shit feared of the demon dog thing going after Sigourney Weaver. This better not be shite.
  3. Just picture the Brown Morelos handshake at full time if it stays like this.
  4. If I went with Forster to Amsterdam I’d come back a Virgin.
  5. Celtic getting pounded worse than cloudflare
  6. Tell you what if your a Celtic fan. You’d be very worried about the title. Lennons team are utter pump.
  7. Celtic fans will be crying into their but we beat Lazio blankets if this keeps up.
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