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  1. Dcent get my head round this? Must be the biggest u turn in sports history! LIV boys have played a blinder get their 100m and now back to the PGA Tour? Is Saudi money OK now and they are the good guys now? Will there still be LIV style events
  2. Enjoyed the last episode, was hardly cutting edge TV but that's not what we watch Ted lasso for! Though the stuff with Isaacs penalty was shite but good to see Colin happy!
  3. This is as good a move as postegcoglu could hop for, no manager in the Scottish game is turning that down, will be interesting to see how he gets on when he doesn't have a budgets more than most of the league combined, will any players go with him?
  4. Steve mcmmanaman really is a clown! Worse than the boy who does rangers TV, rsmsdrid need to dtotp thud passing shit and starts humping it long jesus f**k!
  5. Also played with a guy like that just ignored it to be honest best of it was he shot 73 and m being a 20 handicapper I'd bit Shia hand off for thst
  6. When they are saying is there a clear and obvious mistake? Why is VAR getting involved? Well he gave a penalty and it wasn't a penalty, surely that's as clear and obvious as it needs to be?
  7. How is Eric Dier continually selected by managers of Tottenham! He is brutal! He must have compromising photos of Levy that he insists every manager plays him!
  8. De Gea still got no where near a penalty!
  9. What does De Gea have on his water bottle, it's not where the pens are going cause he has been a miles away from them all!
  10. The two step run ups give me nightmares!
  11. Martinelli with the Harry Kane special on Bednarek there for the neck break!
  12. The girls dad has took to twitter saying the video doesn't do it justice, she's had a great day, players were brilliant, odegaard gave her his shirt afterwards etc etc but still folk are giving it spoilt footballers chat! Also saying the girls is being doorstepped by reporters, I'm sure that won't put her off having anything to do with football!
  13. Decoure was always getting sent off for pushing Kanes face, should just have punched him properly instead! Spurs are shite as well!
  14. UEFA have had the call in to get the ref changed, Spain Penalty incoming!
  15. Feel like the final has been an anti climax after the quarters and semis being so good!
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