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  1. I read his full statement, basically iv played well I want more money even tho I signed an extension two seasons ago! He also claims he wasn't comfortable with the deal he signed. Surely its his agent he should be telling to get his finger out. It's hard to sympathise when he signed the new contract, if he had been pish would he have handed the money back or asked to renegotiate a lower contract?
  2. Just watched half an hour of skateboarding, 25 mins of guys falling in their arse, I have no idea the difference between the tricks that do land to get the scores they do and Jagger Eaton looks like a cock! Perfect Olympic sport!
  3. Englands main tactic, up to Kane, Kane fall over. Ref has fell for it numerous times, commentators say its well played when it's blatant cheating!
  4. Loch Lomond Adeje Dundonald Links Roxburghe Lanark
  5. What a fantastic game of soccer ball!!! Brilliant to watch! Has been an excellent tournament with some brilliant games!
  6. I remember getting my mind blown by this a few years ago, England were playing Brazil in a friendly and the advertising boards were some joke about Wayne Rooney's hair or shagging grannies or something like that by Paddy Power. Wasnt til I questioned it on twitter that surely Rooney would be raging that It was explained to me the actual boards at the game were completely different.
  7. I had this argument with a mate of mine who was at the Lions game, his reason for the food etc being available at Murrayfield, was that all food/drink outlets were outside at a Murrayfield but indoors at Hampden, have never been to Murrayfield so no idea if that's true or not.
  8. Isn't the Ukrainian off the ground, out of control, endangering an opponent? Shouldn't he be off too?
  9. I get that the Ukraine player got hurt but I'm not sure what the Sweden player was supposed to do there?
  10. What a days football!!!
  11. Mbappe has been hopeless all night!
  12. Excellent penalties so far!
  13. That pass from Pogba 😍
  14. Is it also a different Xhaka that plays for Arsenal?
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