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  1. If Chiefs score a TD here it's all over
  2. That's Piss Poor from the Titans, someone has to tackle him there. I really cant stand the Chiefs!
  3. Pretty excited for this tonight. Would love the titans to get to the big one as Henry has been a monster and Kelce is a bawbag and Hill is a horrible wee c**t. Mon the Titans! Also cant see past 49ers later on.
  4. Just watched the Hernandez documentary. Thought it was really interesting. My main takeaway was that the Hernandez brothers had some hair lines! As a bald man I couldnt help be impressed. I dont think the CTE had anything to do with the murders, I think he was just a bad b*****d, that had never been told no and thought he could do as he pleased, wannabe gangster. I also dont believe he pumped the wee quarterback from his school either. I'm not saying he wasnt gay, just think the wee guy was a bit desperate to say Hernandez was his boyfriend. The way the radio hosts discussed his sexuality was also straight out the 70's or the worst 50 posters thread on P&B.
  5. As much as Beckham can be a fanny, that arrest seems pretty stupid.
  6. Wouldnt like to be in the T. Hill household tonight!
  7. The Ravens are done! Derrick Henry has been phenomenal the last few games of regular season and now the play offs!
  8. The Ravens seem a step off all across the field. There just seems to be something missing. A few drops, a few penalties couple of turn overs whereas Titans are just rolling. It would be a good story for Tannehill if they got to the superbowl. Also says alot for the coaches making the decision to ditch Mariota.
  9. Ooft some start from the titans
  10. That's some effort. Initial thoughts were that cant be a catch. Not sure there is enough to overturn it.
  11. The Vikings have been brutal! What were the Saints up to last week!
  12. Some one is needing to tell the wee guy sitting in front of Mike Shanahan to sit on his arse!
  13. AWatched Season 2 of You, after a slow start I preferred it to season one. Joe can fair attract the ladies for ali He's a crackpot. I'm also team Delilah, far hotter than Love!
  14. Are we about to see Josh McCown in the play offs!
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