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  1. Brilliant interview from Bob, just can't help but like the guy!
  2. Is Maeda any good at actually playing football, haven't seen a great deal of him, runs about alot presses everything but doesn't seem great with the ball!
  3. Tiago is a sensational footballer, has strolled this game tonight. I normal can't stand Liverpool as a club but the are on some run and scored two excellent goals tonight. Diaz also looks a great signing!
  4. Haven't read the full thread so apologies if it's been covered. I thought the handball before a goal thing had changed? I thought it had to be the person who scored who handled it? They spoke about this on Football Weekly Podcast after the Chelsea game or is this just a Premier League rule?
  5. The final really is a lot of shite, all it does is remind you how hopeless everyone who got voted off were. Sugars mind is made up before the final anyway its completely pointless and the worst week of the whole show!
  6. Really couldn't give a flying f**k what Billy Gilmour does or doesn't do for Norwich, the difference he makes to this Scotland side is amazing, the balance with our midfield 3 is brilliant to watch.
  7. 230m guaranteed! That should just about cover the civil law suits! As a Saints fan I'm glad he hasn't landed in NO, also good that he hasn't gone to the Falcons either to be honest!
  8. There's always someone who gets to the interview round who has an absolutely shite idea, I recall a guy who had a two page business plan! Brittany was decent at the tasks but her business plan was fucking hopeless!
  9. Arsenal have been Completely toothless, haven't really looked like scoring. The gap between City and Liverpool at the Top and Arsenal and the other teams battling for 4th seems huge.
  10. Watched this all last night, decent watch if a bit far fetched. My biggest take tho was what was with everything being blue, all the houses were blue, all the clothing was blue but I couldn't see a reason for it!
  11. The whole premise of these product launch type tasks is all wrong, they always have the branding team created brand not knowing what the product is and vice versa so it never ties in. Same with the market research, always takes place after the product is finalised and the branding is done so if they get any constructive criticism they can't change it anyway so what was the point? I still watch it every Week tho!
  12. This has to be the worst group of candidates ever, genuinely hopeless! Stephanies business plan must be turning water into petrol, its the only reason she is still in it! The label was completely her and its why they didn't sell anything!
  13. My thinking was its a classic watch, it never going to go out of style and I plan on having it for a number of years, although it's definitely started something in that I really want to add to the collection!
  14. After years of wearing shite watches, fitbits, garmins and fashion watches finally stepping into the big leagues with a watch worthy of this thread. 41mm white gold datejust. 10th Wedding anniversary gift from the Mrs and I have to say I love it!
  15. Could easily have fired all three, Kathryn has fair slumped after a decent start.
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