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  1. https://twitter.com/cabbage0762/status/1247984531140984835?s=20
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/apr/07/hong-kong-born-nurse-dies-of-coronavirus-after-44-years-with-nhs We are losing so many decent people. It’s really angering me.
  3. All these nurses have reminded me of a Mitchell & Webb sketch
  4. Not really. I hate the tories and probably have wished every single member of that party harm. But when it comes down to it we do have empathy. He is clearly very ill and anyone dying to this is horrible regardless of who they are in politics.
  5. All you had to do was follow NHS guidelines BJ!
  6. Oh Boris. The solem pride that must be yours to lay such a costly sacrifce upon the alter of austerity.
  7. She should still get punted. It’s not as if she’s some old lady with a touch of dementia wandering about unaware. She’s the fucking chief medical officer. 13 people died in a care home because somebody probably completely unaware they had covid went to see their mum and she’s just nipping up to her holiday home.
  8. Don't worry Sir. I am here to lay down the law.
  9. Honestly that was the first time I have ever looked at ignoring someone on here ever. Thanks for sparing me that.
  10. Man I should be a full time virtual horse bet guy
  11. Tbh I think most people in my depot are not really pissed off. There’s a lot off with corona, either direct symptoms which is worrying or isolating with family members with symptoms. But overall I’d say we are covering this pretty well. There is a difference between office management and upper echelon management. A few of the office managers are your typical middle management arseholes. But there’s a few who are genuinely trying their best to really help. But I’m expecting to catch this as we’ve very little in the way of PPE and people can’t observe social distancing in the depot as it’s too small. As for the normal clothes. That’s because the Royal Mail is now ran by a series of asset strippers and I’m allowed two pairs of trousers and shirts every two years instead of when needed. Our union is stepping up for a fight though.
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