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  1. Pretty much my feelings on the game, either Antonio Brown or Tyreek Hill are going to win it all!! 🤮
  2. Late to the party but can't get my head round the Packers not going for it in 4Th and goal? Even if you don't get it you still need a TD anyway and Bucs are in their own 10?
  3. More likely to go the other way and move kick up to get more, pretty sure they did that a couple of years ago. It's only a matter of time before kick off is done away with altogether
  4. Palissero and Rappaport reporting Lions have agreed to let Stafford go. Hope he lands in good spot. Would take him him at the Saints to replace Brees although I can't see the working that into the Cap!
  5. Or by the time the baby is born, baby is later seen doing school work in their half finished bedroom!
  6. One of my favourites was where they knocked down a transmitter tower and built a house into the hill the grass and big boulders on one side meant the house was barely visible. Think it was possibly Stranraer area of down that way somewhere. Also the dog died which was part of the reason they wanted to live near a beach. I love a bit of Grand Designs, always amazes where some people find the money, "aw we are £750k short but I put it on a credit card so it's OK" It also highlights the craziness of property in and around London!
  7. Brady is a machine, don't like the guy but you have to take your hat off to him, still looks like he has 5 years left in him!
  8. Surprised the ref never high fived him to be honest!
  9. Lost 21 points from Turnovers, Punt return TD called back for a penalty, those kind of errors will beat any team!
  10. Packers v Bucs! Boak! Mon the AFC
  11. Saints need to keep them to a field goal here, that fumble has killed them!
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