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  1. That second half is the kind of tempo Scotland should look to play every game. Too often Scotland are passive and hope to sneak it 1-0, the difference when we actually go for it was great to watch!
  2. Holy f**k where is the defence again!!
  3. Everyone in Europe knew where that was going!!!
  4. Why Dykes standing behind their player?
  5. Iv gone from 26.4 down to 19.8 so all in all I'm delighted. Mostly down to a chipping lesson but I also got a new set of clubs. My goal for this year was to get below 20, next year the goal is to get to 15!
  6. That's two weeks Amanda has been hopeless and has survived. Jurgen is the best Baker by a mile. Should win it out the park as long as he has not leaked too early!
  7. It's 10 to 11 on a Saturday night, why are sky apologising for the language. The commentators should be calling them all c***s!
  8. How can everyone on 15 have had a putt to win the hole??? Sky are all over the shop here!
  9. The coverage is absolutely shite, whether its sky or the US coverage, with only 4 matches at a time they should be able to show you pretty much every shot.
  10. Albertlegend

    The Wire

    Omar was one of my favourite Characters in TV let alone in The Wire. A proper gutter to hear of his passing!
  11. I'm playing the Rosemount at Blairgowrie this week, is it a tough track, as a 20 handicapper will I need loads of balls??? Looking forward to it though most reviews seem to be good.
  12. Humble pie time for me, brilliant result one that after Saturday I just could not see coming but fair play. Everyone was excellent to night!
  13. Took my 7 year daughter to her first game last night, she loved it and was amazed by the crowd and to my shock wanted to stay to the end. Me not so much! We arrived about 7.15 and once I knew you had to put your phone in the scanner we got straight in. The game was really poor. The chat about it coukd have been 4 or 5 nil? Their keep barely made a save other than stuff that was straight at him. I don't like the 3-5-2 but I get why we play it to shoe horn Tierney and Robertson as well as provide cover for dogy centre half's but I think it ruins any width up front as there is none. Dykes is also poor but not sure who else we should play. The subs were a head scratcher and Turnbull should be getting way more game time. All in football was shite but great to be back in the stadium and a real buzz to take my wee one!
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