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  1. This presenter on Premier Sports is fucking raging!
  2. We look shattered, we need some changes, McGinn has been poor tonight, McLean looks lost on the left, porteous and hendry doing well at centre back but the high line gives me the shits
  3. How is that not a second yellow for the tackle on Porteous?
  4. This offside flag not going up is doing my head in!
  5. 11 players playing in their natural positions, in roles similar to what they play every week. It will never catch on!
  6. Seeing the formation tonight should put an end to 3 at the back, we have looked far more comfortable in all areas.
  7. This has 0-1 written all over it! On the plus side, it's night and day compared to the game in June!
  8. The overturning of the INT was a terrible call, I thought his hands were under the ball and he didn't bobble it, I thought it could touch the ground and still be a catch in those circumstances?
  9. Chargers goni charger Looked in complete control going into HT.
  10. If football gets you that wound up your throwing things at players then I don't think football is really for you!
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